Tuesday, 9 April 2013


My thanks to sadly departed Margaret Thatcher for saving us in the 70's from the stranglehold of  the trade unions and the persistent mismanagement of our economy by the Labour Party, demoralising taxation, explosion in public service (non-)job creation, rampant inflation, etc. etc. etc.

She restored our National pride and stature in world affairs but what a shame that she did not take us out of the EU while she was at it.

David Cameron's "New Conservatives" appear to have no-one within their ranks with the courage to sort out the the stranglehold that the EU has over us now or the mess that New Labour presided over and left for others to sort out. Cameron's "New Conservatives" experiment is unlikely to be any more successful than Blair's "New Labour" experiment was.

It looks as though there is only one alternative


On 19th Sept 2013 the Rev. Philip Foster (Note 1) circulated an E-mail  advising of an item " .. from Charles Moore's biog of Mrs T.

Dr John Ashworth, the Chief Scientist,... asked to see Mrs Thatcher shortly after she had arrived at No. 10. As he entered, the Prime
Minister said: "Who are you?" "I am your Chief Scientist," Ashworth replied. "Oh," said Mrs Thatcher, "do I want one of those?" He
explained his work, mentioning that he was completing a report about the then almost unstudied subject of climate change. Mrs Thatcher stared at him: "Are you standing there and seriously telling me that my government should worry about the *weather*?"

Sadly she was later conned by the rather spooky Chrispin Tickell .. ".

More on the subject of Mrs Thatcher, Crispin Tickel and climate change can be found in Christopher Booker's excellent book "The Real Global Warming Disaster".


1) For more information about Rev. Foster in relation to climate change and the blogging group Principia Scientific International see "SpotlightON - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd" (http://globalpoliticalshenanigans.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/spotlighton-principia-scientific.html) including sub-section 3.8 Co-Founder and "Compliance Officer" Rev. Philip Foster.

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