Saturday, 29 May 2010

Propaganda & Evangelism

Back in January at wattsupwiththat Anthony Watts presented an article concerning copyright and Peter Sinclair (much revered by gullible supporters of the UN’s human-made global climate change propaganda. That thread was referenced several times during the first half of March on Australian Senator Steve Fielding’s “Climate Change” thread (Note 1).

I dropped in at Wattsupwiththat (Note 2) and an article “Visualizing Arctic Coverage” caught my eye because of recent comments on Senator Fielding’s thread about the claimed catastrophic ice melt. After watching the UAHvGISSvHadCRUT animations I watched a Peter Sinclair A/V and decided to find out a little more about him. The first site that I came to (Note 3) described him as QUOTE: a radical environut who puts out a (usually) weekly series of YouTube video documentaries entitled “ Climate Crock of the Week” .. UNQUOTE. I soon understood why he was able to put across a very plausible presentation of climate change propaganda. He is not only a trained film producer but also a trained AGW propagandist, having been personally trained through The Climate Project by no less than global climate evangelist Al Gore.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


In my articles of 14th April and 31st March I commented on the politically inspired whitewashing of the UEA CRU following the leaking of E-mails in November. First there was the whitewash by the UK’s Commons Science and Technology Committee then another by the UEA’s “independent” review chaired by Lord Oxburgh. It looks as though we’ll soon have the media reporting a third, this one by the UEA’s own review team chaired by Sir Muir Russell.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Climate Change, Pension Funds and the BBC


2012-11-14  CFACT have just published an article "BBC abandoned balanced climate reporting after meeting with these 28 campaigners ...Usual climate suspects. BBC stonewalled FOI request ... " (

Some time ago sceptical climate change commentator John O’Sullivan published a revealing article QUOTE: Follow the Money: BBC Exposed in Biggest Climate Racket on Planet UNQUOTE (Note 1). It is an excellent example of how pension fund investments in green/renewable energy technologies provided the financial incentive for mainstream media organisations like the BBC to give full support to the UN’s human-made global climate change propaganda.

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