Wednesday, 31 March 2010


As expected, following the “Climategate” revelations arising from the leaking of EUA CRU files back in November, the limited enquiry by the UK’s Commons Science and Technology Committee has ended up as a whitewash as far as the science is concerned (Note 1). The report says QUOTE: The MPs' report acknowledged that Prof Jones "must have found it frustrating to handle requests for data that he knew - or perceived - were motivated by a desire to seek to undermine his work" .. "Within our limited inquiry and the evidence we took, the reputation of Professor Jones and the CRU remains intact. We have found no reason in this unfortunate episode to challenge the scientific consensus that global warming is happening and is induced by human activity UNQUOTE.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Bay of Bengal and Rising sea levels

Since 24th march the Internet has been awash with reports about climate change causing catastrophic flooding in the region around the Bay of Bengal, the implication being that this is being caused by our use of fossil fuels. As usual, this is pure propaganda pushed relentlessly by the UN’s IPCC. The region is at the boundary of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate which scientists agree has been moving northwards for the past 50M years and is now being forced beneath the Eurasian plate. It is the sinking of the earth beneath the Bay of Bengal rather than the sea level rising which is causing the problem. Similar ground movements are occurring elsewhere around the globe and have nothing to do with our use of fossil fuels.

Ocean acidification and coral reefs

Growth of Reef Corals and Sea Grass Around Shallow Water Geothermal Vents

Another of the IPCC-gate scares has been commented on recently, this one being the scare over increased atmospheric CO2 from our use of fossil fuels causing global ocean acidification leading to the destruction of coral reefs like the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Dr. Walter Starck (link), QUOTE: received a PhD in marine science from the University of Miami in 1964. He has over 40 years worldwide experience in reef studies and his work has encompassed the discovery of much of the basic nature of reef biology. UNQUOTE Dr. Starck draws attention to the evidence that shows that corals live happily within ocean environments where much higher than normal concentrations of CO2 exist, i.e. in the vicinity of geothermal vents.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Politicization of Climate Change & CO2

You may be interested in looking at this paper (click on the “Sundry Papers” page below).


For several decades vested interest groups of politicians, financial investors, environmentalists. etc have been distorting the inadequately understood processes and drivers of global climate change in order to further their own causes. Because of the numerous scientific uncertainties surrounding these processes and drivers scientists cannot reliably predict global, regional or even local climates, computer models have significant limitations, hence the model projections are flawed. This makes global climate change an ideal basis for political propaganda.
The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change (IPCC) is a politically motivated organisation, not a scientific one. The IPCC's politicised assessment reports distort the few elements of science that are reasonably understood and speculate in those areas of the science which still require considerable research. The IPCC set a deadline of December 2005 for papers accepted for consideration in the most recent assessment report on the science (Assessment Report AR4, 2007). This required papers to be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal by approximately 15th December 2005, consequently AR4 did not take into consideration research suggesting that increasing atmospheric CO2 content has an insignificant affect on global climate. The AR4 summaries for policy makers are merely a political interpretation The proposed reductions in consumption of fossil fuels will do nothing about controlling climate change but will horrendously impact the economic well-being of many of the world's most deprived communities.

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