Thursday, 25 March 2010

Politicization of Climate Change & CO2

You may be interested in looking at this paper (click on the “Sundry Papers” page below).


For several decades vested interest groups of politicians, financial investors, environmentalists. etc have been distorting the inadequately understood processes and drivers of global climate change in order to further their own causes. Because of the numerous scientific uncertainties surrounding these processes and drivers scientists cannot reliably predict global, regional or even local climates, computer models have significant limitations, hence the model projections are flawed. This makes global climate change an ideal basis for political propaganda.
The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change (IPCC) is a politically motivated organisation, not a scientific one. The IPCC's politicised assessment reports distort the few elements of science that are reasonably understood and speculate in those areas of the science which still require considerable research. The IPCC set a deadline of December 2005 for papers accepted for consideration in the most recent assessment report on the science (Assessment Report AR4, 2007). This required papers to be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal by approximately 15th December 2005, consequently AR4 did not take into consideration research suggesting that increasing atmospheric CO2 content has an insignificant affect on global climate. The AR4 summaries for policy makers are merely a political interpretation The proposed reductions in consumption of fossil fuels will do nothing about controlling climate change but will horrendously impact the economic well-being of many of the world's most deprived communities.

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