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"Ecocide" - The UN’s Next Scam? After all, "Trees Have Rights Too"

Mainstream Media headlines, Wednesday April 1st 2020 “Stangler Figs on Trial in Nuremberg for Mass Tree Slaughter in Australia” (see Note 11 for information on the “strangler”).

If you see this as the ramblings of a mad person you should try reading about attempts to persuade the UN Security Council to introduce a fifth “crime against peace” (Note 1). This is the “crime” of ECOCIDE (Note 2) dreamed up by “Trees Have Rights Too” campaigner Polly Higgins (Note 3). The Ecologist says QUOTE: Visionaries: Polly Higgins – Ecologist, 1st April 2009 ‘The planet is currently enslaved to humans abusing its inherent rights – the right not to be enslaved or polluted,’ says environmentalist and barrister Polly Higgins UNQUOTE but note the date of that release – April Fools’ day leading up to the UN’s COP15 fiasco in Copenhagen, fools indeed.

The Gaia Foundation (Note 4), the UK Environmental Law Association (Note 5) and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawers (Note 6) appear to fully support Polly (Note 7) in her attempts to persuade the UN of the merits of what she calls (Note 8) her QUOTE: .. ‘hard law’ – the Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights. She will also be unveiling her next step, the rolling out of the ‘soft law’ – the Universal Declaration of All Beings, more commonly referred to as The Peoples’ Declaration. UNQUOTE

In the dream natural world of these activist environmental movements all life on earth has rights which humans have a duty to protect. What they fail to recognise that in the real natural world the only right is the right to fight for the survival of their specie and use other species to that end. The only form of life to dream up the notion of “rights” is the human specy and for most of us it is the survival of humans that is paramount.

Posted all over the Internet on 11th April was the comment QUOTE: The proposal for the United Nations to accept “ecocide” as a fifth “crime against peace”, which could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins UNQUOTE. I thought that the “significant human-made global climate change” scam was mad – but this one takes the biscuit!

On 11th April I sent a comment to Polly’s “The Lazy Environmentalist - Trees Have Rights Too” blog but it hasn’t appeared yet on her “Launch of” thread (Note 9) so I attach it as an appendix here. Her thread starts QUOTE: Mass destruction of ecosystems is a crime on a par with genocide, which is why I am calling on the UN with another proposal. This time it is to put in place ecocide as a 5th Crime Against Peace. UNQUOTE

This comment applies equally to all of her supporters. Maybe they’d all like to take a look at the A/V of a dead tree’s funeral (Note 10) arranged by Americans who appear to share Polly’s feeling about trees rights. This is how people like myself view her and her supporters.

1) see
2) see
3) see
4) see
5) see
6) see
7) see
8) see
9) see
10) see
11) see

Best regards,

APPENDIX: - comment submitted to Note 9 above but not yet posted by Polly.
Polly, although I have great respect for those who do their bit to protect the environment and try very hard myself to leave it as I find it, don't you think that it is time for you to have a re-appraisal of your stance and your actual lifestyle. You are in danger of letting your enthusiasm turn you into a blind extremist akin to religious extremists.

The vast majority of us reject extremism, including the extremism within the UN, the real agenda of which is:
- redistribution of wealth from developed to underdeveloped economies,
- establishment of a framework for global government,
- enhancement of the finances of a privileged few.

Do you support those agenda? More importantly, have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, you are a hypocrite? Looking at your different blogs, your presentations and the other information that you present about yourself leads me to think that you might be. Let me present a few examples of why I am suspicious about your motives when making that ludicrous claim that “trees have rights too”. How many trees had their “rights” denied because of the following:

- (Note 1); manufacturing the hair products, the make-up, the clothes, the education and training, the living accommodation in London, all of those interests (like wine, long walks in accessible countryside)
- (Note 2); clearing that lovely field, travelling there from London, manufacturing those walking shoes/boots, clothes, rucksacks
- (Note 3); that “remarkable journey” to Edinburgh in June 2008, not to forget that journey to Northern Ireland to address the United Nations on the need for a Universal Declaration of Planetary Rights,
- (Note 4); travelling to Anchorage, Alaska in May 2009,
- (Note 5); travelling to Munich in July 2009 to the Desertec extravaganza
- (Note 6); last but by no means least that journey to the UN’s COP15 fiasco in Copenhagen.

I am sure there is much more travelling (and use of all of those wonderful communications and other facilities that humans have developed at the expense of trees rights) to be done, all in the name of protecting the rights of those trees. By the way, why stop at trees. There are all of those poor rats, mice, scorpions, snakes, mosquitoes, termites, etc, that need their rights protecting. Oh dear, I nearly forgot, don’t germs, viruses, etc. have rights too.

After due consideration Polly, I’m almost convinced – that you might well be a hypocrite.

I have posted a comment relating to this on the site of Senator Steve Fielding which you may be interested in seeing. See Page 51 comment # 756 of

1) see
2) see
3) see
4) see
5) see
6) see

Best regards, Pete Ridley
PS: If you don’t feel like posting my comment that’s OK. I’ll put it on other blogs.


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