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Propaganda & Evangelism

Back in January at wattsupwiththat Anthony Watts presented an article concerning copyright and Peter Sinclair (much revered by gullible supporters of the UN’s human-made global climate change propaganda. That thread was referenced several times during the first half of March on Australian Senator Steve Fielding’s “Climate Change” thread (Note 1).

I dropped in at Wattsupwiththat (Note 2) and an article “Visualizing Arctic Coverage” caught my eye because of recent comments on Senator Fielding’s thread about the claimed catastrophic ice melt. After watching the UAHvGISSvHadCRUT animations I watched a Peter Sinclair A/V and decided to find out a little more about him. The first site that I came to (Note 3) described him as QUOTE: a radical environut who puts out a (usually) weekly series of YouTube video documentaries entitled “ Climate Crock of the Week” .. UNQUOTE. I soon understood why he was able to put across a very plausible presentation of climate change propaganda. He is not only a trained film producer but also a trained AGW propagandist, having been personally trained through The Climate Project by no less than global climate evangelist Al Gore.

The comment of a student (Note 4) illustrates how easily youngsters can be brainwashed by this sort of UN-inspired propaganda QUOTE: Sara Goodwin writes .. about a recent presentation at Andrews University .. by Peter Sinclair, a member of the organization, The Climate Project, .. I was a little skeptical at first since Sinclair is not a scientist, and neither is Al Gore (as much as I enjoyed his video, An Inconvenient Truth). But when he began his presentation by saying, “I am not a scientist — I am just a storyteller, reporting the facts as they have been given to me by the scientists,” I was satisfied UNQUOTE. It is to be hoped that Sara is not typical of today’s students. Decades ago when I was a young student we were encouraged to listen to but be sceptical of what others told us.

It doesn’t take much effort to research Sinclaire’s background and find his relationship with Al Gore. A month after the premier of his propaganda film “An Inconvenient Truth” Gore set up The Climate Project (Note 5). Through this organisation Gore has trained a 3000-stong band of global propagandists located in the US, Canada, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Australia, the UK and Spain. The next phase of Gore’s brain-washing (Note 6) started with the establishment in mid-2008 of his “An Inconvenient Youth” organisation (Note 7) QUOTE: a community of teenagers taking action to address the climate crisis UNQUOTE.

The structure of Al Gore’s climate change organisation bears a lot of similarities with Hitler’s NAZI party.

I was 7 when the war in Europe ended and only knew about the horrors of Hitler’s regime through later Pathe News items seen at the cinema. It was much later (1974) that I started taking a real interest in the subject, after reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by William L. Shirer (Note 8). Since then I have collected numerous video cassettes of recordings from BBC and other TV programmes dedicated to educating us about the evils that can spring from a blind acceptance of state propaganda. The BBC has a lot of articles on this (Note 9) one of which says QUOTE: Initially, Hitler saw himself as a political evangelist...rather than as a political leader UNQUOTE. In August 2007 The Huffington Post published an article (Note 10) QUOTE: A Nobel Prize for an Environmental Evangelist – Al Gore UNQUOTE. It is clear that I am not the only one to recognise the similarities between Hitler and Gore.

There are available some A/Vs on U-tube (Note 11) which I commend to the those who accept the UN’s propaganda on face value. It is often said that history has a lot to teach us. When I was at school I couldn’t see this at all and found the subject boring. Now that I’ve grown up I recognise how much w can learn from it. I am sure that many of today’s youngsters would ask what The Third Reich has to do with the UN’s promotion of the myth that through our use of fossil fuels humans are causing climate change leading to global catastrophe. The connection is summed up in that one word “propaganda”.

Hitler set up his “Hitler Youth” organisation. Gore set up his “An Inconvenient Youth” organisation. The recruits to Hitler’s organisation were so brainwashed that they were prepared to die for him. Similar brainwashing is being attempted by Gore through his “The Climate Project” and subsidiaries.

In 2002 the BBC published an article on Hitler’s propaganda film producer (Note 12) QUOTE: German director Leni Riefenstahl - best known for making films for Adolf Hitler .. Her two greatest films, Triumph of the Will and Olympia, were sponsored by Hitler's regime and are widely regarded as classic examples of political propaganda. .. German prosecutors announced they were launching a judicial inquiry into the film-maker on suspicion of "Holocaust denial" .. "She was happy to participate because she never made a secret of her fascination with Hitler, and she has told how she admired him, almost until the end of the war," UNQUOTE.

The following extract from the “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH About The Film” (Note 13) is worth quoting in full. QUOTE: Two people who became entranced by Gore’s show are leading environmental activist Laurie David and movie producer Lawrence Bender. David hosted two of Gore’s sold-out presentations in New York and Los Angeles, where it had a transforming effect on her. “I felt like Al Gore had become the Paul Revere of our times,” says David, “traveling around the country calling out this vital warning that we really can’t ignore.” She also realized that Gore faced a daunting uphill battle in getting his message out into the zeitgeist. “Having researched this subject for some 40 years, nobody understands the issue better than Al Gore and nobody can explain it more clearly and compellingly to the lay person,” notes David. “But he would have to be on the road 365 days a year to reach even a fraction of the people who need to be reached, and there just isn’t time.” “As soon as I saw Gore’s presentation, I knew it could make for the basis of an amazing film,” Lawrence Bender says. “We were all convinced that the moving truth of what Gore was demonstrating needed to be experienced on a much larger scale.” Inspired to act, David and Bender approached a long-time industry friend, Scott Z. Burns, a writer, director and Clio Award-winning veteran of creative advertising. The team also approached Jeff Skoll of Participant Productions – the new company focused on creating exciting motion picture entertainment around core social issues, which in 2005 released such acclaimed and thought-provoking movies as “Good Night and Good Luck” and “Syriana.” The entire quartet descended upon one of Gore’s shows and each felt equally compelled to kick the production into high gear UNQUOTE.

Let’s take a look at the producers of Al Gore’s film “An Inconvernient Truth” (Note 14) to see if there are any parallels.

Laurie David (Note 15) QUOTE: .. is devoted to stopping global warming. She founded the Stop Global Warming Virtual March at with Senator John McCain and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that is engaging religious leaders, sports figures, elected officials from all sides of the aisle, business leaders, and every day Americans to urge the United States to address the ticking time bomb that is global warming UNQUOTE.

As for Scott Burns (Note 16) QUOTE: .. there is one subject that can get his blood boiling -- the environment. For years, Burns has been actively involved in Earth Day and The Nature Conservatory. He cites Dennis Hayes, often named as an instrumental figure in this country’s modern environmental movement, as his mentor. His passion for the subject even led Burns to his first producing credit. Along with Lawrence Bender and Laurie David, he helped turn Al Gore’s slide show about global warming into the feature film An Inconvenient Truth.
It’s the thing I think I’ll always be most proud of,” says Burns. “It is great that I am able to intersect my passion with my profession.” UNQUOTE.

Lawrence Bender is an environmental activist who features large in The Huffington Post (Note 17), often with regard to the nuclear threat but also regarding global warming QUOTE: Let me back up and just say it was only a few years ago that along with Arianna Huffington, Laurie David, Ari Emanuel, and Scott Burns, we shot a series of TV spots that said exactly that: America is addicted to oil and we had better kick that addiction quick. Why....for our National Security, for the problem of global warming, to help create millions of new jobs with renewable energy technologies, and for our health .. The problem is, this is the biggest issue facing not only us but the world right now. Our consumption of oil and its effect on National Security and global warming. UNQUOTE.

Although there are similarities between these four producers, with Leni Riefenstahl there is one significant difference – Riefenstahl was recruited by Hitler’s propaganda machine whereas Gore was recruited by the other three. I was always under the impression that the award for the film was to Al Gore, but apparently it was (Note 18) QUOTE: The best-documentary Oscar itself actually went to director Davis Guggenheim and producers Lawrence Bender, Laurie David and Scott Burns UNQUOTE. But Gore also claims to have invented the Internet doesn’t he (Note 19)? We are fortunate that Al Gore hasn’t yet achieved his ambition to become President of the USA (but there’s still the UN Secretary General post up for grabs after 31st of December 2011 – watch out Ban Ki-).

From the amount of hot air being spewed out on blogs all over the Internet by supporters of the UN’s propaganda they definitely has been brainwashed – almost to the point of being brain dead.

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