Monday, 5 April 2010


The last few days have seen an intensification of the electioneering propaganda by the three major UK political parties, so let’s take a closer look at some of the empty promises being made by our not-so-honourable representatives. (If you’re puzzled by that last phrase I remind you of the politicians expenses scandal so beautifully exposed by the Daily Telegraph - Note 1. The bottom line for me on that one is that regardless of whether or not a particular PM personally abused the expenses/allowances system, they all new what was going on, did nothing to stop it therefore were all culpable).

You may recall that in the months leading up to the UN’s COP15 climate change fiasco in Copenhagen last December there was significant global intensification of political propaganda about what was claimed to be “the greatest global challenge of our time”. These precise words or similar were used to describe climate change by Gordon Brown (17th December - Note 2), David Milliband (Oct/Nov 2006 – Note 3) Baroness Shephard of Northwold (6th December 2007 - Note 4) ( Margaret Beckett (26th March 2006 - Note 5), Nick Clegg (23rd Sept 2009 – Note 6)

Similar words were also used by Australian PM Kevin Rudd at the annual summit of South Pacific leaders (6th August 2009 – Note 7), Ms Hilde Frafjord Johnson, Norway’s Minister of International Development, back in 2002 (Note 8) and by the UN (Note 9), but that long time ago it was QUOTE: Eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge facing the world today UNQUOTE. For David Cameron QUOTE: the greatest challenge this country faces today is reversing the social breakdown we see all around us UNQUOTE (18th June 2007 - Note 10)

Of course, just like Hitler, our politicians recognised the importance of indoctrinating out young folks, more open to persuasion than more mature individuals. Not only were today’s youth targeted (Note1) but even our children (Note 12 – but this is more truthful Note 13)

No less an expert in global climate processes and drivers than Prince Charles said QUOTE: Climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind UNQUOTE (6th May 2009 – Note 14).

UK (and Australian) political opinion seems to have changed in the last four months. Listening to the current electioneering propaganda it seems that climate change is now seen as being far less important, although lip service is being paid to it from time to time (usually only squeezed in as an afterthought because all parties need those taxes would be much more readily paid by a conned electorate).

Talking about being conned, I don’t think that many will be conned by the “hand on heart” promises made today by Ed Balls at the NUS conference. It may have appeased the teachers but I believe that the voting public are now much more aware of the reason why the UK is one of the last developed economies to be still in the depths of a recession. It’s time that Labour (new of old versions) recognised the relevance of basic household economics. If you borrow in order to spend on what you can’t afford and don’t really need then the time for payback comes eventually and you’ll be hurt by your recklessness.

Of course, a word of warning is needed. Once the elections are over it will again be full speed ahead with money raising taxation schemes like taxing greenhouse gas (especially carbon dioxide) emissions. How long will it take before they start hinting at a taxing us on our – how shall I put it - flatulating?

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Best regards, Pete Ridley

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