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Climate Change, Pension Funds and the BBC


2012-11-14  CFACT have just published an article "BBC abandoned balanced climate reporting after meeting with these 28 campaigners ...Usual climate suspects. BBC stonewalled FOI request ... " (

Some time ago sceptical climate change commentator John O’Sullivan published a revealing article QUOTE: Follow the Money: BBC Exposed in Biggest Climate Racket on Planet UNQUOTE (Note 1). It is an excellent example of how pension fund investments in green/renewable energy technologies provided the financial incentive for mainstream media organisations like the BBC to give full support to the UN’s human-made global climate change propaganda.

That article discusses the involvement of The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (Note 3). I had a look at the organisations members and there are some big names in the pension fund investment field. I also looked at who is associated with The IIGCC (Note 4) and there we have the UN represented by three of its subsidiaries, not least UNEP (involved in setting up the IPCC in 1988) at the top of the page. That article ““Cannot Wait for a Global Treaty,” Investors Tell Congress and other Government Policymakers at United Nations Investors Climate Summit” could be seen as a panic measure by those investors following the UN’s COP15 fiasco in Copenhagen. Some large investors would seem to be getting very worried that the whole UN scam would blow up in their faces and were trying during the UN’s Investor Summit 2010 (Note 5) to gee the UN into action – looking for an intensification of the propaganda perhaps.

As reported (Note 4) QUOTE: On the heels of international climate treaty talks in Copenhagen, the world’s largest investors today released a statement calling on the U.S. and other governments to move quickly to adopt strong national climate policies that will spur low-carbon investments to reduce emissions causing climate change. UNQUOTE The big boys were there (see the photos): Al Gore, Generation Investment Management; George Soros, Soros Fund Management; Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs; Kevin Parker, Deutsche Asset Management; Jeremy Oppenheim, McKinsey & Company; plus ; Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation and all of the other UN hangers-on.

There were QUOTE: .. U.S., European and Australian investor groups representing $13 trillion in assets .. UNQUOTE including investors like Anne Stausboll, CEO, California Public Employees' Retirement System ($205B); Howard Jacobs, Trustee, Universities Superannuation Scheme; The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) which represents institutional investors operating in Australia and New Zealand, with assets around AU$500bn. There’s big big money riding on the back of and depend upon global acceptance of the UN’s propaganda. As most of us recognise, Gore and his cronies are prime promoters of this propaganda.
The motivating forces behind Gore, Soros and their UN buddies has nothing to do with the benefits of controlling global climates but plenty to do with the benefits of controlling global finances.

On 16th March 2007 Executive Intelligence Review published a feature (Note 6) “THE CULT OF THE OLIGARCHY The Gore of Babylon” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (Note 7). Accepting the fact that not everyone appreciates the opinions of LaRouche, he is not very complementary about Gore. Here are some of LaRouche’s comments QUOTE:
.. the evil which Gore perpetrates today ..
.. today’s “globalization” scheme by former U.S. Vice-President Al
Gore, Jr., .. for replacing the sovereign nation-state by an imperial
Tower of Babel.
.. There is nothing accidental about this specific aspect of Gore’s moral rottenness, the personal malice against mankind permeating Gore’s expressed creed but, to understand any of this .., we must recognize the deep, and ancient, systemic, virtually hereditary roots of the evil which Gore perpetrates today UNQUOTE and on and on and on. I was delighted to see that LaRouche also lashes out at the UK’s former PM, Tony Blair who claimed to be ”an honest kind of guy” despite those non-existent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Keep your eyes open for further revelations by John O’Sullivan on this aspect of the UN’s confidence trick

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