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SpotlightON: - Extinction Rebellion

" .. Fear feeds on ignorance .. "
(James Lovelock)

XR/RisingUp!/CompassionateRevolutionLtd! Basics 

Here is a very revealing medley of comments from leading members of the ExtinctionRebellion/RisingUP?/CompassionateRevolutionLtd organisation.

" .. motivated by spiritual beliefs as Pagans, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews and so on .. service of a higher authority .. 
Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate .. 
never say we’re a climate movement .. 
we’re not, We’re a Rebellion .. 
mass political action that breaks the law. It's the most effective way .. 
to actually create a crisis in society .. 
to create a new global regime ..
 a separate, true, fundamental democracy .. 
Extinction Rebellion is .. just about democracy .. 
a fundamental change of the political and economic system .. 
through mass civil disobedience ..

its mostly about securing your own salary .. "

" .. in the political extremism of anarchism .. Extinction Rebellion’s campaign .. seeks to break down the established civil order and liberal democracy in the UK. Many followers .. are completely unaware .. Extinction Rebellion is an extremist organisation .. "


Time and time again people in London and elsewhere are subjected to disruption of their daily lives by demonstrators. During 2019 and early 2020 it was the turn of the gullible supporters of the anarchistic rabble-rousing group known as "Extinction Rebellion" (XR). This article focuses on XR's founding and other significant members but also discusses some other organisations (and individuals who have had a significant influence on them) which have a direct or indirect relationship with XR, either through their membership, objectives or strategies.

On Easter Saturday 2019 the "GodMother" of XR, co-founder Gail Bradbrook said " .. We're making people's lives miserable but they are talking about the issues .. " ( To do this XR uses vulnerable youngsters, brainwashed parents, teachers and any other mindless morons who they can influence in order to further the anarchistic objectives of its founding members. They were at it again in the Summer, then the autumn and were no doubt planning more of their disruptive and costly law-breaking for 2020 (see Footnote 6 of this section). That was forced onto the back burner by the Covid19 pandemic - a REAL emergency.

For several years environmental activists have been promoting the idea that the world has entered a new geological age, the Anthropocene epoch, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment (see One of the fantasies promoted by "Anthropocene" supporters is that human emissions of carbon dioxide and other so-called 'greenhouse' gases into the atmosphere (from various sources including our burgeoning use of fossil fuels) is heating up the world towards a temperature tipping point beyond which ecological catastrophe beckons. The claimed consequence is that the world's different climates will experience almost imminent (within 12 years) apocalyptic changes resulting in the melting of the cryosphere, accelerating sea level rise, floods (see Appendix A1, Footnote 4), wildfires, pestilence (see Section 8.0 "XR and Pestilence"), swarms of locusts, etc. etc. etc.
This is known as the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis (or  fantasy), an irreversible global climate 


For more on CACC see 'Politicization of Climate Change and CO2" ( and "Fractionation of Carbon Dioxide from Air "trapped" in Ice - Another Hockey Stick Illusion?"  (

The parent organisations responsible for establishing Extinction Rebellion are RisingUP? and Compassionate Revolution Ltd. Both of these have the same objective " .. to bring about:
- A functioning democracy based on informed consent. We do not believe we have a functioning democracy in the UK. It has been captured by corporate and private interests and the media is owned by wealthy billionaires who use their power to systematically undermine informed public debate.- Transformation of the political system, society and economy to ones which maximise well-being and minimizes harm. The existing political and economic system is set to destroy civilisation and much if not all life on earth if allowed to continue. This is most apparent in our society's inability to cut the carbon emissions which are creating catastrophic  climate change, and through its reckless destruction of bio-diversity.- A society of genuine equality without poverty and privilege. At present UK is becomes ever more grossly unequal due economic arrangements which vastly favour the wealthy elites.

Extinction Rebellion leaders are using the CACC hypothesis as a convenient mob motivatorIt is important to recognise that fighting climate change by rebelling against our use of fossil fuels is of secondary importance to XR's leaders. The real objective is to " ..  enable people power, in the face of the corruption of our democracy by vested interests .. it's just about democracy .. " (see sub-sections 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.1 and 3.1.5). They aim to objective is to bring about " .. a fundamental  change of the political and economic system .. We believe .. that confrontation through mass civil disobedience is necessary .. " (

In other words, Extinction Rebellion is another of those extremist organisation that want to force change to our political and economic system by participating (and inciting others to indulge) in criminal acts rather than the preferred democratic route - the ballot box. Fortunately our security services have plenty experience in dealing with such organisations (see Footnote 1 of this section).

XR's anarchistic objectives are substantiated by statements on the blog of one of RisingUp's major sources of funds (£20-40k in 2018), the Berlin based Guerrilla Foundation ( (See also (

Unsurprisingly, Labour has supported this rabble-rousing organisation, illustrated by the April 2019 Guardian article "Labour endorses Extinction Rebellion activists after week of protest" (At a 30th April 2019 meeting with Labour's John Macdonald Extinction Rebellion was represented by Sarah Lunnon (3.1.32), Skeena Rathor (3.1.33) and Savannah Lovelock (3.1.34) -see


1) On 16th July 2019 the centre-right think tank the Policy Exchange (Footnote 2 of this section) published an excellent 76-page report which complements this article.  "Extremism Rebellion  A review of ideology and tactics .. " (see Footnote 3 of this section for authors) does an excellent job of exposing this extremist organisation.

It says in the Preface that " .. the leaders of Extinction Rebellion seek a more subversive agenda .. rooted in the political extremism of anarchism, eco-socialism and radical anti-capitalist environmentalism .. mass protest accompanied by law-breaking —leading eventually to the breakdown of democracy and the state. Obscured from public view, these objectives mark Extinction Rebellion’s campaign out as an extremist one that seeks to break down the established civil order and liberal democracy in the UK.
Many followers of Extinction Rebellion are completely unaware of this secondary objective .. Celebrities, politicians and members of the public have been seduced into believing that Extinction Rebellion’s methods and tactics are honourable and justifed, when clearly they are not .. Extinction Rebellion is an extremist organisation whose methods need to be confronted and challenged rather than supported and condoned. If we fail to confront those who incite and encourage mass law-breaking, we fail in our duty to confront extremism.This new form of extremism needs to be tackled by Ministers and politicians, the Commission for Countering Extremism, police and the general public .. " (

Two significant errors in that section of the report need correcting. Firstly " .. the established civil order and liberal democracies enjoyed by residents in the UK, other Commonwealth countries, the USA, etc. .. " and " .. Many followers of Extinction Rebellion are completely unaware of this PRIMARY objective .. ".

As is to be expected from these skilled rabble-rousers, the reaction from Extinction Rebellion was evasive, misleading and emotional, with no attempt to challenge the report with anything resembling facts. " .. A retired policeman .. assumes there must be some hidden violent agenda .. but completely fails to realise that his grandchildren have no future .. " (
Anyone reading that report carefully will see that of the 30 references it makes to "violence" they are to XR's commitment to NON-VIOLENCE, to the possibility of fringe elements resorting to violence, or to quotes from Roger Hallam about the use of violence.
Of the 23 references to "violent" all are about  NON-VIOLENT.

The article "2 transforming podcasts: Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion, and eco-rights laywer Polly Higgins" says that " .. Gail describes movements as actions of the heart, not the intellect. Despite having a scientific background herself, ER is not driven by facts and predictions. 'It’s more like, your kids are going to die' .. " ( That explains why XR's response to the Policy Exchanges report was devoid of facts but gushing with emotion (just like its propaganda)
Gail Bradbrook's preference for appealing to the emotions rather than focussing on facts might explain why she failed to apply her qualifications in biological physics but instead chose to earn a living from the charity industry (see sub-section 3.1.1).

This experiment by XR (confirmed in Nov. 2018 by XR's Media and Messaging Coordinator Ronan McNern - see sub-section 3.1.41) is possibly the basis for an attempt by Roger Hallam (see sub-section 3.1.2) to earn a PhD in the subject of rabble-rousing.

2) The Policy Exchange is the UK’s leading think tank. We are an .. educational charity .. committed to an evidence-based approach to policy development .. ". 

3) The authors are:
- Richard Walton, Senior Fellow .. A former Head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command .. he spent the majority of his thirty-year policing career in the counter-terrorism field .. ",
- Tom Wilson, Senior Research Fellow .. specialises in the study of extremist groups and counter-terrorism strategy. His previous research has focused on the growth of extremism in the UK .. ".
They were assisted by Alexander Gray, Research Fellow, Security and Extremism.

4)  The Guerrilla Foundation says ” .. Extinction Rebellion is a campaign by the Rising Up network, that promotes a fundamental change of the UK’s political and economic system .. ". The Guerrilla Foundation ” .. supports activists .. working towards .. major systemic change across Europe in line with the Great Transition .. redirecting the .. planetary civilization .. ".The Great Transition website declares that it “ .. aims to deepen understanding of values and cultural dimensions of global change, along with social, economic, political, and scientific aspects of a Great Transition .. toward a vision and praxis for a decent planetary civilization .. "( and

5) Sources of comments by James Lovelock and significant XR co-founders/members:
James lovelock commented in "The Ages of Gaia" under the section on " A Dose of Nuclear Radiation" (page 161) " .. fear feeds on ignorance .. ",
the RisingUp? blog " .. these actions are motivated by spiritual beliefs as Pagans, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews and so on. We are called to act in service of a higher authority, a higher purpose or on behalf of the Mother Earth .. " (,
- Stuart Basden(see subsection 3.1.5) " .. Extinction Rebellion isn’t about the climate .. never say we’re a climate movement .. we’re not. We’re a Rebellion .. " (,
- Roger Hallam (see subsection 3.1.2) " .. we're coming together through .. mass political action that breaks the law. It's the most effective way .. to actually create a crisis in society .. " ( and " .. Through mass civil resistance, we’re going to create a new global regime .. " (,
- XR's Tiana Jacout (see subsection 3.1.28) " .. we are creating a separate, true, fundamental democracy .. " ( - at 1min 19+ secs),
the RisingUp? blog " .. we are calling for a fundamental change of the political and economic system .. We believe .. that confrontation through mass civil disobedience is necessary .. " (,
- Gail Bradbrook (see subsection 3.1.1) " .. I don't think Extinction Rebellion is really about the environment, it's about democracy .. " ( - at 3 mins +) and “ .. Hands up, I run a charity and it's mostly about securing your own salary .. " ( - at 9m 30s +).

6) Any plans that the XR leadership had for further massive disruptive campaigning during 2020 were forced on hold by a genuine global catastrophe, the Covid19 pandemic. That is in stark contrast with the fantasised imminent global climate 
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. claimed to be caused by our burgeoning use of fossil fuels (CACC). Unsurprisingly, XR leadership appears to see the CoVid19 pandemic as a propaganda tool, to be used like CACC (see Section 8.0 "XR and Pestilence")

1.1 XR's Unwarranted Law Breaking

Supporters of the XR organisation appear to indulge in some serious illegal acts, including incitement, conspiracy, criminal damage, aggravated trespass and obstruction of the highway, yet most go unpunished or get away with little more than a slapped hand.

XR member Paolo Enoch (see sub-section 3.1.27) said at a March press conference in XR's temporary Euston HQ that “ .. The idea is to find that sweet spot where the police are obliged to arrest you, but it’s totally non-violent and peaceful. The people who’ve committed criminal damage will sit on the ground and wait to be arrested .. ” (

The actions of XR supporters may well be " .. totally non-violent and peaceful .. " but they are still illegal and the perpetrators deserve to suffer the full power of the law.

That XR article said early on " .. XR co-founder Gail Bradbrook was fresh from an appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court. She and five others had been charged with criminal damage .. and all had pleaded not guilty. It had been an emotional day, not least because the judge was, coincidentally, sending them for trial on the 16th of April, a day after XR begin their full-scale international rebellion with coordinated actions on the 15th. At times, Bradbrook appeared upset as she delivered an abridged version of XR’s frank and profound talk on the appalling state of the climate .. ".

Gail Bradbrook may have been upset but she had only herself to blame for her criminal actions. It is likely that the innocent Londoners who suffered from the disruption to which her organisation had subjected them were far more upset than she.

The Guardian reported on “ .. 9 Mar 2019 - Extinction Rebellion activists have thrown buckets of “blood” outside Downing Street to call for greater action on climate change. About 400 demonstrators, including families with children, spilled more than 200 litres of red paint ” (

XR’s 27th March 2019 Rebellion Earth article “Two Extinction Rebellion protestors on trial for criminal damage in Parliament Square” made mention of XR activist Paolo Enoch (see sub-section 3.1.27) “ .. Charged with criminal damage .. Paolo Enoch .. will stand trial today at Hendon Magistrates Court .. arrested for attempting to dig a grave on Parliament Square during a funeral service themed protest by Extinction Rebellion last November .. more than a 1000 people, dressed in black, gathered in Parliament Square to mourn the loss of life the planet has and will experience .. to bury a coffin in the middle of the conservation area, but were prevented from doing so by police .. Both defendants have pleaded not guilty .. relying on the Mission LifeForce “conscientious protector” approach .. While Freedom of Conscience is not a defence to a criminal charge, it can encourage the court to consider the reasons for criminal action and to minimise the sentence handed down following any conviction .. “

These Extinction Rebellion anarchists deliberately encourage others (including children) to or did themselves carry out acts of criminal damage and obstruction of the highway in the Nation's capital and elsewhere. Do not they (and their supporters - financial or otherwise) commit serious criminal offences such as conspiracy, incitement, criminal damage and aggravated trespass?! - but see

Asking as a law-abiding citizen of the UK, do not all of the XR founders, activists and supporters deserve to be subjected to the FULL power of the Law, with no more consideration given in their sentencing than they gave to those who suffered from their criminal actions? (see Footnote 1 of this section)

XR members frequently talk about wanting justice. Would not justice be better served if all parts of the Extinction Rebellion organisation, its members, supporters and the 1100 anarchists who were arrested were made to pay the cost of their actions. These were a totally unnecessary and unjustified drain on the Met's funds, which are provided by mainly hard working and law-abiding tax-payers.

What a shame that any supporters of XR who have donated funds to the "cause" haven't been charged with aiding and abetting the criminals who imposed such disruption on law-abiding citizens.

In March 2017, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) - University of London, Gail Bradbrook gave another of her many rants, this one about "Rising Up! How Things Change: The Duty to Disobey". She acknowledged the risk that she was taking concerning her law-breaking counselling/conspiring with others to commit criminal acts ( at 38mins 10secs + - see also Footnote 2 to this sub-section).
She ended her talk suggesting that we should all bring down the financial system by borrowing as much as we can and refusing to pay it back. With such little regard for the financial system she and her fellows should have no objection to paying the full cost of their actions.


1) An excellent report "Extremism Rebellion A review of ideology and tactics" ( by the Policy Exchange made the following worthwhile recommendations:
• The police response to law-breaking by demonstrators must be far more proactive in enforcing laws that relate to public protest, preventing Extinction Rebellion and other political activists from embarking on illegal tactics that cause mass disruption and significant economic damage. 
• Legislation relating to public protest needs to be urgently reformed in order to strengthen the ability of the police to place restrictions on planned protest and deal more effectively with mass lawbreaking tactics (including incitement and conspiracy offences) such as road and bridge blocking, aggravated trespass and criminal damage.
• The Crown Prosecution Service should prosecute all those engaged in law-breaking relating to public protest in order to uphold the rule of law, support the ‘public interest’ and deter others from illegal protest. 
• Politicians and public figures should avoid endorsing, legitimising, or meeting with Extinction Rebellion, in particular whilst its leadership continues to encourage and incite law-breaking in furtherance of their political aims. 
• The Commission for Countering Extremism should ensure that far left, anarchist and environmentalist extremism are sufficiently recognised and challenged within a wider national strategy on extremism. 
• The Home Office should audit the financial cost of the unlawful protest activity that is being undertaken by Extinction Rebellion, including the cost of policing and the financial and social impact on businesses and the public.

2) That first reference to Stroud, in Gloucestershire is interesting because a surprising number of the founding members and major supporters originate from or have moved there or nearby. The article "2 transforming podcasts: Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion, and eco-rights laywer Polly Higgins" advises " .. Both Polly and Gail .. from Stroud .. describe it as a natural incubator for ecological movements coming out of Transition Stroud and holistic spiritual practices .. " ( Maybe there is something in the west-country air, water or ground that affects the brain more than elsewhere in the country (e.g see 3.1.11, 3.1.12, 3.1.21, 3.1.23 and 3.1.28. It can't all be down to Iboga trips in Costa Rica or similar psychedelic experiences at Glastonbury festivals.


It is worthwhile taking a very close look at the questionable characters behind the Extinction Rebellion organisation, launched in October 2018 by Gail Bradbrook (see sub-section 3.1.1), Roger Hallam (3.1.2), George Barda (3.1.3), Simon Bramwell (3.1.4), Stuart Basden (3.1.5) and several other veteran environmental/ecological activists (see 

Where better to start than the Extinction Rebellion blog. The Welcome Page tells us that " .. Extinction Rebellion/XR is an international movement, using mass non-violent civil disobedience to pressure governments to enter WWII-level* mobilisation mode in response to climate breakdown and ecological crisis. We began on 31/10/18. Extinction Rebellion is guided by the principles and values of Rising Up! the parent organisation .. Visit the Rising Up! website for more details on our history including previous campaigns .. " (
* See subsection 3.2.4,4 Footnote 1 for more on the origins of the notion that WWII levels of mobilisation are required in the "fight" against climate change.

Another of its blogs tells us that " .. We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. Life on Earth is in crisis .. we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making .. Extinction Rebellion is an international apolitical network .. that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse" (
It goes on to regurgitate much of the CACC propaganda spewed by the UN, its IPCC, Natural History presenter David Attenborough, Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg (see Appendix A6.3) environmental activist Mark Lynas and other supporters of the CACC fantasy (

Only one of the XR founding members, Gail Bradbrook, has any worthwhile qualifications or experience relating to the physical scientific disciplines (see Footnote 2 of this section) relevant to understanding the highly complex, if not chaotic, processes and drivers of the different global climates. (For almost two decades she appears not to have used what she learned about molecular biophysics).
Despite this lack of knowledge they are still prepared to pontificate on the CACC issue as they demonise that essential, life-supporting substance carbon dioxide (see this section's Footnote 2 ), e.g:

- XR inspirational political/social scientist Roger Hallam has said " .. the struggle of our time .. climate change .. it’s beyond your imagination bad .. the Arctic is going to melt in the next three to five years .. If temperature increases by 5 degrees that’s it. Six billion deaths. Maybe a billion can survive on the north and south poles waiting for the oxygen to run out, which happens at six degrees .. " (, This is all scientific gobbledegook from an irrelevant (political/social) scientist (see Footnotes 2 and 3 to this sub-section).

- XR's theologian Stuart Basden has said " .. The climate is breaking down. It’s urgent. An emergency. We’ve only got a few years left to ‘fix’ it. Indeed, we won’t fix it. Weather patterns will become increasingly unstable and unpredictable, and the effects it will soon have on how humans around the world grow food will be devastating, likely causing harvests to fail across entire continents and food prices to sky-rocket. Millions have already suffered due to the amplified instability. We’re facing imminent societal collapse (whatever that means), both around the world and in the UK. All of our lives are soon going to radically change. .. " (

- builder/farmer Simon Bramwell has said of the proposal to expand Heathrow airport and when challenging Greenpeace over its approach to climate change “ .. a third runway is a disastrous option that will lead to climate chaos .. This is an emergency. We are facing extinction and have little time to rise up to make our governments take the hard decisions needed to save us .. " ( and (

NB: It appears that Stroud, Gloucestershre, is a hot-bed of these "Extremist Rebellion" supporters, with many of its leading lights coming from that area. 

These environmental activists, who are inappropriately qualified by education, training or experience (see Footnote 2 of this section), express absolute certainty about the impact on global climates of our emissions of carbon dioxide. (In contrast XR crusader Tiana Jacout - see sub-section 3.1.28 - has her own theory about the cause of the fantasised global climate
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. - the unfair treatment of women world-wide.) 
Stephen Schneider would have been proud of their scaremongering efforts (see Appendix A6.1).

On the other hand, people with relevant qualifications and years of experience in the subject are highly sceptical of such claims, e.g. see:
- the "Climate etc." blog run by Atmospheric Physics specialist Dr. Judith Curry, (former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the
- the findings of Drs Roy Spencer, John Christy and colleague  William Brasswell of the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) Earth System Science Center, showing virtually no warming for 18 years (,
- the blog of Physical Chemist Dr Jack Barrett and botanist Professor David Bellamy (
NB: David Bellamy was a prominent BBC presenter of nature programs until he rejected the CACC fantasy. Consequently he was replaced by CACC convert and evangelist David Attenborough (see
US Meteorologist Anthony Watts published an interesting article "The Extinction Rebellion's Hysteria vs Science" relating to this (see The UK's "Propaganda Bureau" the BBC and prime CACC propagandist David Attenborough get mentions in the interesting subsequent comments.


- "The New Green Threat: Extinction Rebellion" (
- "Globalist Fake Revolution – Extin and
- "The faces behind the climate change chaos: From the 'neo-pagan' mother who became an activist after taking psychedelic drugs, to failed organic farmer and a baronet's granddaughter" (

2) Maths. Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Spectometry, Geology, Physical Geography, Palaeontology, etc. The Extinction Rebellion leading members (and many of its CACC supporters) appear to have no such education, training or experience, with at best an understanding of the social sciences.

Extinction Rebellion's pronouncements about imminent global climate
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. epitomize "The Arrogance of Ignorance" ( discussed by zoologist Dr. William V Mayer, Professor Emeritus of Biology.

Comments made by Professor Mayer relate directly to "climate science" and those who purport to be knowledgeable about the processes and drivers of the different global climates, including:
- " .. The arrogance of ignorance is .. unbearable because it is rooted in smug satisfaction with being isolated from the facts .. ",
- " .. the rise of pseudo sciences .. are symptomatic of the poor job that is done explicating science as a process and a way of knowing. Disciplinary teaching emphasizes fact over concept .. ",
- " .. Scientists must become involved in science education and participate in updating teachers and insisting on their subject matter competence. University scientists must be concerned beyond the training of majors to provide meaningful education for nonscience majors as well .. " (

In his book “The Ages of Gaia”, James Lovelock made the following relevant comment “ .. Fear feeds on ignorance .. ” (see section 1.0, Footnote 5).

Unfounded scaremongering predictions of global catastrophe are not a recent phenomenon (

3) See also the excellent report "GLOBAL WARMING A case study in groupthink" by journalist Christopher Booker, published as Report 28 on the Global Warming Policy Foundations forum (
Section 10 "The 'Consensus' and the Media: the BBC decides to break the law for the 'consensus' " discusses the BBC's January 2006 seminar "Climate Change: The Challenge to Broadcasting" organised by its chief environment and energy propagandist, journalist Roger Harrabin.
Journalist Andrew Montford's excellent book "The Propaganda Bureau" covers that seminar in greater detail.

That section of Booker's report also makes reference to the BBC's star environmental program presenter, Richard Attenborough (see Appendices A3 and A6)  and his lack of understanding of the science underpinning the processes and drivers of changes to the different global climates.

A prime example of how effective this propaganda has been appeared on Jeremy Vine's mid-day BBC Radio 2 show of Friday 28th Feb. 2020. A BBC Bristol reporter interviewed a 7-year-old child who had skipped primary school with her young siblings in order to join her mother in attending Greta Thunberg's Bristol rally against the fantasized global climate
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. Asked by the  BBC reporter if she was sorry about missing school, she responded with "No. At school I'd be learning science. Here I'm saving the planet". - brainwashed or what???!!! She, her siblings and her mother would all benefit from some education in relevant hard sciences.


XR's parent organisation " .. Rising Up! was formed by activists who have also been part of Compassionate Revolution, Earth First! Occupy, Plane Stupid, Radical Think Tank and Reclaim the Power. Rising Up! is linked to Compassionate Revolution which was birthed in the Occupy movement .. " (

In her interview with the CommonWealNonViolence blog Gail Bradbrook commented " .. RisingUp was established in 2016 after a dialogue between activists from Earth First!, Occupy, Plane Stupid and Reclaim the Power. We launched with an action to partially close down Heathrow Airport in November 2016. (

" .. Technically Compassionate Revolution Limited is a company limited by shares .. As 'directors', it is our duty to uphold the mission of the Compassionate Revolution company to enable people power, in the face of the corruption of our democracy by vested interests. We understand that people may be willing to undertake acts of defiance, some of which could be illegal) in the pursuit of social and environmental justice and they may wish to share their actions with others. Our site and processes are designed to support such sharing .. " ( and See Footnote 2 of this subsection.

Although the blog talks about the company's directors it does not make it easy for the reader to identify who are all of the controlling members (see Footnote 1 of this section) or provide helpful profiles. It does give some information about two of them:

- " .. Gail Bradbrook is an economic justice campaigner and compassionate revolutionary. She runs a charity focussed on universal access to the Internet .. and has a PhD in Molecular Biophysics .. ",

- " .. George Barda is a Climate change and Occupy Activist and a compassionate revolutionary. He works for an environmental NGO, is a Dad and has a Masters in Environmental Politics and Globalisation .. For more information Contact Us For press and publicity contact George on 07535184071 .. ".

No mention is made of its most recently appointed director, Julian Roger Hallam (see sub-section 3.1.2), who so inspired Gail Bradbrook with his anarchistic ideas that " .. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up .. " (see sub-section 3.1.1).

The following extracts of what founders Gail Bradbrook and George Barda say on that RisingUP blog page exposes their real motives " .. WE ACTIVELY MITIGATE FOR POWER Breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation .. We live in a toxic system .. We collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. ..We are initiating and promoting campaigns of civil disobedience in the UK, which may include the breaking of laws . For many of us these actions are motivated by spiritual beliefs as Pagans, Quakers, Buddhists, Jews and so on. We are called to act in service of a higher authority, a higher purpose or on behalf of the Mother Earth .. We do not believe we have a functioning democracy in the UK .. The existing political and economic system is set to destroy civilisation and much if not all life on earth if allowed to continue .. No particular individual or group is responsible for this state of affairs. The problem is the whole system. It is out of control to the extent that it necessitates nonviolent civil disobedience as a means to prevent disaster and create the sane and equitable society we all desire and require for ourselves and future generations .. " (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section).

Related to its claimed aversion to our current economic system, XR's web page declares that " .. We do not endorse or create any merchandise and we will pursue and prosecute anyone who does .. " (see On the other hand it has created an anarchy handbook "This is not a Drill" that is merchandised by Amazon and others for several pounds stirling (e.g. see Then, of course, there is that XRbusiness division that Gail Bradbrook denied was part of XR after the announcement of its formation upset so many XR members (see sub-section 7.1). The word "hypocrisy" springs to mind.

It is prudent to be sceptical of ANYTHING that comes out of the XR stable (especially if it relates to the CACC issue)!

Even the radical environmentalist journal Earth First regards Rising Up! as anarchist ( It is doubtful that any right-minded individuals believe that the anarchy that Rising Up! promotes would be better than the UK's current economic and political structures, despite their imperfections.

" .. Rising Up's parent company is called Compassionate Revolution .. " ( Compassionate Revolution Limited (Company No. 09622618) was incorporated in June 2015, with Gail Bradbrook and George Barda as its founding shareholders and directors and Gail Bradbrook as Secretary ( In Jan. 2019 failed "organic" farmer Julian Roger Hallam (one of the XR founding members) was appointed as a director. He must have been delirious about his promotion from the obscurity of a failed organic farmer to the board of such a highly regarded organisation as Compassionate Revolution Ltd. Perhaps his appointment to that exalted position was his initial reward for inspiring Gail Bradbrook with his 'codes for social changes' (see 3.1.2). More rewards have followed (see sub-section 5.1.2).

According to the "GLOBALIST FAKE REVOLUTION – EXTINCTION REBELLION EXPOSED" article on the Windowsonthe World blog " .. The Company has two shareholders, Gail Bradbrook and George Barda .. " ( That blog article provides some interesting comments about the XR organisation.


1) There certainly is a plethora of evidence presented in this article to support the claim that "service to a higher authority" is a major motivator for XR founding members and supporters, with their mix of Evangelical Christians, Sun Goddess worshipers, Pagans, Buddhists, Jews, etc.  

2) The declared intention of the Directors of Compassionate Revolution Ltd. and RisingUP? is to 

3.1 Founding Members and Associates

Most members of the Extinction Rebellion organisation and its supporters enjoy the many benefits of living in developed and developing economies, including the modes of transport and other comforts arising from our use of fossil fuels. As a consequence their sincerity in supporting the CACC fantasy warrants close scrutiny.. A prime example of their hypocrisy is Greenpeace activist Dame Emma Thompson, who proclaimed that " .. ‘We cannot continue to use fossil fuels in the way we have been doing .. We know that fossil fuels are threatening the future of the planet .. " ( 
Despite that claim, she chose to travel thousands of miles by plane to support the XR demonstration against our burgeoning use of fossil fuels (

See also the article by

To understand an organisation one must first come to an understanding of its founders ( so let's take a closer look at some of the individuals involved with Extinction Rebellion.

NB: Health and social sector worker Iain Davis (provides a link to a thought-provoking blog "Check the Evidence". This is run by engineer and tutor Andrew Johnson ( who discusses some familiar conspiracy theories. It includes a must-view video, sourced by the "5G Awareness" organisation, covering "Extinction Rebellion, 5G and Agenda 21"

3.1.1 Gail Marie Bradbrook

According to Rising Up! Gail Bradbrook (47) was " .. raised working class white cis, straight woman, since educated to PhD. level. She’s a mother and lives in Gloucestershire. She’s helped run a small charity for 15 years and has a variety of skills as a result, for example fundraising and strategy. She’s been involved in tax and economic justice work, and was a Director of Transition Stroud .. " (

" .. Often called “the mother” by members of Extinction Rebellion, Gail is a molecular biophysicist by training, though she hasn’t worked in that capacity for quite some time. Not long after finishing her post-doctoral research into ‘protein saccharide interactions’, she became a consultant for several ‘political charities’ and has, for the past 18 years worked exclusively as a professional campaigner – a role which, during a talk at Off-Grid Festival, she admits is 'mostly about securing your own pay-check' .. " ( - this website makes some interesting comments). For more on potential sources of contributions to XR pay-cheques see Footnote 1 of this sub-section. 

Gail Bradbrook earned her PhD in Molecule Biophysics from Manchester University, undertaking post-doctoral research from 1997-2000 (, co-authoring several peer-reviewed papers around 2000/2001 (e.g. see and

Perhaps earning a living in Biophysics was not as lucrative as she had expected, deciding that a career in the charity industry would be more rewarding. It appears that she soon decided to focus on politics and social issues rather than biophysics. In 2003 she became a Director of John D Fisher's charity Citizens Online (see also Footnote 2 to this sub-section), leaving in 2018 ( - see also Footnote 3).

That again may not have provided her with the salary that she wanted (she had admitted in 2016 during her presentation for the Sunshine Off Grid organisation's 2016 festival in Devon  "Hands Up! I run a charity and it's mostly about securing your own salary" ( at 9mins 30secs +).

The 4th Quarter 2018 issue of the Gloucester Area Quaker Meeting newsletter ran an article "Quakers from across the country are taking part in Extinction Rebellion .. " which included " .. Gail Bradbrook, who attended Nailsworth Meeting for many years, explain ' .. For years I have engaged with this ecological crisis on an intellectual level ... but now I have engaged with the potential destruction of this world on an emotional level and there is a fundamental difference. There is huge feeling of grief, of loss ... but as with other forms of grief .. you start to come through that initial shock and feeling of loss and there is a renewed appreciation of the beauty of the world .. Once you face and feel the shock of what we are facing ..there is tremendous energy and a will to do what it takes. So that is what we have been asking people, to be willing to look at the truth of our predicament and grieve .. For me it goes beyond the idea of protecting my life as a privileged individual, or even the idea of protecting my children’s future to a deeper need to have been a good ancestor to future generations, to know that I did my best when the big challenge came .. " (

The roll of XR was discussed in Section 1.0. During a public conversation with Stephen Reid, founder and co-director of The Psychedelic Society on the subject of "Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change" Gail Bradbrook said " .. I don't think that Extinction Rebellion is really about the environment, it's just about democracy .. " ( at around 3 mins). This begs the question of what do halucinatory drugs have to do with the CACC fantasyand rebelling against climate change (a natural process that has been occurring since the world began), 

Gail Bradbrook would appear to be no stranger to psychedelics or The Psychedelic Society - recall the Daily Mail comment " .. the 'neo-pagan' mother who became an activist after taking psychedelic drugs .. " (see Section 2.0). Also, Stephen Reid says " .. I've been involved in XR since the Declaration of Rebellion in October 2018. In November, I participated in Rebellion Day when five of London's major bridges were simultaneously blocked. In December, I hosted an Extinction Rebellion Social at the Psychedelic Society .. " (

The article "DO PSYCHEDELICS HOLD THE KEY TO SOCIAL CHANGE?" ( begins " .. Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, explains how her psychedelic experiences helped to shape the genesis of the movement .. ".  She proceeds to extoll the virtues of using psychedelic drugs and describes how she " .. wanted answers to how I could bring about social change .. There was a moment during my Iboga experience where I lay down and a voice that felt very external to me said “Gail, you create your own reality”. It spoke three times ..That was the essence of my entire experience, after which I could literally feel my brain being rewired. When I got home I ended a marriage and separated my family. It was a huge decision, but it was the right thing to do and I am a stronger and happier person now .. " (

That was in 2016.

In Jan/Feb 2018 she was involved in an anti-fracking demonstration with Poh-Eng San (see 3.1.14) and Joziet Khimba (3.1.15), appearing in court for a three day trial (

That experience may have put Gail off risking being arrested again for law-breaking. " .. Gail admits she only pretended to super-glue herself to the department of energy HQ, in an interview with Margaret Klein Salamon .. " ( 3.1.30 for more on Margaret Salamon)

In March 2017, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) - University of London, Gail gave another of her many rants, this one about "Rising Up! How Things Change: The Duty to Disobey". She acknowledged the risk that she was taking concerning her law-breaking counselling/conspiring with others to commit criminal acts (

(More recordings of Gail's plethora of rants can be found at ).


1) It is noteworthy that XR claims that " .. The majority of people who work for Extinction Rebellion are volunteers, a small percentage is receiving living expenses .. we can spread our funds between the work we do and paying people .. " ( Perhaps that is one of the sources that Gail Bradbrook uses to secure her own income, along with her company Compassionate Revolution Limited ( After all, she did admit in 2016 that “ .. Hands up, I run a charity and it's mostly about securing your own salary .. ".

See sub-section 5.1 Financial Accounting for more on XR's finances and 5.1.2 for the contribution towards the income of privileged XR members that those Volunteer Living Expenses make.

2) The Daily Mail reported that Gail Bradbrook had been married to former Air Force Officer, John D Fisher ( In June 2012 the Cheltenham Quakers announced " .. a Meeting for Worship for Marriage between Gail Bradbrook and John Fisher, both of Nailsworth Meeting, to be held at Nailsworth Meeting House on 30 June .. " (

Wikipedia advises that " .. 

See also 

3)Although Gail Bradbrook's details have now been removed from the Citizen's Online web page they were archived in July 2018 on the Wayback Machine (

 3.1.2 Julian Roger Hallam 

Roger Hallam (53) is a researcher into social and political issues, not the physicalsciences required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates. He holds several directorships, including with Compassionate Revolution Limited (Jan. 2019 - see Radical Think Tank Ltd ( since its incorporation in 2016. That is a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a single member guarantor (£1), anthropologist and CACC-supporting environmental activist Annie Randall (25), of the Birmingham branch of Friends of the Earth (

Gail Bradbrook said that, following having her brain rewired by psychedelic drugs in Costa Rica (see 3.1.1) " .. When I arrived back to the UK I was introduced to Roger Hallam and together we began to create the movement that would become Extinction Rebellion. Roger is an academic who specialises in radical campaign design and at the end of our first meeting, which involved the sharing of lots of ideas, information and data, he joked that he had just given me 'the codes for social changes'. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up .. ".

His "Open Democracy" blog profile says " .. Roger Hallam is an activist and social entrepreneur. He is currently doing a PhD at Kings College on the design of digitally enhanced political resistance and empowerment strategies .. " ( He appears to believe that:
- " .. climate change is about race. .. ",
- " .. radical change will only come when radical parties accept that they need to give power back to the people .. ".

It is claimed that he recently said:
- " .. A hundred years of political sociology shows you can only change entrenched power through creating economic costs for the people who hold that entrenched power .. Through mass civil resistance, we’re going to create a new global regime that takes our responsibilities seriously towards the next generation .. " (

In her 13th April 2019 Mail-On-Sunday article "The middle-class zealots who'll make Monday a misery for millions with eco-activist group planning to bring chaos to Britain" reporter Holly Bancroft (who infiltrated the XR organisation) commented " .. The most prominent – and radical – of the XR leaders is failed organic farmer and PhD student Roger Hallam. After years in a succession of Left-wing groups, the 52-year-old says the 'name of the game' for XR is to 'bring down all the regimes in the world and replace them'. Hallam says paralysing traffic will eventually cause food shortages and trigger uprisings.
In a recent interview, he said XR protesters should be ready to cause disruption through personal 'sacrifice'. If necessary, they 'should be willing to die' ., " (

3.1.3 George William Blackmore Barda

Londoner George Barda (43) " .. was educated at £38,100-a-year Winchester College and works for Greenpeace .. " ( He earned a Master's degree in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from King's College ( For many years he has been involved in Greenpeace activism/street campaigning (

In a rabble-rousing opinion piece in the Guardian in February 2012 he described himself as " .. a peace campaigner and postgraduate student at Kings College London .. ". He went on to say " .. The fight for democracy can't be left to Occupy. This Occupy movement isn't only for heretics. We need a world where citizens and activists are the same .. We hope that history will show that the past four-and-a-half months – not just in London, but globally – have been a vital step in achieving the systemic and democratic change we all need to believe in. But you can't leave it to us, and people like us: it needs you .. " (

In 2015 he and Gail Bradbrook set up Compassionate Revolution, which morphed into Rising Up! (, spawning Extinction Rebellion. He has been a Director of Interfaith Alliance UK (05914374) since Sept. 2012. At Interfaith's  2014 National Meeting he said " ..  I think of myself as a Christian and a Buddhist .. " (

He has also Director of Compassionate Revolution Limited (09622618) since June 2015. George has declared his occupation as " .. Campaigner .. " ( and now " .. Greenpeace Sales Rep .. (

Following the Stroud launch of Compassionate Revolution in 2015 he commented " .. Social change has always involved periods of confrontation, when people are willing to undertake acts of civil disobedience .. " (

Maybe when Extinction Rebellion is just an unpleasant distant memory Goerge Barda, Roger Hallam, Gale Bradbrook and Stuart Basden will try to inspire a "religion rebellion" with the prime objective of  replacing the well-established different global religions with "Goddess" worship (see sub-section 3.1.21). They appear to be prepared to try anything in order to destroy our established economic and political systems.

3.1.4 Simon Bramwell 

According to a recent Daily Mail report, Gail Bradbrook's partner, bush-craft instructor and former builder Simon Bramwell (47) gave his " .. absolute apologies for the inconvenience caused but the future of our planet is at stake .. " (

In its 17 April 2019 article the Daily Mail reported that " .. Co-founder Simon Bramwell  .. was taken away in a police van on Monday after supergluing himself to the glass door .. " (

According to Rising Up! he is " .. straight, white mail, no formal education .. he's herded cats from here to Timbuktu, worked with the UN and such organisations as Earth First!, RTP, Embercombe and The Lightning Tree Collective amongst others. Eager to see regenerative and healthy emergence cultures implemented within social justice movements .. " (

" .. Simon Bramwell is a Pagan celebrant, a carer, and co founder of Rising Up!, a direct action network and the lightning tree project, a deep inquiry into what skills are needed to village build at the end of the world. He's also a member of the highly dubious Medicinal Order of the Hyena, an international covergence of revolutionary witch's. He's been a recovering hope addict for the past decade and remains smitten by grief, love and the absolute conviction that true change can only be wrought through direct action in both the inner and outer worlds. He's currently busy co creating the extinction rebellion, a non violent campaign for ecological and social change. He recognises that no lasting change will occur until the earth shakes with unacknowledged grief and the initiation it brings. .. " (,the%20end%20of%20the%20world. - see also Footnote 1).

In a 19th May 2017 article "Three Convicted After Obstructing Heathrow Entrance Tunnel" The Hillingdon Times reported that " .. three men were all sentenced at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on Thursday, 18 May having been found guilty two days earlier. They are Simon Bramwell, 45, of The Old Common, Chalford, Stroud, Daniel Keeler, 35 of Mutchett's Yard Watford and Stuart Basden, 34, of Briavels Grove, St Werburghs, Bristol  .. (

Here we have another leading Extinction Rebellion rabble-rouser and scaremongering CACC evangelist with apparently no relevant education. training or experience in any of the essential physical sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

Simon is another XR member who appears to have his hand in XR begging bowl getting those lovely Volunteers Living Expenses (see Section 5.1.2).


1) Simon Bramwell is not the only Pagan celebrant within the Extinction Rebellion organisation (see sub-sections 3.1.21 and 2.1.23).

3.1.5 Stuart Jeffrey Basden

Stuart Basden (36) says " .. I live to create diversity, openness and complexity in our beautiful universe, while resisting oppression and exploitation .. " (

Although there is a dearth of information about Stuart Basden's qualifications, in his article "Positive encounters that have helped me" he links to his 2007 thesis for a MA in Phylosophy/Theology from the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (

His LinkedIN profile mentions only that one qualification, his Masters. It does suggest that he developed his IT/Web skills (See Footnote 1 to this sub-section), applying them during 2005-8 while studying in Toronto (Theology, not science). He then volunteered for a year on organic farms in various European countries (perhaps that's how he teamed up with Extinction Rebellion's  inspirational co-founder and failed organic farmer Roger Hallam). Stuart Basden's LinkedIN profile suggests that he is still in Toronto, doing web-related work for several organisations ( see also the Basden family web-site set up by his father Andrew - see sub-section 3.1.24). On the other hand Stuart said on 12th February 2016 " .. When I left Toronto in November 2015 .. "

No evidence could be found of Stuart Basden having any competence in the physical sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2) relevant to an understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates. Despite that, he does frequently pontificate on the highly contentious CACC issue as though there was no uncertainty about a predicted global climate
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. if we continue our burgeoning use of fossil fuels.

In July/August 2012 Stuart Basden became Director of Operations for  the University of Toronto student group Toronto350 ( - see also Footnote 2 to this sub-section). " .. We are building a global, grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. We started in June 2012  .. We support youth action .. " ( He was President from September 2013 ( until the end of 2016.

In March 2014, as President of Toronto350, he handed over to the University's president a "fossil fuel divestment brief" (

He resigned from Toronto350 and moved to Bristol in January 2017, where he " .. quickly got involved with a group of people who were excited enough by the RisingUp mentality  ( 
NB: This was shortly after Gail Bradbrook's  return from Kosta Rica following her " .. brain being rewired .. " by psychedelic drugs (see sub-section 3.1.1).

Stuart Basden's support for the CACC fantasy is clearly demonstrated by the September 2013 report from Toronto350 "The Fossil Fuel Industry and the Case for Divestment" ( to which he contributed.

He claims to have been with XR from the beginning. " .. I was one of the 15 people in April 2018 who came together and made the collective decision to try to create the conditions that would initiate a rebellion. I was a coordinator of one of the original five working groups, and I’ve been organising with XR day-and-night since then (frugally living off my savings so I don’t have to work, having quit an industry that paid me £1000/week). And I’ve been in RisingUp (the organisation from which XR has emerged) since the first RisingUp action in November 2016. I’m a RisingUp Holding Group member, and a member of the XR Guardianship Team .. " ( and re-posted at

Note that the title of what XR called a " .. Thought provoking article .. " ( is "Extinction Rebellion isn't about the Climate"The article says that the  founders " .. came together and made the collective decision to try to create the conditions that would initiate a rebellion ..  the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system of that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life .. exacerbated when European ‘civilisation’ was spread around the globe through cruelty and violence .. As Europeans spread their toxicity around the world, they brought torture, genocide, carnage and suffering to the ends of the earth .. We need to cure the causes of the infection, not just alleviate the symptoms .. This article is .. a call to the XR community to never say we’re a climate movement. Because we’re not. We’re a Rebellion. And we’re rebelling to highlight and heal from the insanity that is leading to our extinction .. ".

In order to understand better the abnormal mindset of XR's founders and associates it is worthwhile reading the entirety of Stuart Basden's rant (archived at

Stuart's interest in theology and environmental issues was probably stimulated by his parents, both of whom are evangelical Christians (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section).


1) According to Stuart's father Andrew's family page at (last updated in 2014) Stuart was doing web design in Toronto.

2) Toronto350 is an affiliate of the international group - see!msg/toronto-350/HT2q6T-oRAY/KR0JY00SWVQJ). The initial meeting of the Toronto350 coven was in June 2012, involving Milan Ilnyckyj, Tamara Brownstone, Monica Resendes and others (!msg/toronto-350/HT2q6T-oRAY/-JG4_i7vESkJ). " .. We are building a global, grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. We started in June 2012  .. We support youth action .. " (

3) Stuart's father is covered in detail in sub-section 3.1.24. His mother Ruth Carol Angel Basden is a "Bible Walker" registered with the UK branch of the "Walk Through the Bible Ministries" organisation as a "Qualified Presenter" to teach children (

Stuart Basden's brother Dr. Alastair Graham Basden is employed by Durham University as technical manager for the COSMA High Performance Computing system. Alastair appears to be a staunch supporter of the CACC hypothesis, believing that " .. It would be good to see greater allowance for new wind turbines, and a ban on coal mining and fracking. We need to be doing all we can to counter climate change .. " ( 

It is noteworthy that Alastair's area of expertise is adaptive optics, not climate change processes and drivers.

3.1.6 Michael Dinesh

Michael Dinesh, another of those Extinction Rebellion members from Stroud is " .. a music teacher and Bhakti musician (singer of sacred songs and chants) .. "(

He has been a environmental extremist for decades and " .. In 1989/1990 I walked 60000 miles around the whole coastline of Britain raising money for Greenpeace .. chanting the mantra of Compassion, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ as I walked. Since then this theme has developed an increasing urgency.

In 1989 I .. walked alone. Today the enormity of the journey is such that I feel .. We need to walk together, joining our hearts and minds .. " (

That statement was included in his rant prior to the 2015 Climate Summit in Paris, when he posted a pledge on the Rising Up! blog " .. Calling for a Global law to protect Life on Earth (Ecocide Law) .. ". His pledge included " .. I commit to being an agent of change and call for Ecocide to be recognised as the 5th International Crime against Peace .. . The Crime of Ecocide would sit alongside the following international crimes:

1 The Crime of Genocide

2 Crimes Against Humanity

3 War Crimes

4 The Crime of Aggression

The Law of Ecocide would .. cover, for example:

- Large-scale land use that causes the direct destruction of habitats – as is the case with deforestation in most tropical rain forests

- Significant pollution – for example, excess greenhouse gases from the industrial activities of the top Carbon Majors

- Dangerous industrial activity where entire landscapes are destroyed – such as unconventional oil extraction .. ".

It appears that his appeal to others to sign his pledge hasn't enjoyed much support. The RisingUP! web-page (now frozen) shows that he attracted only 219 of his targeted 1000 petitioners. Even staunch environmental activists seem to shy away from this one.

This "Law of Ecocide" was the brainchild of Polly Higgins and Jojo Mehta (see sub-section 3.1.7).

3.1.7 Pauline Helène (Polly) Higgins and Jojo Mehta

Polly Higgins (Footnote 1) was another of those environmental activists from Stroud who was a member of Extinction Rebellion (see Footnote 2). She trained as a lawyer then became an environmental and climate change activist.

In 2008 Polly and Jojo initiated the call for the creation of that "5th International Crime against Peace" (see sub-section 3.1.6), their "Law of Ecocide" (

Polly also set up the "Trees have rights too" movement (see and

Jojo Mehta (45? - see Footnote 3) co-founded the Ecocide movement with Polly Higgins. Another XR supporter from Stroud, she has been an environmental activist for years and is director of a campaign called "Stop ecocide: change the law" (

Jojo, who was a close friend and colleague of Polly, appears to have taken the baton from her to push for that Law of Ecocide. She is reported to have said in July 2019 that " .. At the moment, the damage and destruction to our planet that continues day by day does so because it's permitted .. ".

The 19th July 2019 article "Stop Ecocide - Polly Higgins, the Extinction Rebellion boat" said " .. The boat has been named .. in honour of her memory and her important work .. will continue, with both legal and campaign teams co-ordinated by Jojo and with the support of thousands of ‘Earth Protectors’ signed up to a Trust Fund which will help small island nations amend the Rome Statute and bring the crime of ecocide under International Criminal Court jurisdiction .. " (

That article provides a link to the EcocideEarth web-site, inviting us to become an "earth protector" and begging for charitable donations towards the cause. It says " .. We are Ecological Defence Integrity, a small UK non-profit founded by legal pioneer Polly Higgins, working with a team of top international criminal lawyers and evidence experts. We are already preparing a test prosecution case against one of the world’s largest fossil fuel companies (Shell), and we are already working with Pacific small island (Great Ocean) states .. " (

A claimed benefit of registering as an "earth protector" is that " .. you are clearly stating that you believe that damage and destruction to the Earth and its inhabitants is a crime - and you will have a unique Trust Fund document in your name to show this, which carries legal weight. It can be used in court as primary evidence that you are not acting to cause harm but to prevent it:


The quote in "Oliver Twist" from Mr Bumble is relevant "If the law supposes that, the law is a ass - a idiot."

At the 23rd July 2019 9980 donors had registered. As poet and author Thomas Tusser said "A fool and his money are soon parted". Hopefully common sense will continue to prevail over environmental extremism and humans will continue to improve the environment for the benefit of humans, without unnecessarily harming lesser forms of life. Unfortunately, as can be recognised from the existence of organisations like the WWF (see Footnote 4 of this sub-section), FoE and Extinction Rebellion, logic and reason have a very hard struggle against emotion and blind faith, those sustaining forces of religions. (For more on blind faith see sub-section 3.1.24, Footnote 6)

Fortunately the plea for this ludicrous law and rights for trees has so far been rejected by lawmakers but the environmental extremists are not done yet.


1) Jojo Mehta and Gail Bradbrook paid tribute to her at the Findhorn Foundation’s Climate Change and Consciousness Conference in April (, They did so again recently on the Extinction Rebellion boat (named after Polly) that clutters the road outside the Royal Courts of Justice during the XR summer rabble-rousing event (

2) at 3.20+ mins). Polly maintained her support for the Compassionate Revolution/RisingUP!/Ectinction Rebellion organisation to the end.

3) These skills are of little use when trying to understand the complexity of the processes and drivers of the different global climates, which require competence in the physical sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

4)See the WWF's 2005 "Climate Chaos" CACC propaganda pack, designed for teachers to use in order to brainwash their vulnerable students - A good example of such brainwashing is Greta Thunberg (see Appendix A6.3)

3.1.8 Stephen Reid

In 2014 Stephen Reid founded The Psychedelic Society, which believes " .. that the conscious use of psychedelics can help create a more compassionate and joyful world .. " (

In his Psychedelic Societ profile he says " .. I'm Stephen Reid, born and raised in London. I attained an undergraduate degree in Physics at Oxford, and then a Masters in Complexity Sciences at Bristol.
I had funding to continue to PhD but at the last minute I dropped out and went to live in Strasbourg, France. After 4 months I returned to the UK and immersed myself in the world of climate activism with the Camp for Climate Action ('Climate Camp').
In October 2010, with friends from Climate Camp, I set up UK Uncut, an anti-austerity direct action group focusing on the issue of corporate tax dodging.
In 2011, I started working for the New Economics Foundation (NEF), a people-and-planet focused thinktank. There I co-founded the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON), a network bringing together campaigners, academics, activists, trade unionists, politicians and others working to bring about a new economic system.
In the summer of 2011 I had my first major drug experience with MDMA at Glastonbury Festival. A year later, I had my first psychedelic experience with 2C-B at Shambala Festival, which inspired a fascination with psychedelics.
In December 2012, I became the youngest ever board member of Greenpeace UK. In 2013 I left NEF and started working as a freelance digital consultant/developer for organisations including 38 Degrees, the Labour Party, the Green Party,, the Living Wage Foundation, Positive Money, SumOfUs, 10:10 and Brandalism.
In 2014, having just returned from Nowhere (the largest of the European Burning Man events), I founded the Psychedelic Society, which continues to be my main project.
Since 2017 I have been fascinated with metamodern/Teal thinking. In mid-2018, the Psychedelic Society started making the transition to becoming a Teal organisation .. " (

3.1.9 Robin Boardman-Pattison

Robin Boardman-Pattison (21), a former language student at Bristol University, is a co-founder of XR ( and one of its campaign organisers. On 31st October in Parliament Square he read XR's formal declaration of non-violent rebellion against the British government for " .. criminal inaction in the face of climate change catastrophe and ecological collapse .. " (see

He is best known for stomping out of a Sky News interview after being told by host Adam Boulton “ .. You are just a load of incompetent, middle class, self indulgent people who want to tell us how to live our lives. That's what you are .. “ (
During that interview he expressed the opinion that aeroplanes " .. should only be used in emergencies .. " ( yet apparently “ .. his Instagram tells a different story, showing him on luxurious foreign holidays awash with palm trees, ski slopes, and historic landmarks .. ” ( If that is correct then the word “hypocrisy” again springs to mind (see sub-section 3.1). 

In this futile fight against climate change he declared at Easter that “ .. For the Bank Holiday, we are .. turning our focus onto the aviation industry .. ”. This was a 
It would be interesting to know on what he spent the £935 in charitable donations that he had raised (

The sincerity of these demonstrators is hardly credible considering how they themselves travel (including Dame Emma Thompson, who had to fly 1000's of miles in order to join the XR demonstrations in Oxford Street - (see also

American Meteorologist Anthony Watts has an interesting article on Robin Boardman-Pattison ( which also makes mention of Roger Hallam. The numerous subsequent comments make interesting reading too.

3.1.10 Cathy Eastburn

Cathy Eastburn (51) of Lambeth, London is " .. a mother of two teenage girls, have a longstanding interest in environmental issues in particular the psychology of climate change,  and I work as a volunteer Legal Observer for the Green and Black Cross network, supporting protests and direct action in London. .." (

She is a Gamelan musician (Indonesian bronze percussion), singer, gong player and founder of the charity Good Vibrations, registered in 2008.

A graduate of Cambridge, " .. Cathy Eastburn started learning gamelan at London’s Southbank Centre in 1996 and quickly fell under the spell of this most engaging and communal form of musicSince 2002 she has been a member of the Southbank Gamelan Players and has studied in Surakarta, Central Java, with the eminent Javanese musicians Sukamso, Prasadiyanto, and Hartono. She has studied in the UK with Esther Wilds and in Indonesia with the famous Javanese singer Ni Muriah Budiarti.
Cathy is also the founder and director of Good Vibrations, a charity which runs gamelan projects in prisons as a way of helping prisoners to develop team-working and other vital life skills .. " (
She was struck by the transformative potential of this ..  and so decided to take it to some of the most marginalised people in the UK; prisoners .. Cathy delivered week-long gamelan pilots in HMP Brixton, HMP Glen Parva, HMP Wakefield, HMP The Wolds and HMP Nottingham .. 53 more prison gamelan projects .. " (

In April she had a different kind of experience of prison " .. Cathy was one of three activists who glued themselves to a DLR train in east London during the International Rebellion. But unlike hundreds of other arrestees, Cathy was denied bail and sent to prison .. " ( also - see also Footnote 1) of this sub-section.

What a shame that the courts didn't jail all of the arrestees!!

The Daily Express's 19th April 2019 report on the same event claimed that " .. She also founded Good Vibrations to teach current and former prisoners life skills through gamelan. A spokesman said Eastburn left Good Vibrations in 2014 'and no longer has an organisational connection with us. We wish her well, but these are her own private actions and views' .. Eastburn is a popular figure on the activist circuit and has been at numerous events led by Extinction Rebellion, the group causing mayhem across London .. " (


1) The other two infamous Extinction Rebellion supporters were Mark Ovland and Luke Watson - see 3.1.12 and 3.1.13). The three were imprisoned, accused of obstructing the railway as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests.


3.1.11 Yanai Postelnik

Buddhist priest  (54) Yanai Postelnik was " .. Born in Switzerland, of mixed European and Asian parentage, he grew up in New Zealand. Deeply concerned by what he saw around him, and in the world,  he became involved in activism as a teenager .. he left his home in 1988 .. and spent a few years travelling internationally as a way of exploring himself.
Yanai encountered the teachings of the Buddha and the practice of Insight Meditation while in Asia in 1989, and sat his first Insight Meditation retreat in 1990. It was clear to him that these practices offered something truly beneficial and powerfully transformative, and so he has been engaged in the study, practice and service of the Buddha’s teachings on a full time basis, ever since .. Yanai began teaching at Gaia House, in Devon, in 1992, and moved to the USA to be the Resident Teacher at Insight Meditation Society, in Barre, Massachusetts in 1995-1996. He then returned to England and has been based in Devon since then. He lives in Ashburton, with his wife and teaching partner, Catherine McGee .. " (

" .. He has practised and studied Insight Meditation and Buddhism since 1990 and has been teaching internationally for over 20 years. He is much inspired by the Thai forest tradition and the transformative power of the natural world. Yanai is a Core Faculty member of Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts .. (

He said of his involvement with Extinction Rebellion " .. “We face an undeclared emergency and I feel compelled by my conscience to stand up for our sacred, fragile planetary ecology, on behalf of our children and all living things who have no voice. I am called to risk my comfort, my privilege, and even my liberty, in responding to the ecological and spiritual devastation that confronts us, if we do not act together and act now, with courageous hearts .. ” (


This November many Dharma practitioners from the Gaia House community (including Yanai Postelnik, his wife, Rob Burbea, and Kirsten Kratz) participated in the Extinction Rebellion disruption in London. Yanai Postelnik was one of those arrested, along with other senior Dharma practitioners. (see


3.1.12 Mark Ovland

Trainee Buddhist teacher Mark Ovland (35) of Totness, Devon (a member of the Totnes Meditation Group) " .. is training to teach in the Insight Meditation tradition .. has been devoted to the Dharma, to study, service, and practice, since his mid-twenties. His passion and curiosity led him first to India, where he lived briefly as a monk of the Ramakrishna Order, and later to Devon .. He is socially and environmentally engaged, and in 2013 co-created the Dharma Action Network for Climate Engagement (DANCE) .. " ( and


3.1.13 Luke Watson

Luke Watson (29), of Manuden, Essex is one of the three Extinction Rebellion supporters (with Cathy Eastburn  and Mark Ovland - see 3.1.10 and 3.1.12) charged with obstructing trains or carriages on the railway by an unlawful act. He is understood to be a Philosophy student at Bristol University ().


3.1.14 Poh-Eng San

Poh-Eng San is a " .. Practitioner in Buqi healing and Plant Spirit Healing .. Contact Poh-Eng San at 07980 562 113 or 01453 297847 (

" .. As a young girl Poh Eng was known as Anna Kenrick .. " (


3.1.15 Joziet Khimba

Psychologist Joziet Khimba - aka Jo (Woolley)Khimba - is a " .. Counsellor with the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling .. " ( " .. I am also a certified Laughter Facilitator, and have started to run a laughter club in Stroud .. ". 


3.1.16 Andrew Medhurst

Andrew Medhurst (53) of Wandsworth' London says " .. I was a seasoned professional in financial services for over 30 years working for NEST Corporation, Smart Pension, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets and HSBC Group. In January 2019 I resigned from NEST because helping to build long term financial products for a world facing a climate and ecological catastrophe didn't seem like a productive use of my time .. "

He goes on to describe himself as a " .. a Rebel (Climate activist - XR Business, London Dev Team and Local Group Coordinator (Wandsworth) .. Mar 2019 .. present .. a full-time volunteer for XR, working out of their London Office near Regents Place (NW1). Coordinator and spokesperson for XR Business (launching w/c 22 April) .. and budget holder for the XR London Office. I am the coordinator for a local group which is growing our support base in the London Borough of Wandsworth .. ".

Andrew Medhurst " .. had taken a job in a government-backed workplace pension provider at the start of 2018 .. In November, he joined the Extinction Rebellion bridge-blocking protest at Waterloo .. in February Medhurdst gave up his job to join Extinction Rebellion where he helps manage the budget - provided by a mix of foundations, individuals, crowdfunding and corporate donations .. " (

In a Medium article explaining why he gave up his job at Nest in order to volunteer with XR, he pontificated about the predicted disaster claimed to be a result of our use of fossil fuels (the CACC fantasy). This former investment banker who decided the climate and ecological disaster demanded he volunteer full-time with Extinction Rebellion acknowledged that his understanding of climate change was less than expert ( From what he says in that article it appears that he has no expertise whatsoever about the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

Despite that apparent lack of expertise Andrew Medhurst seems to consider himself qualified to " .. deliver the XR talk "Heading for extinction (and what to do about it)" .. " ( " .. In his talk, Andrew aims to share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading .. " (

He is standing as a Climate and Ecological Emergency independent candidate for the European Elections on 23rd May.


3.1.17 Alison Green

Alison Green (50+) earned a PhD in Psychology from Aberdeen University. " .. Whilst in Aberdeen, I co-founded a small consultancy company and carried out work in the oil industry, which included a fascinating stint on an oil platform in the North Sea .. " ( After over a decade with the Open University she joined Arden University, Coventry as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic). After only 10 months she left to become " .. National Director (UK) at Scientists Warning, Chesterton, Cambridgeshire .. an experienced senior academic leader who swapped academia for environmental activism. I now work with Scientists Warning and I lead the Extinction Rebellion Academic partnership team .. " (

That impressive-sounding title on her LinkedIN page of " .. National Director (UK) 

The blog’s main purpose seems to be to repeat from other sources the doom-mongering news stories of ecological catastrophe. 

Of the 10 Advisory Board members (, only one appears to have qualifications, training and experience in the relevant physical sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2). The physical sciences are essential for an understanding of the inappropriately named “greenhouse effect” that underpins the CACC fantasy, which the climate hysteria that she supports is all about.

The areas of expertise of the members of the Board of Directors range from Psychology through IT, telecomunications devices and networks  “(

Alison supports the belief of that organisation's diverse range of members that " .. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with about 200 species becoming extinct each day .. we will not tolerate the failure of this or any other government to take robust and emergency action in respect of the worsening ecological crisis .. We therefore declare our support for Extinction Rebellion .. " (

" .. Dr Alison Green was one of the early members of the civil disobedience group making a stand on climate change .. " (

In her opinion " .. the system is the cause of the problem. Either we dismantle this edifice that we’ve built, or it’s going to crumble .. " (

She says " .. “ .. I have no formal background in environmental issues .. But .. I have taken the time to look properly at the evidence and have come to the clear conclusion that we are facing an imminent and potentially catastrophic climate emergency .. .. If you understand the science, and I would put myself in that category .. " ( It appears that she has none of the relevant scientific qualifications or experience that are required in order to understand the highly complex processes and drivers of the different global climates.

Alison Green believes that " .. Children should be taught about the connection between our way of life – including the economic and political factors – and the impact it has on the ecosystem .. the consequences of this way of life for us and the planet. Climate and Ecology should be taught as a discrete subject and embedded throughout the curriculum .. Lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and the Social Sciences need to be based on up-to-date evidence from reliable sources. While the curriculum needs to reflect the concerns raised in the IPCC reports, it must acknowledge that the IPCC, as a consensual body (including both scientists and politicians), has consistently underestimated the rate at which climate change is happening .. ” (
Note again that issue of " .. economic and political factors .. " - the real motivator for XR's founding members. As for her proposals for school curricula, replacing "taught" with "brainwashed" appears more appropriate. What children should be taught is real science and the value of scepticism and critical thinking (see sub-section 3.1.24, Footnote 7), not the politicised science that appears in the IPCC's Summary for Policy Makers (SPM).

In 2018 the ScientistsWarning organisation posted a scary letter claiming that “We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with about 200 species becoming extinct each day, say 94 signatories including Dr Alison Green” ( .. ".

In May 2019 Alison was challenged regarding the relevance of her area of expertise (Psychology) to the scientific issue of the processes and drivers of the different global climates. Her response included the claim that the letter was signed by some of the world's most distinguished climate scientists. She also appeared to think it worthwhile mentioning that ScientistsWarning was supported by James Hansen and ecologist William Ripple.

Of those 21 co-authors of the letter there are only two who have significance in the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) debate, Michael Mann (with his highly questionable hockey stick) and Stefan Rahmstorf (with his extreme concerns about sea levels - e.g. see Footnote 1 of this sub-section)!!!
With Alison, that's three of them who are hardly " .. some of the world's most distinguished climate scientists .. ". It would be interesting to hear which among the remainder Alison considers to fit the description “the world's most distinguished climate scientists”.

CACC sceptics are very aware of the contribution to the CACC debate made by James Hansen since his elevation from obscurity on 23rd June 1988 with the aid of Al Gore, Tim Worth and a sabotaged Senate air conditioning system (read and learn -
As for William Ripple, he's an ecologist specialising in wolves, including " .. how the far-reaching impacts of wolves are affecting the ecosystem in Yellowstone National Park .. " (


1) " .. Global sea levels were stable for about 3,000 years, said climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf, of the Potsdam Institute in Germany. It was in the 20th century that they started rising and then accelerated due to global warming caused by the greenhouse gas emissions through burning fuels like coal, oil and natural gas .. " (


3.1.18 Alanna Byrne

Alanna Byrne (30+) from West Byfleet is a Press Cordinator for XR. She earned a degree in English and Art History from Roehampton College in 2010 (

After graduating she spent several years in Toronto, Canada before moving on to South America. In 2015 she travelled to Peru, being Communications Manager with Seeds of Hope, the mission being " .. to support children living in extreme poverty in Huaráz, Perú .. " ( She also became a freelance writer with student travel provider Evolve Inc. (, " .. a writer and NGO coordinator .. in deepest, darkest Peru. Originally from London, UK, she has travelled from a young age and lived for two years in Toronto. She’s about to embark on more backpacking adventures, first across South America and then onto New Zealand and Australia ..  Follow her adventures here: .. " (

In 2016 Alanna Byrne became a Communications Officer with Project Cordillera, a " ..SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Promoting the Andes .. Having recently left Huaraz after almost a year there, I had already made my way across South America, New Zealand and Australia when I spoke with .. PC about helping out .. I can’t wait to visit again, hopefully on a Project Cordillera expedition! .. " (
Later in the year she added to her list of jobs the position Digital Communications Coordinator with a charity Action for Stammering Children (

The countries that she has lived in or visited are  " ..  Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States .. " (
Her profile on that blog says " .. I am .. currently making my way around the World .. ".

Her enjoyment of all of that global travelling and the numerous other benefits of a modern lifestyle must involve the consumption of lots and lots of fossil fuel. On the other hand, the disruptive action in London by Extinction Rebellion that she is supporting is supposed to be fighting against our burgeoning use of fossil fuels. Her job at XR and her "Rebellion for Life" action in London does make Alanna Byrne look somewhat hypocritical, like Dame Emma Thompson (see sub-section 3.1).


1) Alanna may also have used the alias Alannadunabyrne (e.g. see

3.1.19 Cecily Lane Bedner

Cecily Bedner (20) is a student of film, etc. (see Footnote 1) and is an enthusiastic Extinction Rebellion supporter. She said recently that " .. I'm currently working on: A crowdfunded experimental documentary on climate action in the UK .. documents people taking action in the UK against the climate emergency - here is some info about it: The targeted release date of the documentary is Autumn 2019.

Cecily said in her appeal for money that " .. there are groups of people who are gravely concerned for our future. Extinction Rebellion is one of the most prominent groups; surfacing in late 018 with marches, road blockages, and creative works to express their passion for preventing the future devastating impacts of climate change .. " (

Cecily advised in update 2 to that appeal that " .. With this funding, we're able to go to events leading up to April's Week of Rebellion, and capture some of the week itself. .. we're also able to dedicate some money .. so we can share the message with as many people as possible .. ". She concluded " .. We are a couple of very happy treehuggers .. " (showing a photo' of an enthusiastic tree-hugger.
NB: Cecily has been - and may still be - involved in fundraising for the "Tree by Tree" organisation (see sub-section 3.1.22).

In update #4 of that appeal she boasted about having attended the " .. XR Hackney Street Party - Sat 9th Feb 2019 .. and experienced such an incredible energy from everyone .. We spent the day talking to XR members old and new, including those who were getting involved for the first time. There were songs, debates, discussions, and loads of passion. Safe to say myself and my crew traveled home with weary eyes and aching backs, but also with a great feeling of energy, motivation, and excitement for future events .. ".

Cecily also said of that disruptive action (or "party" in her view) " .. What an amazing weekend of music and rebellion! Extinction Rebellion are making important things happen, and documenting the energy and voices of events like this is my favourite thing to do at the moment. If you haven’t already, you can find info on the documentary I’m directing at the link in my bio. Please donate to the project .. ".

In their 9th April call-to-arms and further appeal for charitable donations Cecily and Harley Sample begged " .. Our film needs your help one more time. This is the week it has all built up to. London will be rising up for our planet .. The rebels are gathering in the streets and are coming to stay for .. as long as it takes to be heard .. but unfortunately we don't have quite enough budget to stay in London .. for any longer than 3 DAYS. So we're reaching out one more time .. please support us however you can to keep us in London for the rebellion. We are desperate to stay .. DONATE here:

Cecily boasted on 20th April about being " .. at Oxford Circus, after my first 'lock in'. with my friends .. we chained our arms together in metal pipes to hold the site overnight .. unfortunately this was only to swarmed by police officers just as we were waking up .. Extinction Rebellion is very much alive and kicking and dancing in our streets - check out what we're doing and support if you can .. ".

In update #5 of that Gofundme appeal (on 21st June) she declared that " .. Extinction Rebellion's April occupation of the streets of London was incredible to experience .. it was also incredibly draining .. Tension and exhaustion built up over six days until the Saturday evening when I was arrested at Parliament Sq (Section 14 Public Order Act) .. and spent 19 hours at Belgravia Police Station .. but I was very happy that I was able to make this choice in aid of something that I feel passionate about .. ".

It is doubtful that many Londoners share Cecily's happy memory of the shameful disruptive actions promoted by Extinction Rebellion during early 2019. They'd likely have been desperate for the XR-supporting rabble to be dragged off to jail as quickly as possible. That action not only caused considerable unnecessary nuisance to London workers, visitors and residents but also diverted 1000s of policemen from more important law enforcement work.

According to a BBC article, this disgraceful and unruly action cost the Metropolitan Police about £7.5M (

Would not justice be better served if the Extinction Rebellion organisation and the 1100 anarchists who were arrested were made to pay the cost of their actions, which were an unnecessary drain on the Met's funds, provided by mainly hard working and law-abiding tax-payers.

What a shame that any supporters of XR who have donated funds to the "cause" haven't been charged with (or warned about) aiding and abetting the criminals who imposed such disruption on law-abiding citizens.


1) In May 2017, while at Plymouth College of Art, she and fellow student Rose Lovegrove entered a film-making competition "The Animation Challenge( Rose commented " .. This character in our animation is inspired by the determination and patience of my friends at Tree by Tree .. ".

For more on the Tree by Tree organisation see sub-section 3.1.22 Tino Rawnsley..

In 2019 Cecily and fellow student Harley Sample (see Sub-section 3.1.20) received the UCA Student Union's award for "Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability" (

3.1.20 Harley Sample

Harley Sample (20?) studies film production at Farnham University, Surrey, receiving the Student Union's 2019 award for "Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability" (see

She has worked with Cecily on at least one other project (
Harley's beliefs regarding climate change (and the CACC fantasy) are clearly illustrated by her Facebook entries (

She said in her 18
Cecily and myself are SO very lucky and greatful to announce that our GoFundMe has busted through our goal with a huge £1,055!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
This means we can now create the documentary with NO limitations and we are so excited to show you our film being released in late August/September time .. ”.

It is doubtful that many Londoners were as happy about that disruption (see sub-section 3.1.19, para. 9).

Harley appears to accept on face value all of the scaremongering propaganda from the usual UK sources. It is worthwhile looking critically (see sub-section 3.1.24, Footnote 7) at her unsubstantiated beliefs/predictions and recognising the biased nature of her sources, eg:
- the UK's BBC (see Andrew Montford's booklet "The Propaganda Bureau" exposing the BBC's climate reporting shenanigans and the March article "BBC Retract Fake IPPR Extreme Weather Claims"
- BBC nature program presenter David Attenborough (with his BA Natural Sciences after studying geology and zoology), who happily conflates the CACC issue with genuine environmental concerns such as biodiversity and waste mismanagement (e.g. plastics),
- Environmental campaigner and CACC scaremonger George Marshall (see Dr. Judith Curry's article "Why Climate Disasters Might Not Increase Concern About Climate Change" -

Once again we have another of XR's CACC evangelists without any apparent education, training or experience in those essential physical sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

To be updated

3.1.21 Avena Valentina Rawnsley

Avena Rawnsley (20?) has been studying literature, film and theatre at Essex University since October 2017. She is an environmental activist (see Footnote 1) and manages the "Environmental and Sustainability Society" which she started at the University in 2018 (

Avena is an enthusiastic member of Extinction Rebellion Colchester ( In May she posted on her "Oatly's Guide to Life" blog an extremely emotional article "Reasons to Rebel: A personal account of.civil disobedience" ( It talks about the change, love, courage, determination and grief that she experienced as a participant in Extinction Rebellion's disgraceful and illegal disruptive actions in April 2019 on London's streets, etc.

She describes XR's activities in Trafalgar Square and on Waterloo Bridge, in which she and her siblings (sister Silva and brother Kai, who were both arrested (see Footnote 1) had participated. Avena (who had elected to be a "nonarrestable") was possibly searching for sympathy when describing what she seems to perceive as unreasonable action of those hordes of horrible policemen and women (who were simply doing their job of enforcing the law to protect innocent Londoners from the XR-supporting rabble).

Avena describes joining the rabble in Oxford Circus where " .. my brave friends made the decision to join a lock on .. I was led to where the lock on tubes were kept .. a policeman .. was watching us. I gathered the metal tube into my arms and walked away .. my back firmly to the police, to hide the tube ..The rest of the tubes arrived .. and my friends slipped their hands through the chains and into the metal casings and they all locked together .. Even though the next afternoon Oxford Circus was officially lost, even though some of my friends were arrested after hours of holding the site, even though it felt like a loss, it was a success .. ".

A success no doubt for the rabble-rousing founders of XR, however, it is highly likely that many, if not most, of the Londoners who suffered from that disruption would feel the same about it as the man who " .. shouted abuse, apologising for it as he did so .. ".

One of those friends who was arrested at the lock-on could well have been Cecily Bedner (see sub-section 3.1.19).

It is interesting that Avena appeared impressed by the words of renowned American anarchist Noam Chomsky, quoting his “ .. The activists of Extinction Rebellion are leading the way in confronting this immense challenge, with courage and integrity, an achievement of historic significance that must be amplified with urgency .. " (Footnote 2). Changing "activists" to "anarchists"  says it all really!

Avena is also a member of the "Goddess" religious sect, Glastonbury Temple (see also sub-section 3.1.23 Katinka Elvira Soetens, sub-section 3.1.22 Tino (David) Rawnsley and Footnote 3,).


1) to describe XR's activities in Trafalgar Square and on Waterloo Bridge during April 2019. The Conference's "Welcome" document includes " .. Presentations from .. AVENA, GABRIELLE, INDRA, MARISA and; SILVA EXTINCTION REBELLION .. will share with you their thoughts about the way they experience their activism. A talk about fearless fire, fierce courage, love in action, sacred acts, sacrice, privilege and of solidarity with a call to arms to protect our sacred earth .. Avena Rawnsley is an environmental activist, sacred writer, story teller and nature lover. She is passionate about the earth, how we live on it and the stories we tell about it. She has been active in the goddess conference for many years, and she loves it .. Silva Rawnsley has been involved in the conference since 2001 when she was just six months old. Being brought up in a Goddess loving family, the Glastonbury Goddess Conference has been hugely important throughout Silva’s life. A performer, temple dancer, environmental activist and artist Silva is dedicated into the sisterhood of Rhiannon and last year was part of the moon maiden ceremonial group. In the past Silva has served as a Melissa, dancer, story teller and priestess within the conference. This year Silva will be speaking as part of an environmental call to stand, creating and moving ceremonial puppets and assisting with the Malisse team during and leading up to the conference .. "  ( - page 22 and 14). 

(Avena's brother Kai (18) is studying Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia and is another fan of appealing to the public for charitable donations - see  


3), The "Welcome" document for the Moon Goddess Conference in 2018 says " .. AVENA RAWNSLEY was raised in the Goddess tradition, learning about ceremony and sustainable living. She is a writer, artist, nature lover and student of the world. She attended her first Goddess Conference in Glastonbury at six years old and since then she has travelled extensively visiting alternative and Goddess based communities and broadening her skills and world view. She has co-organised seasonal ceremonies within the community of Glastonbury and abroad, participating in public ceremonies as well as private ones. In the 2014 Goddess Conference she contributed her art to an exhibition titled ‘Old woman through the eyes of young woman’ that held  a sacred gateway space for the death road. In 2017 she travelled to America and co-facilitated a creative writing journey workshop. Inviting people to study their inner landscape and express it in writing. She finds peace and connection when on the land and believes that respect for nature and care for all living beings is vital. This is her first Conference as a ceremonialist but Goddess and the Glastonbury conference are an integral part of her life. .. ".

The 2018 Goddess Conference was " .. Celebrating the great Moon Goddess in Her Maiden aspect, the 13 original Moon Maidens, 13 Maiden faces of the Moon Goddess and reclaiming Her radiance in the world .. " (

The 2019 Goddess Conference is " .. the second of a five-year cycle around the great wheel of life, which will recognise, honour and celebrate different Archetypical Elemental Goddesses. Our Conference themes in this cycle are: Moon Maiden, Sun Lover, Earth Mother, Star Queen and Otherworld Crone. In 2019, we celebrate the Sun Lover Goddess, and warmly welcome you to Her Great Solar Temple in Avalon. .. " (

See sub-section 3.1.23, Footnote 3 for information about the Conference's Pagan origins.

3.1.22 Tino (David) Rawnsley

Tino Rawnsley (61) is a keen supporter of Extinction Rebellion, frequently promoting its message on his Facebook page before he ceased using it in December 2018 (

(Daughter Silva - see sub-section 3.1.23 - dutifully responded “ .. Act now! We are out of time! .. ”).

He is a woodworker and woodsman who has worked as a forester, saw-miller and shipwright, running his company Rawnsley Woodland Products since 1996. Along with his partner Katinka Soetens (see sub-section 3.1.23) Tino has been associated with several companies (Footnote 1 to this sub-section). He was also a prominent member of the West Country Woodsmen network in 2005/6 (see Footnote 2 to this sub-section).

As well as running his woodworking company Tino operates a tree planting charity called "Tree by Tree" (see The "Tree by Tree" web-site was taken down by hackers in early 2019 but is being restored, although to date (19th Aug 2019) it says only " .. New website coming soon! We are an environmental and social charity whose aim is to plant trees and celebrate, creating diverse and lasting habitats for wildlife and humans. Support us via Golden Giving .. " ( with a link to their Goldengiving crowd-funding appeal for charitable donations (see 


Sea Blade Services Limited (03818493), 50 Fore Street, Bodmin, Cornwall was incorporated in August 1999 and dissolved in May 2001. Directors were David and Katinka



3.1.23 Katinka Elvira Soetens

Katinka Soetens (55) is apparently the partner of David (Tino) Rawnsley (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section and see sub-section 3.1.22) and mother of Avena (see sub-section 3.1.21), Silva and Kai Rawnsley.

For 13 years she has been a Director (Teacher) of The Glastonbury Goddess Temple (see Footnote 2 of this sub-section and 3 of sub-section 3.1.21 Avena Valentina Rawnsley).

The annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section) of 2019 was to " .. celebrate the Sun Lover Goddess, and warmly welcome you to Her Great Solar Temple .. on the sacred land of Avalon / Glastonbury .. ".

According to the "Welcome" to the 2018 conference, which was " .. Celebrating the great Moon Goddess in Her Maiden aspect .. Katinka Soetens is a Ceremonialist of the Goddess and co-organiser of the Goddess Conference, Priestess of Avalon and a Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon .. teaching empowerment through Goddess ceremonies, trainings and workshops to honour the spiral of life grounded in the indigenous spirituality of Avalon and the European lands. She runs the Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon training for the Magdalene Mystery School in the U.K. .. also teaches a year long men’s soul quest journey : Path of the Lover – Brotherhood of Rhiannon .. as Priestess, Katinka facilitates healing of the wounding between the masculine and feminine .. Katinka works with movement, shadow hunting, touch, breath, sound, intimacy, embodiment and meditation .. Particularly interested in the sacredness of love .. Katinka facilitates sacred intimacy as a Priestess and sexual healer. This year, she is particularly excited to be Goddess Ceremonialist with her two daughters Avena and Silva Rawnsley .. ".

Among the services that Katinka offers are " .. resources and freebies to let you enter into the mysteries of the Goddess and let you walk into Her path of Love .. " (Footnote 4 of this sub-section) . She even offers training courses for men " .. A Soul-quest into authentic masculinity and deep connection to both Goddess and Horned God .. " (

Katinka has significant control also at THE GODDESS CONFERENCE LLP which she runs with Maria Antonette Johanna Fransisca van Eupen  (
Since 2013 she has also been Director of Her Path of Love Limited, with Avena Rawnsley named as its Secretary (
(see Footnote 4 for more on these companies).


1) Rawnsley Woodland Products since 1996 along with partner Tino Rawnsley (see sub-section 3.1.22).

2) The Glastonbury Goddess Temple (05824913), 13 St. Edmunds Road, Glastonbury, Somerset, England, BA6 9HX, Director Appointed on 9 July 2006.

Nationality: Dutch. Country of residence: United Kingdom, Occupation: Teacher

3.1.24 Andrew Basden, etc.

IT specialist Andrew Basden (Footnote 1) is the father of Extinction Rebellion founding member Stuart Jeffrey Basden (sub- section 3.1.5).

Andrew is an evangelical Christian (see Footnote 2 of this sub-section) and an enthusiastic environmental activist (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section). He is also an active supporter of Extinction Rebellion and believer in the CACC hypothesis, clearly illustrated by:
- his participation in Extinction Rebellion’s demonstration in London,
- his comments about climate change/greenhouse gasses and 
-  the title of his 26th March 2011 talk to the Christian Ecology organisation on "Green Activism with Christ: Is spiritual regeneration needed for effective change?" (  Leeds, 26th March).

As a staunch supporter of the CACC hypothesis, Andrew was (is?) a founding member (with fellow evangelical Christians, Professors John Houghton, Bob Goudzwaard and Dr. John Lockwood) of the "Climate Change and Global Economics Group" ( CCGE group is covered in more detail in sub-section 3.2.1.

He has stated that " .. 
- I firmly believe we should spend our effort, resources and money on preserving and indeed revitalising the declining populations of other species, by curbing our destruction of their habitats, and re-installing those habitats .. we should take immediate, and sacrificial, action to immediately cease climate change emissions, to reverse the bad example we have set for the rest of the world .. 
200 million refugees are likely when climate change really gets going; what are we going to do with them?" .. 
Religion is important to most parts of the world outside Europe; we need a theology of climate change .. " (

In her May 2019 article on XR's disruptive and illegal activitieHollie Geraghtcommented " .. We also spoke to veteran activist Andrew Basden, 70, .. He’s been involved in environmental activism since 1980, but felt the Extinction Rebellion was creating a new phase in the climate change debate. “At last somebody is talking about climate change and environmental responsibility,” he said. “I’ve been waiting 30 years for this .. ” .. UNQUOTE (

It appears that since childhood Andrew may have been driven more by faith than facts. He was "converted" by an Assemly of God missionary when about 10 years old, developing " .. a number of deeply held beliefs, or rather perspectives or paradigms on things: Above all, and encompassing all else:
- that we should take God seriously and Put God at the centre of life,
- that the Bible is the unique communication from God, and if we want to get to know God then we must do so through the Bible,
- that what the Bible says applies to me personally, and that I must be careful to apply it - hypocrisy is out,
- The reality of and necessity for conversion - an event at a point in time where we allow God to come into our lives and save us and take control,
- the church visible contains both 'real' Christians (converted) and 'nominal' Christians - this is true of all denominations,
- God's people (the 'real' Christians) are distinct, and should be distinctive,
- God wants to save each person personally, God has no grandchildren,
- the applicability of the gospel to all peoples and cultures.
- the importance of going into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures
- And many more

Most of these have stayed deep within me all my life, though obviously refined through the years. However, I'm thankful to Calum Wilson for the foundation he helped to form in me. .. " (

He says " .. I'm one of the 1.7 billion people called 'Christians' - those who, at least in theory, model their lives and everything else on Jesus Christ. What brand? I'm what might be called evangelical, rather than liberal, fundamentalist or anglo-catholic, in outlook .. " ( but see Footnote 2 of this sub-section).

Recently expressed examples of those beliefs are that he said:

- in 2018 that " .. Jesus Christ .. is the one to whom I owe my entire life .. has shaped my whole life, character, personality, ideals, aims in life, and means .. is the meaning of my life .. my destiny: I believe that what I do here and now will 'translate' into the next life when I am with him in eternity; that is exciting, and it makes everything worthwhile .. " (

- in 2019 that " .. God wants his people to take the lead on climate and environmental responsibility ..Those who resist are working against God .. God is now allowing the natural world to unleash its fury on us so we change our attitude before it's too late (,

In 2020 " .. One important thing on my heart is to develop a compelling theology of environmental responsibility - see the article published in the Evangelical Alliance blog: .. I've been working with the UK Christian Academic Network .. " (
See Footnote 4 of this sub-section for more on the CAN.

More on Andrew, his religious views and journey is available in his "Writings on Christian Topics ( and but see Footnote 5 of this sub-section).

Despite his overwhelming faith in God, Christ and the Bible, Andrew does advise us in his article "Engaging with Secular Thought" Sub-section 4.2 that we should " .. Be critical: don't take things for granted .. don't accept uncritically .. expose assumptions and presuppositions  .. in a way that all in the field can be expected to agree with .. affirming not destructive .. " (". 

Any evidence that Andrew has followed his own advice regarding his religious faith appears to be non-existent (see Footnote 6 of this sub-section).

There are those who may find it hard to understand how claims such as the Bible is the Word of God or Jesus Christ was the only human son of God to be born of a woman passes any critical scrutiny (see Footnote 7 of this sub-section). Related texts can be found at .

Apart from the influence that his religious faith has had on Andrew, Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd appears to have had a significant influence. He discussed this in January 2020, pondering " .. whether Dooyeweerd was somewhat trapped in the Greek-Scholastic-Humanist wish to find humans 'superior' to the rest of creation, in a way I do not find Biblical .. With some surprise, however, I have found that most of Dooyeweerd's paths led me where I wanted to go, and needed little improvement .. " (see Footnote 8 of this sub-section).

Andrew was good enough to make time available from his very busy schedule to review some of this article, including this sub-section (subsequently updated). His comments can be found in Appendix A5.3.

For more general information about Andrew see .


1) Andrew is an "information technology educator" (
It is reasonable to expect all educators, no matter what their discipline, to encourage their students to apply critical thinking (see Footnote 7 of this sub-section) before forming opinions.

2) Andrew interprets his evangelism on one of his blogs (

3) As a member of the Green Party, Andrew was a local council candidate in 1987 for Edisbury, Cheshire, attracting 1.7% of the vote (

" .. my confusion was I was a member of the Green Party in the 1980’s, I still am actually [although I don’t like it]. I came across lots of different factions fighting against each other. There were the deep ecologists who emphasised species and so on, there were the green economists, there were the new agers and spirituality. There were people who were emphasising decentralisation, and so on, and I couldn’t understand what is sustainability. I wanted to understand what is sustainability .. " ( - see Footnote 4 for more on the Christian Academic Network).

4) Andrew is closely involved with the "Christian Academic Network" ( which declares " .. Our purpose is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through the academic community. We seek to encourage the integration of Christian faith into academic life and to support and equip University and College staff and those academics working in research as witnesses for Christ in their workplace.
We are convinced that:
- Each member of staff has been uniquely gifted, specially called and placed on their campus by God. 
- We are ambassadors for Christ in our own specialised mission field.
- The academic community is one of the most influential groups in the country. We draw the next generation of leaders from university graduates and therefore university staff are strategically placed for tremendous national influence and a worldwide impact for Christ.
- Every Christian in the university community has a role to play in bringing God back to the centre of our intellectual life through working in their academic discipline. Christian values and thinking can again permeate the academy and in turn society as the Christian world view is seen as sufficient and relevant to all of life in every discipline.
- In working with other Christians on campus, the academic community and the body of Christ, each with their part to play, can have a greater impact than working alone.
- A country-wide, cross-disciplinary network of Christian academics and staff brings encouragement, support, stimulation and a renewed sense of corporate vision and hope to the academic community and its work .. ".
The word "indoctrination" springs to mind, rather than what the academic industry should be dedicated to - "education" (see Footnote 7 of sub-section 3.1.24).

Taking into consideration that academic staff should be encouraging all of their students to apply critical thinking (see Footnote 7 of this sub-section) it would be interesting to know what proportion in the UK (and elsewhere) hold the same convictions as members of the CAN.

" .. Andrew .. is nervous about Christians developing a 'theology' of everything .. " ( but he is inclined towards a " .. Theology of Climate Change .. " (see para 4 of this sub-section).

5) Readers should note that Andrew acknowledges that the wording on his "Christian Writings" blog " ..  cannot be relied upon to express what the author(s) meant .. " ( He also declares that " .. You are not allowed to use the material in aggressive arguments .. with any hostile intent .. Any use of this material in such a way is deemed null and void. However, constructive questioning and critique is .. not considered hostile; indeed, it is welcomed .. " .
It is interesting that Andrew appears to believe that he has the authority to judge whether or not what others say has no value and is empty. On the other hand, at least he welcomes constructive criticism and will make time from his busy schedule to respond to it (e.g. see Appendix A5.3).

6) Critical thinkers will surely find highly unpalatable the article "Blind Faith" ( by the Christian apologetics ministry 'Answers in Genesis', which is dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively .. providing answers to questions about the Bible .. ". The history behind the evangelical organisation providing these "answers" is fascinating (

7) " .. Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness .. " (

8) " .. Dooyeweerd has encouraged my (academic) thinking to be much more interdisciplinary and open to new ideas ..I have been able to explore .. new ideas .. critically, because Dooyeweerd gives the basis for genuinely critical affirmation and enrichment. Dooyeweerd has been central to my career .. Dooyeweerd gave me a 'mission' in my academic life - .. clarified the mission that Christ gives me .. to bring Good and Joy into the world .. Since 2007 I have made Dooyeweerd .. the core of all I have taught .. because they are the ones that I find work better than any others .. It is interesting that some people have come to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord because I taught the application of Dooyeweerd .. " ( - for more on Steve Bishop see Footnote 9 of this sub-section).
For more information on the influence that Herman van Dooyeweerd has had on Andrew see .

9) " .. Steve Bishop lectures at City of Bristol College, Bristol, UK, and maintains the Reformational website www. He is a trustee of Thinking Faith Network .. " ( see also As well as being programme co-ordinator he lectures in Maths, Science and Sociology to further education students.
He provides an interesting overview of Andrew Basden's " .. 'LACE strategy' (listening, affirming, critiquing and enriching) .. " approach to Christian scholarship (

3.1.25 Farhana Yamin

Farhana Yamin (53) is a staunch environmentalist and XR supporter who believes that " .. Fossil fuels are the main drivers of the climate Crisis .. " ( At an XR press conference in March 2019 she declared “ .. We can’t just leave it to the COP, we can’t just leave it to the Climate Change Committee’s review of the UK’s long-term target to sort it out .. the entire system is out of kilter, out of touch, and it is certainly not working fast enough .. " (

She is " .. a lawyer who helped negotiate the Paris climate agreement and now coordinates XR’s International Solidarity Network .. " (

It is claimed that Farhana is " .. a leading international environmental lawyer .. Climate change lawyer and Extinction Rebellion activist .. with goal of social justice and zero emissions in line with 1.5 C .. " ( She certainly is active at an international level regarding the UN-inspired CACC issue (see Footnote 1).

She was prominent at Extinction Rebellion's March 2019 press conference in their temporary Euston HQ. At that conference she declared “ .. We can’t just leave it to the COP, we can’t just leave it to the Climate Change Committee’s review of the UK’s long-term target to sort it out .. the entire system is out of kilter, out of touch, and it is certainly not working fast enough .. " (

During XR’s April disruption in London this Internationally-renowned lawyer surprisingly declared that “ .. We’re having to break law rather than make law .. ” (

Blogger Iain Davis has a somewhat different take on this " .. As activists go, Farhana is exceptionally powerful .. played a part in drawing up the Paris Climate Agreement .. Greenpeace board trustee (Greenpeace being the wealthiest environmental pressure group on Earth,) .. advisor to the World Wildlife Fund and World Economic Forum .. a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change .. a lawyer not a scientist, but you don’t need to be a scientist to become one of the ‘world’s leading climate experts’ as far as the IPCC are concerned .. A woman of many talents .. the founder and CEO of Track0 who aim to assist governments, businesses, investors and philanthropists to transition towards a decarbonised global economy. Her company partners with the Rockefeller Foundation, among other globalist heavyweights .. " (

Footnote 2 takes a look at what her organisation Track0 is involved in. 

Farhana's profiles can be viewed at hotbeds of CACC alarmism, Chatham House ( and Climate Strategies at This shows her to have been closely involved with the Childrens' Investment Fund Foundation (an XR donor) and with the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton (as Research Fellow). 

There is an interesting piece on Farhana (and XR) in the article "A Climate Emergency Fit for a Parasitic Economy .. " (

(It appears that on the 30th April 2019 Yamin, Claire Farrell (see 3.1.29) and London actor/writer Sam Knights attended a meeting with Michael Gove, discussing CACC, citizens' assemblies, etc.)


1) " .. She has worked with the Children's Investment Fund Foundation from 2009 to 2012 leading on work relating to development of low emissions development strategies in developing countries and the development of progressive coalitions in the international negotiations. She was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex from 2003 to 2009 and published numerous books and articles on the climate/development nexus. She was Director of the Climate Change and Energy Programme of the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development from 1992 to 2002. She has been a Lead Author for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for three assessment reports and was Director of the Basic Project which brought together experts and government representatives from Brazil, South Africa, India and China for the very first time in 2004 to 2008 to discuss climate policy issues.
Ms Yamin has worked as a consultant to the European Commission from 1998-2002 providing advice on the EU Emissions Trading Directive. She was Special Adviser to Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action for 2012-2013, on issues relating to the international negotiations. She is a visiting professor at University College London, teaching international environmental law and climate change policy and an Associate Fellow at Chatham House .. " (

Farhana’s Track0 organisation actively supports the CACC fantasy and provides assistance to numerous organisations who are pushing for the UK to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions to net-zero. Track0 has some very powerful partners:
- The Rockerfeller Organisation “ .. By year-end 2016 assets were tallied at $4.1 billion (unchanged from 2015), with annual grants of $173 million.
- E3G (Third Generation Environmentalism) founded by Nick Mabey (ex-Greenpeace), Tom Burke, (ex-WWF) and John Ashton, (ex- Special Representative for Climate Change at the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office),
- numerous organisations supportive of the CACC fantasy.

In 2017 “ .. Track 0 and Climate International Network (CAN International), held a major side-event at COP23 ..The event launched a major new publication by Track 0 and CAN International called ‘“A Compendium of Solutions for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Staying Below 1.5 0 C’ .. “ ( For more on the CAN see sub-section 3.1.24, Footnote 4.

3.1.26 Robin Ellis-Cockcroft

Robin Ellis-Cockcroft (24) is an XR youth organiser who is " .. I'll be writing about lots of social justice issues, though mainly climate change, and sharing both my journey to become a full-time activist(

According to Robin " .. The world of today is breaking. We have built the modern world on the back of white supremacist, patriarchal and inequality-centric ideologies - it is a world of rampant racism, runaway climate change, massive gender inequity and falling living standards. My generation's future is on the line, it's time we stood up! .. ". ( The word "grew" rather than "stood" appears more appropriate.

His "What I am reading" page shows nothing about the physical sciences necessary for an understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates, which perhaps explains why he is so supportive of CACC scaremongering. 

Robin is another of the XR activists who comes from Stroud, in Gloucestershire. Perhaps there is something special in West-country water.

To be updated

3.1.27 Paolo Enoch

Paolo Enoch (62) is a translator.and XR activist.who was charged with criminal damage in Westminster (see 3.1). He appears to have achieved little else that is noteworthy.

3.1.28 Tiana Jacout

Tiana Jacout (32) of Bath, Somerset is another of those dedicated XR crusaders from the West Country with a keen interest in the spiritual. She is a five-element acupuncturist and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, having studied how to engage with Trauma and how to let it go. She co-founded the conscious movement camp at Burning Man ( Unsurprisingly it was founded in California, that hotbed of extremism, be it environmentalism, flower power or communal living (

Following a rather traumatic childhood Tiana traveled the world, spending time at an Indian ashram. Somewhat enlightened but still searching, she returned to the UK and attended the Hoffman Institute ( - see also Footnote 1 of this sub-section) and ended the 7-day process as a " .. transformed young woman .. She qualified in acupuncture and founded WomanFest .. " (Footnote 2 of this sub-section).

Tiana is a staunch XR and environmental activist and XR's festival organiser. She is considered to have been the “brains behind the bridges occupation”, i.e. the action in November of 2018 when thousands of XR members illegally disrupted the lives of law-abiding UK residents by blockading five bridges in central London .. " (

In January 2019 Tiana warned Glastonbury and other festival organisers " .. "Join us or you're going to be rebelled against .. There has to be civil disobedience if people won't accept the truth .. She urges activists to come to London on International Rebellion Day and to take two weeks off from April 15th, one week to be in the streets and the second in prison .. to deal with the urgency of climate breakdown .. " ( In the associated video of her talk she said " .. we are creating a separate, true, fundamental democracy .. " (around 19+ seconds).

She appears to have totally accepted the scare-mongering about CACC. When talking about Brexit in February 2019 at that XR press conference she said " .. It’s phenomenal that while your house is on fire, all the government can do is squabble about getting a slightly shittier trade deal with their closest allies .. People are squabbling over how food will get to England and not looking at the larger picture of whether there is food available to come to here in the first place .. ”. 

In the invitation to her 2019 WomanFest (see Footnote 2 to this sub-section) Tiana ranted " .. we need women in their full power, to take leadership into a new world .. 
I had the honour this year to be one of the co-ordinators of Extinction Rebellion .. we were not just blocking roads - we were using that space to occupy it with a vision of the world our hearts knew was possible .. we cried with each other as we were taken away one-by-one by the police. I remain so humbled by everyone who KEEPS SHOWING UP .. in the face of overwhelming adversity. In their own life, in the struggles for freedom and justice .. 
Woman Fest 2019 .. is a call to .. all those who wish to step into their power and purpose - to find your place in the new world we HAVE to build, for the sake of all living beings and for ourselves .. The rebellion is indigenous and female centred - it is not just about climate change - it is a reconnection to the world around us and a defiant NO to the ties that bind us to the old paradigm of Scarcity, division and control.
We reclaim our Sovereignty as Women .. " (

Despite appearing to have NO relevant education, training or experience in the physical sciences needed for any kind of understanding of the process and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2), Tiana is able to disprove the CACC fantasy after only a few minutes chat with Katherine Jordan. 

Tiana also said " .. I am happy to give up my freedom for the idea .. that others can see a better world .. " .. " XR members conspire to incite others to break the law and try to get imprisoned, however, there are other ways of giving up one's freedom, such as getting hooked into certain religions or cultures or even being certified 


1) The Hoffman Institute was founded in 1967 by Bob Hoffman, Californian tailor with no formal education or training in psychotherapy. Designed to help troubled individuals to identify the negative behaviours that developed during their childhood, the Hoffman Process is " .. a 7-day soul searching, healing retreat of transformation and development for people who feel stuck in one or more important areas of their life.
- Make peace with your past
- Release from negative behaviors
- Emotional healing and forgiveness
- Discovering your authentic self 
- Improved relationships .. "

Tiana Jacout, her three sisters (Lalie, Noemie and Chloe) and Mother Rikki have all undergone this process ( There are some interesting comments about them at

Tiana reveals some interesting information about herself in her Hoffman Institute article "My Journey Back to Earth". She admits to having been " .. a miserable child, and a worse teenager. The one your mother would shake her head at the mention of and tell you not to hang around with, muttering things like ‘bad influence’ and ‘will be found lying dead in a ditch somewhere’ .. ” ( goes on to say that she “ .. was adrift in a sea of adult hypocrisy and cycles of abuse, and all the drugs, sex and suicide attempts couldn’t numb me enough to avoid the monsters that chased me .. So I ran .. Country to country, job to job, .. And then, to my utter astonishment, I ran into something .. Miraculous .. an ashram in India .. I had found something real for the first time in my life, I had found peace. I stayed there .. for two years .. of unwavering and unimaginable bliss. I stopped talking to my father – the perceived root of all my troubles! .. ”.

Tiana then describes how " .. The cracks began to show slowly .. I was doing everything right! .. vegetarian, meditating .. practicing yoga, filling my mind with untold wisdom .. I felt so strong spiritually, and yet .. I still had the same inexplicable rage, self-doubt and self-sabotage in me. I still had my shadows .. The gap between my emotional self-awareness and my spiritual understanding had grown too wide to ignore, and I knew it needed to be addressed. So back to England I went, bound for the Hoffman Process .. ".

Describing that experience, she says " .. something extraordinary happens. I find choice. I learn that my actions are my own .. I find autonomy. I find compassion for the people that raised me and for the mistakes they made .. I find forgiveness .. I’ve discovered that the world is not as it is, but as I am .. ".

Next she describes what may well have sewn the seeds of WomanFest " .. Best of all I find my body .. with its cornucopia of feelings and passions and nuances. What had first been numbed by narcotics then disowned with philosophy came back to me. I rediscovered my connection to my womanness too, and the surprising, extraordinary and delightful gifts that had to give me, in connection to the feminine, to the Earth .. ".

Tiana then discloses her earth-shattering explanation of the cause of many global crises " .. A glaring consistency seems to be at the root of so many of our troubles; the disempowerment, oppression and even subjugation of the feminine. Climate change, violence, war, the opioid crisis, mass incarceration, industrialised animal farming – all can all be traced back to this in one way or another.
She appears to reject the notion that we would all be living happily together in a "Garden of Eden" if it hadn't been for the mischief of that first woman on Earth. She appears to prefer to put the blame on poor old Adam and his male lineage.

Her concluding statement is " .. one thing Hoffman taught me .. If you don’t like a culture, change it .. ".  That may explain her allegiance to the founding members of the XR/RU/CRLtd organisation. Remember their prime objective - to replace our well-established global political and economic systems with that wishy-washy "people power" alternative.

Perhaps Tiana would prefer the established global political and economic systems to be replaced by "women power". Many would scream "no thanks" to that!!. Maybe when Extinction Rebellion is just an unpleasant distant memory Roger Hallam will try to inspire a "religion rebellion" with the prime objective of  replacing the well-established different global religions with "Goddess" worship (see sub-section 3.1.21). He appears capable of such madness.

In Feb. 2015 Tiana revealed that " .. The Hoffman Process has blown open the doors to connecting and understanding people and what drives them. It has made me much more patient. I’ve become such a believer that everyone is fundamentally good, and trying their best; they just need a little sympathy and empathy. The phrase “Oh God, I think I’m turning into my mother” is something I hear all the time. What I think the Process can teach people is that .. If you are in full control of yourself, you can have more of an ‘opt in/opt out’ attitude to inheriting things from your ancestors. That attitude would create a world of present and self-possessed individuals. What a world that would be! .. " (

2) " .. an intention, a prayer .. a reimagining of an ancient women’s gathering where we come together, we step up for ourselves and each other, we learn, we share, we dance. We reconnect to and celebrate the Earth. We reimagine the world a little brighter and we heal. We burst out of our conditioning into our power; free, wild and mysterious – and a greater force for good than we could ever imagine .. " ( Shades of "Goddess" there (see sub-section 3.1.21 Avena Valentina Rawnsley, etc.).

Tiana is owner, sole director and secretary of Woman Fest UK Ltd. (, registered in April 2018 by Tiana and Katherine Jordan a year after they met ( Three months later Katherine handed her share to Tiana and resigned.

In that Watkins Books article Tiana said of WomanFest " .. " .. It came from our instant love of one another, that led to conversations about how we, as a global sisterhood are so fractured, so competitive .. ".
For more on the strange activities that go on at the Womanfest see the Mail article "Womb wisdom and Shamanic bee smoking... no, we've no clue either!" in which reporter Jan Moir " .. describes her gloriously bonkers weekend at Britain's first women only festival .. ". Jan tells us much more than simply that Tiana is " .. a five-element acupuncturist (based on Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) and an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner .. " (

3.1.29 Clare Farrell

When interviewed by the Guardian about being banned from that fashion show Clare said " .. “To exclude a designer who was both involved in the production of the line and working to bring attention to the climate and ecological crises .. is just unbelievable .. ".

It would be interesting to know to on what facts this fashion designer bases her belief that is a climate and ecological crisis - certainly  not scientific facts. It is highly unlikely that during her fashion course at Middlesex Clare studied any of the physical sciences that are contributing to improving our poor understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates. 

To be updated

3.1.30 Margaret Klein Salamon

XR's ‘fundraising director’ Margaret Klein Salamon (33 - also known as Margaret Salamon Klein) is a Clinical Psychologist (Footnote 1 of this subsection). She  describes herself as a ‘climate psychologist', a new discipline that perhaps she invented for herself. She claims to be " .. a human, attempting to live in climate truth .. " (, but appears to prefer CACC fantasy.

At the Sept. 2014 People's Climate March in New York City Margaret and reporter and climate activist Ezra Silk - subsection co-founded the US group The Climate Mobilisation (TCM - see and subsection 3.2.4). She has " .. worked from home for the past five years .. Before coronavirus, I was planning on continuing to do a fair amount of travel for  book promotion. I just got back in late February from a two-week trip to Australia. I find travel incredibly taxing - I’ve been gearing myself up, with a special toiletry bag and luggage, like, God this sucks, but you gotta do it for the planet .. " (

So, despite her claimed anxiety over our use of fossil fuels causing CACC she appears to have no qualms about frequently travelling around the USA and to the other side of the world. It is speculated that Margaret does not do those journeys on her push-bike!!

Margaret goes on to say " .. When I came to New York to pursue my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, the climate here started changing so fast, I could feel it — Hurricane Irene, then Hurricane Sandy .. ".

The TCM web-site scaremongers that " .. It's true: The climate crisis poses a terrifying threat .. we’re facing catastrophic breakdown of our climate .. it’s terrifying .. but we can restore a safe climate .. " as she advertises her book "Facing the Climate Emergency" (

In 2014 she and Ezra authored a detailed document 'The Case for Climate Mobilization' ( inciting WWII levels of action against climate change by constraining capitalism and reducing resource utilisation (See Footnote 1 of subsection

Possibly the most ludicrous part of their ranting is their proposed solution to this fantasised climate crisis/catastrophe/breakdown/emergency. They call for local and national governments to " .. Pass declarations of Climate Emergency with commitment to reach zero emissions and begin carbon drawdown at emergency speed (10 years or less) ..( mind boggles!!

In a 2015 article 'The Emergency Climate Movement' Margaret said that she had founded TCM (, making no mention of any co-founder. In that article she did make reference to Ezra Silk as her co-author of "The Case for Mobilization" (calling for WWII level action against CACC - but see Footnote 1 of sub-section Margaret also mentioned Philip Sutton and David Spratt (both discussed in subsection
- Philip as an advisor to TCM and 
- David as a source for the scientific case for mobilisarion.

That she and Ezra would be the "brains" behind the propaganda for a rabble-rousing organisation like TCM is hardly surprising, given their areas of interest and expertise (Margaret a "climate psychologist" and Ezra a " .. reporter and climate activist .. "( see also subsection Using David Spratt as a source of science about the processes and drivers of the different global climates appears rather like inviting a life-long vegan to comment on the taste of a beef steak.

Margaret is an advisor to the board of the Climate Emergency Fund ( by business entrepreneur Trevor Neilson (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section), documentary film-maker Rory Kennedy, and heiress Aileen Getty (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section). Not one of the CEF founders or 15 Directors/advisory team appears to have any education/training/experience in relevant scientific disciplines. 

“ .. Though she loved being a therapist, Margaret felt called to apply her psychological and anthropological knowledge to solving climate change .. " ( That could prove to be an insurmountable task for her unless and until she gets education/training/experience in the hard sciences required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates. Expertise in psychology can make no contribution to improving our limited understanding of those climate processes and drivers.   She will have to look beyond her co-founder Ezra (whose area of expertise is history!) and her team mates at the CEF (whose wide-ranging areas of expertise appear to exclude any relevant scientific discipline). 
More on Margaret is available here.

Margaret’s blog “The Climate Psychologist” ( replete with scaremongering propaganda about our burgeoning use of fossil fuels leading to imminent catastrophic changes to the different global climates. For example she claims that " .. Climate change threatens to end human civilization within this century, possibly within a few decades. While this might seem like an exaggeration or scare-tactic, it is actually a sober assessment .. Indeed, climate change is  already causing civilization to break down in some parts of the world .. " (
Knowing all of these things makes Margaret an ideal member of the Extinction Rebellion leadership.

Margaret goes on to use pseudo-scientific terminology to get her propaganda message across, i.e. that these changes are anthropogenic in origin, a.k.a. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC). Anyone with a basic understanding of relevant science should easily spot her dearth of expertise about the processes and drivers of the different global climates. As the "Basics" heading to this article says " .. Fear feeds on ignorance .. ". This is something of which any qualified psychologist should be well aware ( and Margaret cannot plead ignorance about this. In one of her numerous rants  she invites viewers to " .. Tune in for an inspiring episode about facing climate truths, welcoming fear, grief and other painful feelings, re-imagining your life story, understanding and entering emergency mode, and living as a climate warrior .. " - amen!).
She can also be seen promoting the CACC propaganda in this video (

It appears that her call to CACC evangelism began in 2013 or earlier, when she began talking about emotional responses to all of the scaremongering about our burgeoning use of fossil fuels causing apocalyptic changes to the different global climates. " ..  I will consider various emotional reactions that people may have, bearing in mind that most people will feel a shifting combination of these emotions in response to our changing climate .. Guilt .. Anger .. Fear .. Grief .. Apathy .. the only way that humanity has a fighting chance against the forces of climate change are to mobilize a massive collective effort, led by the government .. the most appropriate analogy to guide our response is .. World War II .. " 

In 2014 she was goading us with " .. Rising to the Challenge of Our Time, Together: Introducing the Climate Mobilization .. " (

By 2015 she was " .. Introducing the Emergency Climate Movement .. We are living in a state of planetary emergency. To have a chance of averting the collapse of civilization and the destruction of the natural world, we must mobilize our society on the scale of World War II to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions at wartime speed .. " (

In 2016 "Climate warrior" Margaret formulated a scaremongering CACC propaganda strategy that Steven Schneider (see Appendix A6.1) would have admired. She published "Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the climate Movement". She advised that " .. Because emergency mode is contagious, the best strategy is for climate activists and organisation to go into emergence mode themselves and communicate .. the fact ". as clearly and emphatically as possible .. " (

Having allowed time for the effects of her " .. Strategy for the climate Movement .. " to percolate global populations, in 2020 she published a book "Facing the Climate Emergency: How to transform yourself with Climate Truth" on how to deal with the mental trauma that such a strategy could reasonably be expected to cause in those who accept on face value whatever they are told rather than apply their own critical thinking - clever!!!

Fortunately she provides free access to the first chapter, only requiring to know your name and e-mail address. Like many of her notions about causes and impacts of climate change, this is virtually devoid of climate truth but brimming with emotional gobbledegook.

The goal of Margaret's scaremongering book " .. is not to make you feel less pain. Its goal is to make you .. face the pain of the climate and ecological emergency ..  so that you can initiate a process of transformation .. use our pain to effect tremendous change .. 
". She goes on to say " .. Before I started a climate advocacy organization, I was a young professional in New York City — a clinical psychologist working on a doctoral degree, preparing to enter private practice and start paying off my six-figure student debt. I wasn’t a climate denier, but I was willfully ignorant and disengaged. I avoided thinking or reading much about the climate because it made me feel terrified and helpless. I would read the first sentences of articles about global warming, say to myself, “Nope! I can’t do it,” close the article, and distract myself with something else. .. "

She describes her transformation following the Category 2 hurricane "Sandy" which hit New York in Oct. 2012. " .. I started to educate myself. I began to finish the articles that had previously overwhelmed me. I started to seek out books on the climate and ecological emergencies .. I left .. psychotherapy .. to found and direct .. The Climate Mobilization .. an organization that tells the truth about the climate emergency and advocates a WWII-scale transformation of our economy and society .. the first step towards transformation is to acknowledge climate truth .. ". Of course she makes no mention of the fact that Sandy was not the first devastating hurricane to hit New York, e.g 120 years earlier, before motor cars filled the roads or 'planes filled the sky the city was hit by a Category 1 storm (
She goes on to define her distorted notion of "climate truth" as " .. scientific consensus .. that a climate emergency and an ecologic crisis threaten everyone on this planet. Only an emergency mobilization of resources to rapidly transform our entire economy and society can protect us .. ".

Honest scientists acknowledge that consensus cannot be relied upon to disclose facts, only careful research into reality followed by the application of sound scientific principles in an attempt to develop models that properly describe the causes in order to reliably replicate past events and predict outcomes. This has not yet been achieved w.r.t. the different global climates

Margaret would be better off applying her own critical thinking to the CACC hypothesis rather than simply accepting on face value what comes out of a politicised consensus (see If she had done some research following her experience of hurricanes Irene and Sandy she would have found that " .. The Effects of Hurricane Irene in New York were the worst from a hurricane since Hurricane Agnes in 1972 .. " (see here).

She would also have found a long list of such weather events (not climate change) " .. Eighty-four tropical or subtropical cyclones have affected the state of New York since the 17th century .. The strongest of these storms was the 1938 New England hurricane, which struck Long Island as a Category 3  ( More recent ones were Cat. 2 Sandy in Oct. 2012, Irene in Aug. 2011 and Agnes in June 1972.

Before operating her mouth (or keyboard) Margaret really should engage brain and learn something about the topic that underpins her career change from Clinical Psychologist to CACC scaremonger.

The Climate Mobilization Project was founded in 2014, preceding Extinction Rebellion by 5 years. XR's mission (suspected to have been based upon Ezra Silk's 2016 'Victory Planis closely aligned with that of Margaret and Ezra''s "Climate Mobilization Project".  

Recall what Polly Higgins said "Gail describes movements as actions of the heart, not the intellect' (section 1.0, Footnote 1). It is hardly surprising that Gail is one of the nine CACC propagandists (including Bill McKibben) who praised Margaret's emotion-filled but science-free book "Facing the Climate Emergency: How to transform yourself with climate truth". Godmother of Extinction Rebellion, Gail Bradbrook commented "Healing ourselves, and the world. This work is not optional. Read it, use it, and rebel".

Young rabble-rousers Margaret and Ezra certainly know how to inspire a mob of mindless morons, but not those who think critically about issues rather than simply accepting on face value what others tell them. This begged the question of how influential were they (and of course's William Ernest McKibben, with his 2016 scaremongering nonsense "World at War" - on XR members Gail Bradbrook (see subsection 3.1.1, Roger Hallam (subsection 3.1.2) and fellow members in the founding of XR. 

According to Margaret's Climate Mobilization blog, Gail Bradbrook (the "GodMother" of Extinction Rebellion) acknowledged that “Margaret’s prescient writing and unflinching honesty helped to inform much of the psychological groundwork that underpins the work and philosophies of XR and the entire climate emergency movement.” (

One could reasonable expect that someone purporting to have such profound understanding of the CACC issue as Margaret does would be happy to enlighten less-knowledgeable individuals. She invites her blog readers to comment on her articles and in Sept. 2019 she was invited to engage in exchanges about her questionable support for the CACC hypothesis. She sanctioned its posting on her article "The Threat" ( but failed to take up the gauntlet by engaging in discussion. That comment also advised Margaret that it was proposed to give her a mention in this blog article. Subsequently this sub-section was added (updated frequently since).

In August 2020 further comments were submitted in response to her article on "Self Help for the Climate Emergency: Announcing my Book" ( At the same time she was advised of updates to this sub-section and invited to comment.

On 10th August 2020 an E-mail was sent to Margaret pointing out that those comments were still in moderation and asking for feedback on them and on this subsection. Her immediate response was " .. Please don't contact us again .. " !!! (see Appendix A5.4). It is reasonable to conclude that there is nothing here that Margaret considers might mislead anyone (there is no desire here to mislead, only to encourage others to apply critical thinking rather than accept on face value what they are told about CACC).

At 2020-08-27 only one of those recent comments, asking why my comments had not been published ( but getting no response from Margaret) had been published on her blog (see Appendix 5.4) but without . All others submitted remain in moderation, suggesting that either:
- Margaret is far too busy doing her "climate psychology" malarkey, or
- I'm being too impatient, or
- she has passed to another(s) responsibility for maintaining her blog and reading/moderating/responding to submitted comments, or 
- despite being prepared to expound profusely on a subject about which she appears to be totally without relevant education, training or experience, Margaret shies away from debating it or encouraging others to consider alternative opinions.


1) " .. Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, is a clinical psychologist turned climate warrior whose work helps people to face the deeply frightening, painful truths of climate change and transform their despair into effective action.
She is a founder and director of The Climate Mobilization and Climate Mobilization Project. Our mission is to initiate an emergency-speed, all-hands-on-deck mobilization to protect humanity and the natural world from climate catastrophe. We develop and pioneer the strongest and most aggressive policies and strategies for reversing climate breakdown. For example, our Climate Emergency campaign—with the help of our partners like Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise Movement—has sparked more than 1300 declarations of Climate Emergency by governments around the world representing 800 million people .. " (
She earned a BA in Social Anthropology from Harvard in 2008 then in 2014 a PhD in Clinical Psychology from The Gordon F Derner School of Psychology at Adelphi University, New York (

2) A Sept 2018 article "Climate Mobilization plea: Cities must declare emergency" quoted Margaret as saying QUOTE: .."If a city – if an elected government body – is willing to say we’re in a climate emergency and we need World War II-scale climate mobilization now .. that’s a huge shift.” .. UNQUOTE ( 
She is also quoted as saying " .. “What my psychology background has taught me is that telling the truth is at the core of change,”  .. ". It appears that what her psychology background has NOT taught her is that in order to know the TRUTH about the processes and drivers of the different global climates one has to have:
- relevant education, training and experience in the hard sciences,
- sound evidence.
Neither Margaret nor Ezra appear to have any of these.

One year later the New York Times published a relevant opinion piece concerning organisations such as XR and TCM invoking WWII-level reaction (see Footnote 4 of this subsection) to the fantacised future predicted by supporters of the CACC hypothesis. Following a brief mention of CACC scaremongers including Gore, Salamon/Klein, Silk, McKibben and Ocasio-Cortez "Climate Change is not World War ..  ( says " .. much of this rhetoric involves little or no understanding of what national mobilization actually meant for Americans living through World War II. As a result, the sacrifices and struggles of the 1940s have begun to seem like a romantic story of collective heroism, when they were in fact a time of rage, fear, grief and social disorder. Countless Americans experienced firsthand the terror and excitement of mortal violence, and nearly everyone saw himself caught up in an existential struggle for the future of the planet. .. ".

Like most supporters of the CACC hypotheisis, Salamon and Silk have no experience whatever of the global horrors that were inflicted leading up to, during and following WWII. The only experience that they have is of the cossetted life of most who were lucky enough to be born two generations later and brought up in economically developed countries, with all of the attendant benefits. 
It appears that Aileen Getty (an heiress to the Getty fortune - made from investments in fossil fuels) has given significant financial support to the CEF which in turn makes donations to Extinction Rebellion coffers ( More on Aileen can be found at

To be updated

3.1.31 Sibi Moore

In Nov. 2016 Sibi Moore (24) was charged with wilfull obstruction of the highway, along with Simon Bramwell, Ian Bray and 13 other law-breakers, who sat in the road to block access to Heathrow airport (

Those others charged were Isabelle Anderson (33) of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, Graham Lewis (56) of Wells, Somerset, Thomas Harford (29), of Bristol, Madeleine Allis-Petersen (27) of Ealing, Margaret Charnley (70) of Bristol, Antoine Thalmann (28) of Oxford, Henry Owen (26) of Oxford, Ian Bray (49) of Kirklees, West Yorkshire, Joanne Louise Bodimeade (28) of Lambeth, Alexis Delage (28), of Lewisham, Sophia Lysaczanko (31) of Haringey in London, Tom Venner-Woodcock (32) of Southwark and Tess Lotter (33) of Camden.

To be updated

3.1.32 Sarah Lunnon 

Sarah Lunnon (54) is another of those active Extinction Rebellion supporters from Stroud (see Footnote 1) and is a member of its Political Strategy Team. She was a social worker for Gloucester County Council and has been an active Green local politician for years (see Footnote 2),

In the run up to the 2017 election she said " .. I’d like to move our energy supplies towards zero carbon energy, so basing our whole economy and energy on a zero carbon basis. The most important issue is protecting our natural world .. " (

Sarah has possibly accepted on good faith the propaganda promoted by supporters of the unfounded CACC fantasy (see Footnote 3). Alternatively, she is simply playing politics and jumped on the CACC bandwagon in order to promote her Green agenda (at the expense of the most important form of life on Earth - HUMANS). Her areas of expertise are social work and politics, not the physical sciences necessary for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates.


1) Both Sarah Lunnon and Gail Bradbrook are friends of the Green MEP for SouthWest England, Molly Scott Cato (see sub-section 3.1.37), another active supporter of the CACC hypothesis.

2) Sarah Lunnon was a Green party councillor for years (Stroud  District Council since at least 2005 and Stroud County Council since 2009. She stood as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Stroud in the May 2015 and June 2017 general elections, attracting just over 2% of the total votes in 2017 (just ahead of UKIP).

3)“ .. A prominent member of the Stoud-based environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion has called .. announcement for zero UK carbon emissions by 2050 ‘too late’.
Sarah Lunnon .. said that .. proposals were .. welcomed .. we've really got to ratchet it up .. The commitment that the government has made gives us a 50/50 chance to limited temperature rise to 1.5 degrees .. You wouldn't put your children in a car if it had a 50/50 chance of getting to the destination .. It's simply immoral and it's condemning our children to a bleak future .. We should have done this 30 years ago. We've squandered our carbon budget and 30 years is too late to head for zero carbon .. Scientists have warned that a two degree temperature rise would signal a 'point of no return' and the world would face 'catastrophic' environmental changes as a result.
.. We have to aim .. for zero carbon by 2025 .. through the means of a 'Citizens Assembly' - where we ask the people to determine how we would do it .. There's been a remarkable transformation in public opinion since the school strikes, since the April rebellion
Once again we have an XR member expressing a plethora of emotive propaganda without a hint of scientific understanding.

To be updated

3.1.33 Skeena Finebaum-Rathor

Skeena Rathor (42) is a Labour councillor with Stroud District Council and member of the Extinction Rebellion Political Strategy/Visioning Team and “ .. Vision Coordinator for the Extinction Rebellion International movement .. She is on a mission to bring kindness, ethics and honesty to politics .. ” ( - see Footnote 1).

Although she currently lives in Stroud her home town is London where, in April 2019 she was one of four XR extremist Labour party members who glued themselves to Jeremy Corbyn's garden fence (
Before venturing into politics and moving to Stroud, Keena qualified as a pilates instructor when she was 24 and taught in Wimbledon. SHe reveals a lot about herself in her "RisingUP!  Pledge" (

On 27th July 2019 at the Womad festival (see Footnote 2 to sub-section 3.1.38) in Marlmesbury, Wilts XR made another exhibition of itself. Contributing to the farce, Skeena opined that " .. Solving the Climate and Ecological Crisis is the greatest and most complex challenge that we have ever faced, and we need to work together in order to do so .. " (

So, here's another of those XR supporters enthusiastically promoting the CACC propaganda without having any expertise in the physical sciences relevant to understanding anything about the processes and drivers of the different global climates - but having a plethora of expertise in things emotional.


1) Skeena sees the Extinction Rebellion Visioning Group’s role as finding ways to bring people together, breaking down the “them” and “us” and finding a way to the “heart” of rebellion and a new evolutionary politics .. ” (

To be updated

3.1.34 Savannah Lovelock

Savannah Lovelock (19) studied performing arts and dance at Carmarthenshire College, Llanelli from 2014-18 then dance and choreography at Falmouth University (for a BA), dropping out after less than one year (see Footnote 1). She is now an Extinction Rebellion Youth coordinator and Manager of its South-West Britain coven.

Savannah participated in XR's illegal disruption in April 2019 at Marble Arch. During that rabble-rousing event she declared that " .. I'm dropping out of university for this because there is nothing is more important than this .. " (

At the April Heathrow disruption she moaned that " ..  “We are consistently being punched in the face by the truth, but nobody is doing anything .. ” (


1) It is noteworthy that Savannah still claims to be studying at Falmouth University ( but was recently seeking accommodation in Bristol for herself and 6 or 7 other XR youth coordinators. Presumably she needs a base there for her role as Manager of Extinction Rebellion South-West Britain. Likely she is another of those recipients of those Volunteer Living Expenses, etc. from the Bank of RisingUP!

It appears that Savannah considered that joining the extremist organisation Extinction Rebellion was a more attractive proposition than a future career in performing art and dance. That would have involved the hard work of completing another two+ years of study at University then struggling to find work in a highly competitive environment. Perhaps the founding members of XR/RisingUP!/Compassionate Revolution Ltd. made her an offer that she couldn't resist. 

To be updated

3.1.35 Dave Nicks

Dave Nicks (60?) is a member of the Compassionate Revolution organisation's finance team " .. For financial queries contact Dave Nicks (email address) .. " (, having been associated with XR’s parent organisation Compassionate Revolution Ltd. since shortly after its incorporation. He appears to be the nominated contact for anyone wanting further information about the Compassionate Revolution organisation and its subsidiaries RisingUP and Extinction Rebellion.

Dave is a trustee of the "Slough And District Community Fund" a registered charity which aims to provide " .. the relief of persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and who are living in and around the Borough of Slough .. " (up Slough 

To be updated

3.1.36 Liam Geary Baulch

Liam Geary Baulch (25?) of Lewisham is Creative Actions Coordinator at Extinction Rebellion (

He earned a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2015 and has been a political activist for years.

Here's a sample of Liam's wise pronouncements " .. we have been talking to people about the real science that we’re seeing now, not in an alarmist way, but in a realistic way. We are now facing what could be the next mass extinction. We’re already grieving over the lives lost, both human and otherwise, to climate change. And we’re seeing and talking to people about the fact that we might now be facing human extinction. And so we’re asking people to face that grief and feel that emotional response to this crisis, what we’re calling an emergency crisis—we want to shift the language to that emergency crisis—and to respond to that and move through that into action .. " (

Liam seems to think that science can be seen when in fact it needs to be understood. That is something that he will almost certainly find very difficult until he studies and understands physical scientific disciplines (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2)

Once again we have an XR spokesperson uttering not a word of science (because it is beyond his ken?) but a plethora of emotive nonsense.

Once again we have someone spouting support for the CACC fantasy about our burgeoning use of fossil fuels powering a charge towards climate catastrophe. On the other hand he apparently traveled thousands of miles to Poland in the process and has traveled extensively in the UK and overseas.  I doubt that he walked or cycled to any of those places.

He appears to be one of those volunteers who have received living expenses and other payments from the Rising Up bank account – quite considerable amounts at times, e.g. £800 in May 2019, £1290 in April, £800 in Feb, £800 in Jan. £4400 in Nov. £1250 in Oct. (
Nice work if you can get it! Perhaps Dave Nicks will shed some light on what those payments were for.

To be updated

3.1.37 Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato is a Green MEP representing the South West of England and Gibraltar who considers " .. the dubious forces behind the Brexit campaign – an alliance of far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax-dodging foreign billionaires and specialists in voter manipulation .. " ( She is an XR supporter who " .. pledged to swap lawmaking for lawbreaking in defence of the planet when and where necessary .. ". (

".. She says stopping flying, or cutting back on flights considerably, is the ‘most important single thing we can do individually to protect our climate .. " (" .. extreme weather patterns and events are now becoming the new norm, not just here but across the globe, driven by climate change .. " (

Molly frequently rants on like this yet her area of expertise is economics, not in the physical sciences required for any understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates. It appears that she hasn't a clue what she is talking about when pontificating on CACC - typical of politicians.

To be updated

3.1.38 Chris Smith

Chris Smith (56/7) runs Extinction Rebellion Kingston (Footnote 1 of this sub-section) but is best known as the director of the WOMAD festival ( On 27th July 2019 he allowed Extinction Rebellion to hold a "Celebration of Life" on one of the stages " .. culminating in a Rebel Roar of defiance in defence of the planet .. " (

Ahead of the event he declared that “ .. It’s exciting that our two organisations will be able to come together this weekend to both celebrate the global cultures that form the core of our humanity, and inspire people to act to help preserve our species, our planet, and with them the global music art and culture we’re celebrating this weekend .. ”.

Despite this enthusiasm for supporting XR in its use of CACC propaganda to further its anarchistic objectives, Chris exhibits no expertise in the physical sciences necessary for even a basic understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates. Never mind - he does organise a very fine annual WOMAD festival.


1) One Chris Smith was responsible for organising a very emotional petition for submission to Kingston upon Thames Council. His "Declare a Climate Emergency" petition inspired 31 people out of a local population of 175,000!! So, does that mean that less that 0.02% of the Kingston population (and extrapolating - the whole of the UK?) believe that our burgeoning use of fossil fuels will lead to a climate catastrophe - let's hope so.

His petition read " .. Declare a Climate Emergency. We the undersigned petition the council to Immediately and publicly declare a state of Climate Emergency in line with the demands laid out below.

The air is becoming unbreathable. The oceans are acidifying. The ice is melting. The temperatures and seas are rising. Wildlife is dying and ecosystems are collapsing. Climate forecasts are now truly horrific, we are already witnessing the 6th mass extinction. Unless radical action is taken without delay we are dooming ourselves, our children and all other species on this planet to a terrible fate beyond imagination.

As local residents and active supporters of Extinction Rebellion Kingston, we therefore demand that you:
- Immediately and publicly declare a Climate Emergency.
- Commit to going carbon neutral by 2025. This would be consistent with the world keeping within 1.5 degrees warming limit as committed to in the Paris Climate Agreement,  thereby securing our children's futures along with most remaining natural habitats and ecosystems.
- Publish the Council's new Climate strategy as soon as possible as well as a binding deadline for doing so.
- Publish content on the Council's website outlining its Climate Strategy and carbon reduction commitments, along with suitable carbon reduction information, advice and support for residents. This must be inline with meeting the 2025 deadline as outlined above.
- Agree to a timetable for reporting publicly the progress being made on the commitments made in the new Climate Strategy.
Extinction Rebellion aims to raise awareness about this urgent crisis, spurring ordinary people to do whatever they can to help address this issue. As councillors you have a responsibility to do the same! .. " (

Plenty of emotion there but not a bit of science to back up those terrifying claims.

Of course, there are lots of Chris Smiths around, even in Kingston, so that petition may not have been instigated by the WOMAD one.

To be updated

3.1.39 Jenny and Derek Langley

Jenny and Derek Langley (both 65) are enthusiastic supporters of XR, running regular Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) courses taking between 3 and 6 hours each, often several times a week. These can be in their home area of Cambridge or beyond. " .. They prepare people for what to expect when they get arrested, how to treat the police, politicians and motorists with respect, and how to de-escalate angry situations .. As well as travelling to London for demonstrations in the capital, we organise smaller local actions in and around Cambridge, such as blockading petrol stations and swarming — holding up traffic at the lights .. " (

Derek appears to be proud of the fact that he has been arrested twice " .. once on the street and once for putting graffiti on the wall of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs with blue paint .. ".

He also appears to be proud that they do their best to minimise their "carbon footprint", including recycling aluminium cans that others have cast aside in the street. " .. Eight aluminium cans have the same carbon footprint as a loaf of bread .. " - would you believe it!!! - " .. which is why we volunteer our time — it’s for our grandchildren’s future .. ".
Jenny and Derek both fully support the CACC fantasy, saying " .. We .. have been aware of the science behind climate change since evidence started emerging in the late 1970s and 1980s .. " and the Times article misleadingly suggests that both are scientists.
Decades ago Derek did earn a degree in Theoretical Physics, then spent 15 years working on Computer Aided Design. In 1991 he chose to focus on his beloved hobby, photography and a crafts/publishing business (

Jenny earned a degree in Chemistry decades ago (

Jenny actively supports the Cambridge Carbon Front, a small local charity trying to " .. Promote public engagement with the problem of climate change .. ".
Jenny believes that " ..  The science is so convincing; the planet is in terrible trouble .. beautiful countryside .. birds and animals and all that is threatened .. " (

3.1.40 Mina Jaff

Poet Mina Jaff (22) studied English Literature at Leeds University,. She is a member of of Extinction Rebellion’s International Solidarity Network and its Northern Coordinator (

She was one of eight youngsters charged in November 2018 with willfully obstructing the highway in Manchester (

To be updated

3.1.41 Ronan McNern

Ronan McNern (43/4), is a Media and Messaging Coordinator for XR, one of those privileged "volunteers" who get paid "living expenses" (£8500 from Nov 18 to May 19 - see sub-section 5.1.2). He has been an activist for many years, having been a press officer and spokesman in 2011/12 with Occupy London, the copy-cat movement following the lead of the USA's Occupy Wall Street. 
" .. 'We’re the beginning of something' said Ronan McNern, a member of U.K. rights group Queer Resistance who has a background in public relations. 'People are not stakeholders in democracy, in the workings of the nation anymore. This [movement] gives a lot of hope for the future' .. ” (

During XR's  London disruption in Nov 2018 " .. Ronan McNern .. said the plan was to cause major disruption with a number of small teams .. moving around London. ' .. The lights go red. They go into and sit down in the road, wait seven minutes .. Come off .. let the angry drivers at the front go, then the light goes red and you go on again. This is about causing economic disruption by slowing things down, bringing things to a gridlock. This is an experiment, really. I think that’s the most important word.' .. " (


To be updated

3.1.42 Dr. Emily Spry 

Medical doctor Emily Spry of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine is a CACC evangelist who appears to believe that " .. we have 12 years to limit the coming climate catastrophe .. more extreme weather events, sea rises, food shortages, mass extinctions and large areas of our planet becoming literally uninhabitable .. there is a tipping point, where feedback loops .. kick in and cannot be stopped by reducing fossil fuel use.  In other words, not just polar bear extinction but human extinction is very much on the table .. when my eldest daughter turns 18, it will already be too late to limit the worst of the climate catastrophe.  By that point, human extinction may already be inevitable .. " (see

This is the theme of the presentation that she and Dr. Kate Jeffery give on behalf of XR - see

See also sub-section 6.2 "XR ST Albans"

3.1.43 Dr. Catherine Jane Jeffery

Professor Kate Jeffery (57?) works at the Department of Psychology and Language Sciences, University College London). She " .. is the director of the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL. Her focus is on the “cognitive map”, which underlies our sense of direction and sense of place. This map is also used to organise memories of life experiences. She studies neurons and behaviour to understand how we use our brains to navigate complex environments .. " (

Dr. Jeffery originates from New Zealand where she earned her under and post graduate degrees in Medicine before earning her PhD from Edinburgh University in 1993. She has spent the last 32 years in the UK (see 

She is a significant member of the XR organisation, presenting its "Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)" (see Appendix A1) with fellow medical doctor Emily Spry (sub-section 1.3.42). 

Like most other significant XR members (and its followers), Dr. Jeffery appears to lack the relevant education, experience or expertise required for any kind of understanding of the highly complex issue of the processes and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2), Regardless, she (like the others) is happy to function as a CACC evangelists and demonise that essential life-supporting substance carbon dioxide..

3.1.44 Victoria Katherine Mistry  

Environmental/Sustainability consultant and CACC evangelist Vicki Mistry (45) is a member of XR's Chesham Branch (see sub-section 6.1 ) She appears to believe that " .. There is a climate emergency .. We only have 12 years to limit climate catastrophe .. It is likely we will see global mass starvation in my lifetime and that is only the tip of the iceberg .. " (

At the end of that “A reluctant rebel – an urgent cause” call-to-arms Vicky gives 11 references to the work of others, such as:
- David Attenborough, broadcaster and natural historian,
- Paul Erlich specialist in the structure, dynamics, and genetics of natural butterfly populations,
- Ban Ki-moon and Antonio Guterres, politicians/diplomats, etc.
but NOT ONE to any publication relating to sound science about the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

As for many XR members and other CACC supporters, Vicky appears to have inadequate education/training/experience required for any understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).     

Her background gives a hint as to why she is so supportive of the CACC fantasy and considered it worthwhile getting involved with an organisation like XR. She has been a "sustainabilty" consultant for years. Vicky and her partner Naresh Ratilal Mistry own the Sustainability and IT Project Management consultancy Springfield Partners Ltd. ( " .. The company is owned and managed by Directors Victoria and Naresh Mistry. Victoria actively manages the business providing sustainability advice to clients.
Victoria is a qualified Chartered Civil Engineer with a wide range of construction experience both in the design office and as a contractor. She has also worked as a sustainability consultant for BRE for over five years. Services offered by Victoria include;- Sustainability consultancy- Sustainability training development and delivery (General and particularly BREEAM) Development and facilitation of sustainability workshops .. Victoria is deputy chair of the Chesham Fairtrade Steering Group and is on the steering group for Chesham to become a Transition Town. .. " (

For more on Transition Town Chesham see and

3.1.45 Dr. Lyn Jenkins 

Dr Lyn Jenkins, a retired NHS ophthalmologist, is a significant participant in the Chesham faction of the XR organisation (see sub-section 6.1 "XR Chesham"). A Guardian article on 1st Sept 2019 said that " .. Lyn Jenkins was visited by police after being reported to counter-terrorism programme .. police declined to discuss why two of its officers had visited Jenkins at his home in Chesham .. " (

That Guardian article provides some interesting information relating to terrorism and the Prevent program (see also Section 1.0 Footnote 2).


3.1.46 Elizabeth Bella Kitchiner Haughton

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Haughton (24) is another environmental activist and XR member from the West country (Bristol). After completing a 3-year course in English with History of Art in 2018 she became a trustee and Activities and Development Officer with the Manchester University Student Union charity ( She was also closely involved with the University students' People and Planet Society established in 2017.

Lizzy is also " .. heavily involved with Extinction Rebellion .. I also want to support any students and staff members to go on the climate strikes, so I will be campaigning for no sanctions to those who want to strike" ( So, like others who are heavily involved with Extinction Rebellion, Lizzie appears to be happy to encourage others to follow her in breaking our laws and getting arrested (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section). Let's hope that she experiences the full force of the law for any future obstruction of the highway or incitement or conspiracy to do so, rather than the minor inconvenience that she experienced for her allegedly illegal activities in Manchester and London in November 2018 ( and

The XR blog says of Lizzy QUOTE: .. Identifying a 12-year estimate for dealing with climate breakdown before facing human extinction, Haughton was clear that the issue was not whether “they [students] care enough”, but “telling them that they have to care” .. UNQUOTE ( Here's another significant XR member with no apparent relevant education, training or experience in the hard scientific disciplines (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2) pushing CACC propaganda with impunity. Our Universities appear to be complicit in this nonsense instead of encouraging their students to think for themselves and form opinions based upon fact, not fantasy. 

In September 2019 Lizzie was appointed a Director of Climate Emergency Action Ltd. (see Footnote 2 of this sub-section).


1) The following were charged with Wilful Obstruction of the Highway contrary to section 137(1) of the Highways Act 1980:- ..Elizabeth Haughton (09/09/1995) of Ducie Street, Manchester .. ".

2Climate Emergency Action Limited (by guarantee) was incorporated on 27th July 2019, with Catherine Lois Sayer (63) as its first Director (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section) and "person with significant control .. (with) 75% or more of the voting rights .. " (and guaranteeing all of £1 if the company is wound up), followed in September/October by Sarah Elizabeth Greenfield Clark (36) - sub-section 3.1.47 - , Elizabeth Bella Kitchiner Haughton (24), Adaeze Aghaji (19) - sub-section  3.1.48 -, and Gail Bradbrook (sub-section 3.1.1), 
Sayer became its Secretary in September (

The purpose of the company is to provide services to anyone or anything campaigning for actions on the fantasised climate and ecological emergency, including fundraising, merchandising, expenses, grants, employment - funding, expenses and grants are just what Gail Bradbrook and other XR founding members need. 

3)She earned a BA in German and Russian from Reading University in 1979 then trained as an accountant, becoming Chartered in 1983. There is no reason to believe that she has any worthwhile understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

" .. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, Kate helped found Sayer Vincent, an auditing and consultancy firm dedicated to working with not-for-profit organisations .. " ( Kate was with Sayer Vincent LLP (

Kate's involvement in setting up Climate Emergency Action Limited and bringing members of Extinction Rebellion onto its board is somewhat puzzling (although it appears that she, like so many other XR activists, has close links to  Stroud -*F_Catherine+Lois+Sayer+%7C+Kate+Sayer). The XR/RU?/CRLtd organisation is not a charity and is perhaps more of a disruptive than social enterprise. As for being a "not-for-profit", it certainly is very wealthy and has an income that exceeds its outgoings, even after paying its "volunteers" - i.e. it makes a profit.

Kate has no apparent history of direct involvement in the CACC issue or any relevant expertise. Her twitter account gives the impression that she only recently became interested, retweeting an item on the 8th October. On the 11th October in response to a comment in the Economist Kate complained that " .. the article contains fundamental errors. Not anarchists. It isn’t controlled by cliques - it isn’t controlled by anyone. It has a self-organising system - unfortunate that Economist relies on a deeply flawed report by Policy Exchange .. " (

In recent correspondence she was invited to read this article in the hope that she would recognise how wrong she is about how XR is organised and how the Policy Exchange is spot on with its assessment (see Section 1.0 Footnotes). Unfortunately she appears to prefer to keep her blinkers firmly in position.


3.1.47 Sarah Elizabeth Greenfield Clark  

Sarah Clark earned a BS in English, History, Education and Science from the Open University in 2017 and an MSc in Sustainability from Anglia Ruskin University in 2018 (

She declares " .. a relentless passion for climate action. Currently supporting Extinction Rebellion partner and fundraising projects .. " and has supported campaigns for Chelmsford Council to declare a climate emergency, anti-fracking and divestment from fossil fuels by her university.

She also does Fundraising, Partnerships and Creative Messaging at Extinction Rebellion, as well as being happy to break the law in order to get arrested ( What a shame that those arrested were quickly released rather than being flung into goal.

That's another CACC propagandist with no apparent education, training or experience in any of the hard scientific disciplines required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates  (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).


3.1.48 Adaeze Chiamaka Nkemakonam Whitney Aghaji

Adaeze (Daze) Aghali (20) is an active member of XRYouth who spoke at Extinction Rebellion's London disruption in April 2019. As well as her XRYouth outreach activities she is a second-year student of history and politics at Goldsmiths University, South London (no worthwhile science there, so what is the likelihood of her understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates, which requires education, training and experience in the hard sciences mentioned in Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

Despite her ignorance of the essential physical science disciplines required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2) Daze insists that QUOTE: .. “We are at a turning point .. This generation can take leadership and make this change happen or we are facing a genuinely terrible future – so I am trying to do something, to be part of a new politics, part of the new world I want to see”. 
Aghaji .. is standing as a Climate and Ecological Emergency Independent (CEEI) in Thursday’s European elections. The teenager .. is one of nine Extinction Rebellion activists who are standing as independents under the CEEI banner .. 
UNQUOTE ( - see Footnote 1) of this sub-section for the other nine CEEI candidates).

As an MEP candidate In the run up to the May 2019 European elections (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section) Daze commented that " .. Being such an eco-head, people think I’m crazy or overreacting, but finally we’ve seen from the Rebellion and the Youth Strikes that young people get it. Finally, I’m not the only person saying 'Look, climate change is going to kill us' It’s given me so much reassurance that I’m not just a crazy eco woman .. " (

The real problem with the fantasised global climate 
Apocalypse/Armageddon/Breakdown/Catastrophe/Chaos/Crisis/Disaster/Disruption/Emergency/Inferno/Tragedy/etc.etc.etc. is that young people like Daze (along with older supporters of XR's anarchistic leaders) are only capable of parroting what CACC scaremongers say because they don't have the education, training or experience in those essential sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

In that pre-election rant she also said " .. the likelihood of me getting elected is absolutely nothing. I’m not delusional, or even saying vote for me! But it’s important to vote for people that are trying to make a change and to help our climate. My only policies are about the environment because that is the only conversation that needs to be happening in politics right now. Political activists aren’t on the fringe or the street, I’m invading your home .. ”. 
The protection of a healthy environment is essential for sustaining life on Earth as we know it, a fact recognized by UK and other governments for many decades. The benefits to humans of our careful use of fossil fuels in as CLEAN a manner as possible far exceed any harm.

Daze is understandably concerned about air pollution, especially as she suffers particularly badly from its effects (, but adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is not increasing pollution. It is adding an essential, life supporting substance on which plants thrive.

The reason pollution is so bad in cities like London these days is that EU environmental extremists like she and other XR supporters forced a change from petrol to diesel vehicles. That was in the misguided belief that it would reduce the emissions of that essential life-supporting substance carbon dioxide, allegedly to reduce global warming. Diesel vehicles emit far far more of those nasty nitrogen oxides that she finds so objectionable than do modern clean petrol vehicles.

During a Chatham House meeting in July 2019, chaired by Fiona Harvey (Environment Correspondent with The Guardian) Daze made numerous ludicrous statements that included " ..  the climate crisis is literally a life and death situation .. we are in, like, immediate danger now .. " (

Daze certainly is in a daze about the CACC issue and has a awful lot to learn about the science. Even her history lessons could be useful, however, if she wants a proper understanding then she really does need to study the hard disciplines mentioned above. I doubt very much that she would notice that the eight industrial chimneys pictured in the "Tomorrow's World" air pollution video shown in that dazeddigital article are seen emitting nothing but WATER DROPLETS, another essential life-supporting substance. Showing photo's of cooling towers is a common trick used by CACC propagandists such as the BBC, Greenpeace, etc, especially if the picture has been taken when the sun was positioned to ensure significant black shadows rather than the lovely bright white when in full glare. 


1) " .. Nine candidates, seven in London and two in South West England, were part of the new Climate Emergency Independents group. They took part in and were inspired by the Extinction Rebellion protests .. " ( XR's 9 hopefuls for election as MEPs were:
Adaeze Chiamaka Nkemakonam Whitney Aghaji (20 - student of 68 Wilbury Way, Edmonton, N18 1BZ) - 0.05% votes,
- Claudia Caitlin McDowell (21 - actress/singer? of  131A Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London, SE5 9NU) - 0.05% votes, 
- Jonathan Henry Muss BSc. MSc (working for the Public Health team at London borough) of 63 Mildenhall Rd, Hackney, London, E5 0RT - 0.01% votes
- Zoe Delemere Lafferty (theatre director) of 59 Linden Gardens, W2 4HJ) - 10 votes, 
- Roger Hallam (see sub-section 3.1.2) of Wern Dolau, Golden Grove, Carmarthen, SA32 8NE!!!!!!!!!!!!) - 0.04% votes,
- Kofi Mawuli Klu (self-employed jurisconsult, eco-pedagogy global citizenship educationist and researcher!!! of 23C Foxley Road, London, SW9 6EX) - 0.04 votes. 
- Andrew Medhurst, Wandsworth, SW London, - 0.02% votes
- Dr Larch Ian Albert Frank Maxey (see sub-section 3.1.49), of The Flat, 101 High Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5PF - 0.03% votes,
- Mothiur Rahman (co-founded the Community Chartering Network) of 7 Lower Meddon Street, Bideford, EX39 2BJ - 11 0.01% votes.
(see for the first seven candidates).
So, of 88000 votes cast in those last two selected districts of the UK's two EU regions, XR extremists attracted support from all of 140 individuals. That is representative of the results in other parts of the two regions.


3.1.49 Dr. Larch Ian Albert Frank Maxey LLB. MSc. PhD. FRGS.

XR member Larch Maxey (46) - also known as Larch Juckes-Maxey - has a fine string of letters after his name, but what do they signify? He graduated in Law from The University of Manchester (1993) then earned his Masters in European Environmental Policy and Regulation from Lancaster University (1995).

His Geography PhD from Swansea University (2002) did not focus on the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, hard topics related to helping an understanding the causes of climate change. Instead he studied sustainable communities. That was followed by lecturing and researching sustainability (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section).

So, here's another XR member and enthusiastic CACC supporter who appears to have inadequate education, training or experience in the disciplines required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

Larch is presently a full-time volunteer with XR (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section). He and his Canadian wife Emily are veteran climate change extremists, with Larch being obsessed about his "carbon emissions". He has taken a year's sabbatical throughout 2019 to be a full-time volunteer with XR after joining the organisation in August 2018 (the second time that Larch has taken a long sabbatical in order to pursue his environmental extremism - Footnote 1 of this sub-section). For his efforts he hopes to get paid £600 per month of those lovely "VOLUNTEERS' LIVING EXPENSES". 

During that interview with freelance journalist Suzanne Bearne in AUgust 2019 (Footnote 1 of this subsection) he said " .. I live for free with my best friend Toby in Brixton. As well as joining XR for our big rebellions and actions, he supports XR by giving me a free room .. I have a flat in Totnes, where I rent a couple of rooms. My mortgage is £850 a month and is mostly covered by two lodgers. Travel sets me back about £250 a month, with most of it spent on trains to and from Totnes .. I do have a car .. XR are going to use it for a tour of Europe .. " (that word "hypocrisy" once again springs to mind!!).

" .. We’re in an emergency and we need system change urgently. Far more important than how we vote or live is that we work together for system change and that requires mass peaceful civil disobedience. Join us. .. " (hopefully Larch will enjoy a much longer period in prison for conspiring with and inciting others to participate in XR's lawbreaking activities than the 7 hours he had for obstructing Southwark bridge).

Anyone wanting a good laugh should watch Larch's comedy act, available in Anthony Watts's 10th May 2019 "Friday Funny" post ( It shows Larch trying to work out how to glue himself to a pair of automatic doorsThe 100 comments that it attracted express pertinent opinions, such as:
- " .. My God, how long did it take him to catch on? How well would he fair in the wild?
If these idiots are anything to go by the human race does face extinction, but not from atmospheric CO2 .. ",
- " .. Not once, not twice, but three times that twit approached those doors, clearly confused by their operation. How did he get a doctoral degree?! .. ",
- " .. Just remember, this guy is in the intellectual vanguard of the climate hysteria movement – now want to talk about actresses, fashion designers and television presenters? You should be worried, very worried at the influence these loons have on public policy .. ",
- " .. Automatic sliding doors are obviously not the only thing that Dr Larch Maxey is unaware of. To look at him, he would be lucky to survive a crossing of the road, let alone a day in the Wild .. ",

Some might argue that those comments are unkind, but - hhhmmm!!

On 7th October Larch was a member of the Extinction Rebellion rabble causing a nuisance near Trafalgar Square. He claims that a policeman snapped his finger "like a carrot" as he was trying to prevent fellow protesters from damaging scaffolding on the back of a truck that was being used in the protest, before officers "jumped on him" (


1) "I’m on a year’s sabbatical, and volunteering full-time with Extinction Rebellion. I’ve always been interested the environment and social justice – I have a PhD in sustainability and was a geography lecturer and post-doctoral researcher for 17 years – and I’ve been a climate-change activist for 25 years. During 1994-5 I lived up a tree for a year as part of the No M65 campaign in Lancashire, which I co-founded. For me that was all about the climate and ecological emergency; I’ve waited 25 years for a movement like Extinction Rebellion (XR) that uses the science of social change so effectively .. " (

2) A November 2004 article advised that " .. Larch Juckes-Maxey and his Canadian born wife Emily, 30, with their children Sage, four, and Rowan, six, do not have TV, do not use supermarkets and power their home via solar panels. They are so environmentally aware that they only flush their toilets, 'if there are solids', and they refuse to have a refrigerator .. The Juckes-Maxeys have been involved in the past in campaigning against the expansion of Swansea Airport and have also been heavily involved in fighting to save a threatened plot of woodland .. " (L

There's an interesting 2005 comment from Larch about his and Emily's "Wifeswap" experience at (;1a89c16.0506).


3.1.50 Dr. Jem Bendell

XR member ( Bendell (45?) is Professor of Sustainability Leadership and Founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) at the University of Cumbria. " .. He focuses on leadership and communications for social change, as well as approaches that may help humanity face climate-induced disruption .. The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognised Professor Bendell as a Young Global Leader for his work on sustainable business alliances .. " (

Sociologist Jem studied at Cambridge University during 1992-1995, earning a BA in geography, followed by a PhD from the University of Bristol in 2002. His undergraduate studies included oceanography with Dr Tom Spencer (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section) " .. and climate change was a key topic. But I dont claim to be a scientist. As a sociologist I find the evolution of climate scepticism interesting. As a person I find that scepticism tragic as people with a useful critical approach waste their and others time on shoddy scepticism, and ultimately I now find it rather boring .. " (

Jem gave a CACC propaganda presentation on "Deep Adaptation - Crisis Just Ahead" (see also Footnote 2 of this sub-section). It was organised by Momentum Bristol and Labour Party Bristol (see also Footnote 4 of this sub-section). In it Jem opined that " .. people are ready for a new conversation, which starts with an acceptance of what the scientists are telling us .. " ( from 2mins. 5secs. into his sermon).

Sustainability guru Jem may well be prepared to accept on face value the scaremongering claims of scientists who try to carry out Professor Stephen Schneider's wishes (see Appendix A6.1). Jem's sources of scientific guidance about climate change appear to be limited to CACC scaremongering organisations like the Arctic Methane Emergency Group.

It appears that Jem did not learn an awful lot from Dr. Spencer (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section) about the need to adopt a scientific approach to the CACC issue rather than simply accepting unquestioningly what others claim then forming an emotional opinion. As a sociologist, perhaps Jem finds "rather boring" (or simply beyond his ken) the physical scientific disciplines (see Section 2, Footnote 2) so essential to understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

When asked in 2014 to clarify what he meant by shoddy climate scepticism he proceeded to accuse five highly qualified CACC sceptics of being funded by the oil industry (Jem denied doing so, but see Footnote 3 and and Jem's response at )

A prime example of the unscientific nonsense from sociologist Jem when discussing his concept of "deep adaptation" to his fantacised climate change emergency appears in his April 2018 interview with Dougald Hine. Jem opined on weather events that " .. once-in-a-century events will be happening every five years (

During his participation in XR's anti-fracking disruption in April 2019 Jem spoke at length about "truth" and offered his version of truth about CACC " .. The truth is that climate change is unfolding faster and harder than we were told was likely .. The colourless blanket of carbon gases wrapping our planet is trapping so much heat that forests are catching fire .. more forest fires in the UK in 2019 than ever recorded. .. last year we saw how chaotic weather could begin to threaten our own lives. In the UK and in many European countries the production of grains and open-air vegetables fell by over twenty percent. The climate emergency is therefore about all of us, and the future of our food and water .. with carbon emissions rising last year faster than ever .. ". 

That is not science, but unadulterated scaremongering CACC propaganda typical of environmental activists who have inadequate education, training and experience in the hard sciences that are required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates!

In March 2019 Ronald Bailey discussed Jem's "Deep Adaptation" report. He made the pertinent comment that " .. I must conclude, that .. Bendell is engaging in "apocalypse abuse the most horrendous trends, while systematically ignoring any ameliorating or optimistic ones, offering worst-case scenarios in the guise of balanced presentations .. " (

In 2017 Ronald wrote another excellent article, that time on "Apocalypse Abuse and 'Climate Doomism'" ( Jem, his "Deep Adaptation" associates and other CACC supporters could derive enormous benefit from carefully reading it and his several books on CACC alarmism.

It is puzzling why an obviously intelligent individual like Jem Bendell is such an enthusiastic supporter of the CACC fantasy. His apparent unreasonable faith in the CACC fantasy and fear of the consequences relate to the views on fear and ignorance expressed by former professors James Lovelock and William Mayer (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

In situations like this it is often helpful to "follow the money" when trying to ascertain someone's real motivation (see Footnote 4 of this sub-section). Recall the admission by Gail Bradbrook (the "GodMother" of Extinction Rebellion, of which Jem is a significant member) that " .. it's mostly about securing your own salary .. " (see Footnote 5 of section 1.0).

Despite Jem's apparent blind acceptance of the CACC fantasy, one thing that he properly focuses on is the need for us to adapt to climate change. After all, that is what all forms of life have had to do since life began here on Earth, adapt locally to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us, rather than wasting scarce resources undertaking the futile task of trying to mitigate globally against it.


1) In stark contrast with Jem's wild CACC scaremongering, Dr. Spencer appears to prefer a more scientific approach based upon evidence rather than emotion. An example is the response to the horrific December 2015 UK floods during storm Desmond. The Guardian (apparently one of Jem's preferred sources of information about CACC, despite its obvious bias) reported how " .. Environmental campaigners say Storm Desmond is a sign of things to come .. Friends of the Earth .. said .. Climate change is increasing the frequency of extreme rainfall and floods in the UK and around the world .. the UK government is failing to protect us by not investing enough in .. the clean energy needed to tackle climate change' .. " (

On the other hand, scientist Dr. Spencer preferred a level-headed " .. the Environment Secretary called the flooding in north-west England ‘unprecedented’ and ‘consistent with climate change trends’ .. In fact, recent careful scientific analysis .. shows that 21st-century floods are not unprecedented in terms of both their frequency (they were more frequent before 1960) and magnitude (the biggest events occurred during the 17th–19th centuries .. " (

2) No member of the Climate Psychology Alliance Advisory Group appears to be a relevant scientist having education, training and experience in the relevant hard sciences (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

- Dr. Judith Curry, a climatologist, formerly chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology,
- Dr. Robert G Brown, Professor of Physics at Duke University, North Carolina,

- Dr. Jack Barrett, a physical chemist who has lectured at the Universities of Hertfordshire, London - Chelsea, London - Queen Elizabeth, London - King's and London - Imperial),

- Dr. Roy Spencer, a meteorologist and Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He is a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he and Dr. John Christy received NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for their global temperature monitoring work with satellites.

- Dr. Jinan Cao, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne physicist specialising in thermodynamics and spectrometry,

- Dr. John Nichol, electromagnetic radiation research scientist. While based at James Cook University, Queensland, Dr Nicol worked at various times in the research laboratories of University College, London and for about three years at the Clarendon Laboratory Oxford. (John is a member of the international .Climate Exit Committee of CACC sceptics -

After reviewing this article recently Jem made the unfounded complaint that “ ..  That is a mistake from you or your source. I have not said anything about the people you list .. ”.
In fact the source is Jem's own blog, on which three October 2014 comments indicate otherwise and Jem's unfounded comment about those appropriately qualified CACC-sceptical scientists is typical of CACC supporters who, like Jem, have inadequate education, training or experience in the physical sciences relevant to understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

It is noteworthy that all of the CACC-sceptical scientists listed above are highly qualified and experienced in relevant hard disciplines (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2 - see also Footnote 8 of this sub-section) unlike Jem's own qualifications and experience in "Sustainability Leadership". A close associate of mine with a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development has held a leading position with a respected UK organisation for 10 years. Like Jem, she is a staunch CACC supporter yet devoid of any clue about relevant scientific disciplines.

4) including 
(Both Jem and Katie are closely involved in the notions of Sustainability, "Deep Adaptation" and "Global Citizenship" and "Development Education" - see Footnotes 5  and 6 of this sub-section). They sell periods of several days away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at several international locations (e.g see and

Jem and Katie offer the opportunity to " .. Take time out to pause, and give space and time to reflect – with others – on what is being asked of us in these extraordinary times. The emerging realisation that climate change is becoming a destructive tragedy .. is profoundly disorientating for many people .. What might become the purpose of our lives and work in the face of imminent societal breakdown from climate chaos? .. we aim to explore the possibilities for meaning, purpose, acceptance and joy amidst the climate tragedy .. This retreat is for you if you .. are accepting the premise of Deep Adaptation, that near-term social collapse due to climate change is inevitable or very likely .. ".

A three day retreat experience in Cumbria will cost typically £350 without accomodation and £500 with a shared tent - as long as you help with donestic chores. Alternatively, it's about £650 to stay in their retreat in Greece (see Travel there and back is extra cost (including any cost to the environment due to those dirty "carbon" emissions - oops, sorry, its just that odourless, tasteless gas carbon dioxide, essential to life on Earth as we know it!).
Anyone interested in going should apply quickly, as it appears they are soon booked up! - even at those prices.

It would be very interesting to see the annual accounts for their business but there is nothing available on the Companies House or Charity Commission web-pages. That makes "follow the money" w.r.t. the Deep Adaptation Retreat business difficult. Jem and Katie's close associate and general assistant (blog name matslats) on the "Deep Adaptation Forum" is "community currency" software specialist Matthew Slater ( Matthew complained in a recent E-mail that " .. the follow the money comment was an unsubstantiated slur .. ". To help decide whether the opinion that money might be a motive behind Jem's position on CACC is justified or should be discarded, his partner  asked in November 2019 if the business is prepared to disclose its financial information. (There is no intention on this blog to mislead anyone or misrepresent facts, only to determine - if possible - what real "truth" is.)

Matthew did provide a copy of 2019 finances dated 2nd December 2019 ( but that was for the Deep Adaptation FORUM. The Deep Adaptation RETREAT business is a different (although related) operation. Included in that DA FORUM information is the comment that " ..All three DA retreats organised so far were non-profit, with Jem receiving a total of GBP1,100 to cover his costs of attendance .. ". That leaves a lot undisclosed about the DA RETREAT businesses accounts.

Jem is also " .. Advisor, Office of the Leader of the Opposition, London .. " ( 
He has also been a Senior Strategic Advisor to the WWF (



Following the Labour government's declaration that 2006/07 would be a "Sustainable Schools Year of Action", USA politician Al Gore's flawed and misleading film "An Inconvenient Truth" was promoted in UK schools. High Court action was taken claiming that the use of that film was political indoctrination, contrary to the Education Act 2002 (

CACC sceptic atmospheric scientist Dr. Judith Curry (who was initially a supporter of the notion that our use of fossil fuels could cause significant and potentially damaging global warming) posted a related article "Education versus Indoctrination" on her "Climate etc" blog (

7) Despite the enormous amounts of money (and fossil fuels) used to set up and attend these shindigs, CoP17, like most of them) was a miserable failure.

The CACC issue and the breakthrough for its sceptics came in 2009, due to the release of revealing E-mails between climate scientists in the USA and UK. This episode became known as Climategate (

8) Another highly qualified, trained and experienced CACC sceptic is geologist Dr. Roger Higgs, who earned his relevant DPhil from Oxford University ( Roger's April 2019 technical note ( will be of interest to any researcher of the processes and drivers of the different global climates who has an open mind. That would appear to rule out Jem Bendell, who is likely to respond with "You just added another to your bunch of people funded by the oil industry".

Although Dr. Higgs has previously provided consultancy services to the oil industry, for the past four years he has been undertaking full-time,

Dr. Higgs undertook a similar Pacific field trip In 2018 and has presented his preliminary findings at major geoscience conferences in Cape Town (2016), Denver (2016) and Vienna (2017), all self-funded (see

Like other open-minded sceptics of the CACC fantasy, such as Dr. Judith Curry (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section), Dr. Higgs started his 4-year quest for truth assuming that the government, BBC, Attenborough, etc. must know what they were talking about regarding CO2.

With regard to genuine pollution (which excludes CO2 emissions) caused by our use of fossil fuels, Dr. Higgs recommends abandoning the use of oil, gas and coal as fuels via the rather drastic solutions of:
- freezing fossil-fuel usage at 2020 levels (no new fossil-fuel burning power stations, industry, vehicles or aircraft,
- ban petrol/diesel vehicles from cities and towns immediately;
- rapid expansion of nuclear power,
- urgently developing clean nuclear fusion,
- banning plastics (see 
This is hardly the statement of a person in the pay of the "wicked" oil industry, as Professor Bendell might suggest

Regarding the IPCC's total disregard for geology, see Dr. Higgs's report at

3.1.51 Toni Spencer

Toni Spencer (49?) earned a BA in art from John Moores University, Liverpool in 1991 and an MSc. in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath in 2004 (
No physical science there, yet happy to promote the CACC propaganda!!!
" .. Toni is a Curator with the Emergence Network leading on ‘Vulture: Courting the Otherwise in a Time of Breakdown’. In 2018 she co-lead a Deep Adaptation Deep Dive and is part of the Deep Adaptation Forum. Toni initiated ‘the pause’ as part of Extinction Rebellion: an invitation to bear witness and to lean in to the liminal in the midst of action: part of an ongoing inquiry in to ‘A Politics of Wonder’.
As a lecturer and course leader Toni has taught on the faculty of Schumacher College (Educational Practice, Ecological Facilitation as Leadership, Embodied Eco-literacy) at Embercombe and at Goldsmiths (Eco Design), University of London. As a participatory artist and facilitator she has worked with Encounters Arts, Embercombe, the Transition movement, St Ethelburgas, The Feral Kitchen and others, taking ‘The Work That Reconnects’ to activist communities at Occupy London and elsewhere. She is on the team for Call of The Wild with Wildwise /Schumacher College. She has an Action Research based MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and is trained in a range of facilitation modalities; awakening, deep ecology and embodiment practices; grief tending and activism.. Toni is an educator, mentor and artist working with questions of deep ecology and ‘a politics of wonder’. She is a Trustee at ProcessworkUK and was on the Embercombe Council for 8 years .. ” (

" .. Toni brings a varied basket of skills and practices from many years of studying, dancing, foraging and ‘living life as inquiry’. She is a mentor and teacher for Call of The Wild with Wildwise / Schumacher College .. " (
Among her basket of skills Toni also writes poetry. She offered two of her poems to the audience at that Climate Psychology Alliance meeting in Bristol to which Jem Bendell (see sub-section 3.1.50) gave a presentation on his "Deep Adaptation" theme. Those poems were apparently considered necessary in order to calm the audience down after suffering Jem's scary CACC propaganda (hear the poems from 31mins 10secs into the video).

Between presenting those poems she plugged her contribution to XR's efforts to mobilise the gullible masses - her 
The invitation said of Toniiated the pause as part of Extinction Rebellion: an invitation to bear witness and to lean into the liminal in the midst of action .. " . That says it all really!!

Toni and her fellow CACC evangellists/propagandists/disciples/supporters at XR are invited to take a much more useful PAUSE from their illegal and disruptive activities. Instead they should spend a lot of time (it takes years) studying some of the hard scientific disciplines (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2) that they need to learn about before they can hope to understand anything about the processes and drivers of the different global climates. Even the experts are struggling!!


3.1.52 Rupert Read

Philosopher and Green activist Dr Rupert Read (53) is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies at one of the UK's CACC hotbeds, the University of East Anglia. " .. Rupert .. works closely with environmental scientists .. at UEA, .. He was a Norwich Green Party Councillor from 2004-2011. He blogs on environmental reframing at

He earned ​a First Class B.A.Honours in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Balliol College, Oxford University in 1987 and a Ph.D in Philosophy from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA in 1995 (No sign there of education, training or experience in the hard scientific disciplines required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates (see Section 2.0, Footnote 2). Despite that Rupert is an enthusiastic CACC supporter and member of Extinction Rebellion - par for the course really. ​" .. Most recently, I have been a frequent spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and I am a member of their political liaison team .. We need action, and soon, against the values of greed and materialism that have placed us upon the precipice of catastrophic climate and ecological collapse .. " (

" .. Three citizens assemblies: one on democratic and constitutional reform, one on the climate and ecological emergency, one on Brexit. This is how the UK could heal itself .. " (

For some of political/climate/environmental activist Rupert's rants on climate change see:-

On 20th August 2018 the Irish Sun newspaper published an article entitled "Time to forget climate 'debate'" by comedian Oliver Callan (38), In it he told one of his funniest satirical jokes yet, referring to politics/economics philosopher Rupert as an " .. ENVIRONMENTAL expert .. " (

"Environmental expert" Rupert argued that " .. the BBC should be ashamed of its nonsenical idea of balance when the scientific debate is as settled as the “debate” about whether smoking causes cancer .. " ((see Section 2.0, Footnote 2).

One of his most disgusting rants relates to the 2020 Covid19 pandemic (see also Section 8.0 "XR and Pestilence"), about which he appears to see a silver lining to that global black cloud - an opportunity for Extinction Rebellion's anarchistic leaders to achieve their fantasized objective " .. to create a new global regime .. " (see the introductory "XR BASICS" remarks)

Once again we have someone with apparently inadequate education, training and experience in any of the hard scientific disciplines (again see Section 2.0, Footnote 2) necessary for any kind of understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates pontificating on the CACC issue. This is archetypal of Extinction Rebellion members and its supporters.


3.1.53 Susan Jennifer Breen

Sue Breen (36), of County Wexford, is a leading member of XR's Republic of Ireland operation ( In July 2019 she played a prominent roll in XR's Dublin protest (
As well as being a leading XR activist in the Irish Republic, Sue is an European co-ordinator for the American-based anti-civilisation movement Deep Green Resistance (see Appendix A9.1). She also functions as the focal point for the Deep Green Resistance organisation’s UK coven (see sub-section A9.1.2).

3.1.60 +++++++

All of the XR supporters reported on the XR website as " .. The nine defendants ..":
( will be added subsequently:-

Sam Knights, 23, actor and writer, lives in London,
Jack Harries, 26, film-maker and Instagram influencer, lives in London
Cathy Eastburn, 52, musician and mum, originally from Cornwall, now lives in South London Joel Instone, 29, workers’ co-op cafe worker, Lancashire,
Mark Ovland 36, Buddhist teacher, Somerset,
Jeremy Parker, 51, IT consultant, originally from Birmingham, now lives in London,
Yaani Postelnik, 54, Buddhist teacher/minister, from New Zealand, now lives in Devon,
Serena Schellenberg, 58, TV producer and animal welfare charity worker, originally from Yorkshire, now lives in London,
Trudi Warner, 64, retired social worker, London 


3.2 Associate Organisations

3.2.1  The Climate Change and Global Economics Group

The Climate Change and Global Economics Group comprised:
- atmospheric phycisist Professor John Houghton (who died in April 2020), CACC adviser to Margaret Thatcher, founding member and former co-chairman of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),
- geographer Dr. John G. Lockwood, who established the Leeds University branch of Christians in Science (see sub-section 3.2.2) and is active within the South Parade Baptist Church, Headingly (Cragg Hill Mission), e.g. see file:///C:/Users/peter/Downloads/Feb_14_intouch%20(1).pdf,
- economist Prof. Bob Goudzwaard. professor emeritus of economics and social philosophy at the Free University in Amsterdam ( and and 
- IT specialist Professor Andrew Basden (see sub-section 3.1.24). 

Despite the academic achievements of the members of the Climate Change and Global Economics Group and their commitment to the CACC cause, their coverage of "Climate Change Themes" and "The Physics and Chemistry of Climate Change" ( is devoid of any meaningful physics or chemistry. On the other hand it is brimming with unsubstantiated claims and speculation about anthropogenic climate catastrophe - i.e. scaremongering propaganda.
Only meteorologist John Houghton (deceased) appears to have had any qualifications, training or expertise relating to the hard sciences required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

Although the other three have expertise in disciplines far removed from the hard sciences, all four have had one thing in common, a declared commitment to the Christian religion:

- Houghton " .. The most important choice I have made is to accept Jesus as my Saviour and Lord .. My favourite book, I am bound to say, is the Bible .. I pray for God’s kingdom to come — fast! " (,

- Basden " .. I'm one of the 1.7 billion people called 'Christians' .. who .. model their lives .. on Jesus Christ .. I'm .. evangelical .. the Bible as written version of God's revelation .. the need for personal relationship with God .. Jesus Christ seen as really good news for 'salvation' .. Christ's death and resurrection are central .. a strong emphasis on preaching, teaching .. " (,

- Goudzwaard " ..  man's natural life is not holy and perfect in itself but is constantly in need of sacramental mediation offered by the holy mother church which can raise natural man before the throne of the living God in heaven ..  natural life, including economic life, was sanctified by God  .. The living, personal God not only made the world but also rules it providentially from day to day .. God preserves this world, but he does this in part unto its own judgment .. the cross of Christ, erected because of our sins .. " (,

- Lockwood " .. two Baptist Ministers .. introduced me to the importance of a deep knowledge of scripture and the Holy Spirit in the Christian life .. my Christian faith provides a moral direction to my research .. an essential Christian message is that we do not have to carry the responsibility alone. Our partner is none other than God Himself .. " (


3.2.2 Christians in Science (CiS)

The main aims of the Christians in Science organisation are " .. Exploring God’s work in creation .. Applying biblical principles in science and technology .. " (file:///C:/Users/peter/Downloads/Apr_16_intouch_2%20(2).pdf page 24).

CiS appears to regard the activities of Extinction Rebellion as being inspired by one of those "higher authorities" to which XR's parent organisation refers (see Section 1.0, Footnote 5 of 

Topic options for the 2019 Christians in Science Student Essay Competition included "Extinction rebellion - how can Christians respond?" (see also Footnote 1 of this sub-section). The runner-up was a theologian, Christopher West (see also Footnote 2 of this sub-section). In awarding 2nd place to his essay CiS seems to support his opinions about the XR organisation.

His 1000-word essay began with a 2018 quote from a 15-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunborg (see Appendix A6.3) " .. Treat the climate crisis like the acute crisis it is and give us a future .. Our lives are in your hands .. ". He continued adding " .. the present ecological crisis is occasionally viewed as an insurmountable task .. On the other hand, the situation can be viewed as the crucible where essential and new configurations for Christian witness might be forged .. ".

His concluding paragraph said that " .. the sacramental re-purposing of the created order is central to the Christian response to Extinction Rebellion is clearly demonstrated by considering the Eucharist. When the gathered community share in the Eucharist, they encounter Christ in the proclaimed Word of the Gospel, in the presence of their neighbours, and in the bread and wine (matter drawn from the created order and repurposed) receiving his risen life; they encounter his historical body, his ecclesiastical body, and sacramental body .. They are then sent back into the world to carry his presence with them: they prey, 'Send us out in the power of the Spirit, to live and work to your praise and glory .. " (

It would be surprising if Greta, her parents or many of the thousands of Extinction Rebellion supporters see their often disruptive and criminal actions in the same light as Christopher.  Only a devout Christian could do so and only a handful of the thousands of XR supporters are likely to fall into that category.


1) Another topic option was "Could machines ever know God?". It would be interesting to know what contribution to the decision to invite essays on that topic, if any, was made by Andrew Basden (see sub-section 3.1.24).

2) In 2018-2019 this Christopher West apparently also submitted the essay as part of his Year 2 Masters in Theological Studies at Trinity College Dublin (

There is also another Christopher West who is an evangelical Roman Catholic theologian. This one co-founded (2004) and is President (2018) of the Theology of the Body Institute ( and That Christopher West boasts that he is " ..  the world’s most recognized teacher of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” – a bold, biblical vision of love and sexuality .. " (
He has traveled the globe presenting his opinions on the "Theology of the Body" and " .. serves as Professor of Theological Anthropology in the jointly sponsored M.A. program with Pontifex University .." (see Section 5.0).

These two Christopher Wests appear to have similar, very strong, Christian evangelical leanings, so they could be mistaken as one and the same. Information provided by CiS about the Christopher West who was runner up of the 2020 essay competition does not clarify this so the CiS Development Officer was asked for assistance. Ultimately CiS's Christopher West made contact to clear this up. On 28th Aug. 2020 Christopher advised that " .. he is a theologian from the Roman Catholic tradition, whereas I am a deacon in the Anglican tradition .. " (see Appendix A5.6). 

More details about CiS can be found in "SpotlightON: Christians in Science and Technology" ( section 2.0).

3.2.3 Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology

" .. ISCAST is a network of people, from students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of science, technology, and Christian faith .. " ( organisation is commonly known as Christians in Science and Technology

At the ISCAST 2020 conference on "A Hopeful Future?!" theologian Dr. Cullan Joyce, a member of and one-time coordinator with Extinction Rebellion, Victoria, Australia, gave a presentation "How to Save the World: Extinction Rebellion (XR), Christianity, and the Apocalypse" (

In his preview to the presentation he misleadingly claimed that XR emerged " .. as a response to .. apocalyptic climate change .. ". The "Nitty Gritty" quotes that head this article summarise the real motivation behind the XR founding members. It is also worth noting that there has been no apocalyptic change to the different global climates during the last thousands of years, let alone since the start of the Industrial Revolution. There have only been unsubstantiated, scaremongering claims that our burgeoning use of fossil fuels is driving the world in that direction.

Cullan is a lecturer in Philosophy at the University of DivinityCatholic Theological College, Melbourne, Australia (

ISCAST is an affiliate of CiS (see

TO BE MOVED TO "SpotlightON: Christians in Science and Technology" ( section 3.0)).


The Climate Mobilization (TCM) organisation was co-founded by Margaret Klein Salamon (see subsection 3.1.30) and Ezra Silk (see sub-section in 2014. Margaret serves as its Executive Director and Ezra as a director. Despite their conviction about the validity of the CACC hypothesis, neither Margaret nor Ezra appear to have any education, training or experience in relevant hard sciences required for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

In Section 8.0 "XR and PESTILENCE" mention is made of XR's plan to exploit the CoVid19 pandemic experience in population control to further its objective of replacing established global economic and political systems. The objectives of XR and TCM leaders are virtually identical so it is no surprise that TCM, like XR, is also looking to learn from CoVid19.

In "Is Life Under during coronavirus how we will live during climate change?" Ezra is reported as saying " .. The climate movement has been hesitant to talk about the level of disruptive change needed to transform the economy, because of the sense that public isn’t ready to hear that message and they would react very negatively.. But what we’re seeing in this situation, in a condition of emergency, is that people are prepared … to adhere to major disruptions and to support them in the name of health and safety in the public .. The coronavirus crisis marks the first time that most people alive right now have ever lived through this type of collective, bond-forming, global experience .. " (

In 2017 Margaret, Ezra and TCM's "Head of Media" Anya Grenier (see subsection made a virtual presentation from Boston, Mass, to the 2017 "Nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference" organised by the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). 

Introducing TCM, Ezra claimed that one of the greatest events in the Trump era was the publication of a scaremongering CACC booklet "Uninhabitable Earth" by David Wallace Wells (see Footnote 1 of this subsection). David Wells apparently begins his scaremongering book with " .. It's worse, much worse that you think .. " but perhaps he should have been referring to his book rather than climate change (read the very helpful 1-star reviews before wasting any hard-earned money).

Ezra then made reference to Wells's scaremongering article in the New York Magazine on the same subject. Wells begins " .. It is, I promise, worse than you think. If your anxiety about global warming is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible, even within the lifetime of a teenager today .. " (

Margaret followed Ezra, opining that the article was a riveting read then expressing her grief that top climate science luminaries had objected to the scary manner that it presented the issue. She must have been referring to "denier" luminaries like Professors Richard Lindzen, Judith Curry, John Nichol, etc. etc. etc. since most CACC-supporting scientists are happy to follow the guidance of Dr. Steven Schneider (see Appendix A6.1)
There followed a series of CACC rants from all three.

Another leading member of TCM/CMP is Organizing Director Rebecca Harris (see sunsection 
In summary, this appears to be another CACC-evangelising organisation that is run by individuals having not an ounce of education, training or experience in relevant hard scientific disciplines.


1) David Wallace Wells is not a scientist but a journalist who scaremongers about the horrors of the climate apocalypse arising from our burgeoning use of fossil fuels. Unsurprisingly, he has no education, training or experience in the hard sciences necessary for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates. He earned a degree in  HISTORY!!!! Never mind, scary CACC stories sell far better than climate  truth.

Journalist and one-time hairdressing entrepreneur ( Ezra Silk is TCM's Director of Policy and Strategy. In 2016 he authored a detailed "CLIMATE MOBILIZATION VICTORY PLAN" ( In the acknowledgements preceding Ezra's victory plan he credited with teaching him all that he knows about climate change, WWII (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section), sustainability and climate policy an Australian CACC scaremonger Dr. Philip Sutton (see subsection He should have tried to find someone with relevant education, training and experience in relevant hard sciences. There are plenty available (e.g. see subsection 3.1.50, Footnote 3).

At 15th August 2020 the LinkedIN profile for Ezra Silk (30?) advised that he is: .. 

QUOTE: .. a thoughtful and accomplished strategist, campaigner, researcher, and writer. Last year, he helped bring the idea of a World War II-scale mobilization to restore a safe climate to national prominence through a series of creative interventions in the presidential election. Ezra is the author of the The Climate Mobilization's groundbreaking Victory Plan, which shows how the United States could mobilize on an emergency basis to restore a safe climate, reverse ecological overshoot, rebuild our economy, and secure justice for all. Trained as a newspaper reporter with an interest in history, economics, psychology, earth systems sciences, and social theory, Ezra is a generalist with a boundless curiosity, as well as a passion for truth-telling, intellectual engagement, and big picture analysis. His work is driven by his love for his girlfriend, family, friends, and the people of the world.

Director of Strategy and Policy, The Climate Mobilization
Oct 2015 – Present 4 years 11 months
Portland, Maine Area
Co-founded and helped bring to prominence organization that now has four full-time staff (including myself), 15 chapters across the country, thousands of supporters, and a distinguished advisory board.
Directed successful campaign to advance the framework of a WWII-scale mobilization to solve the climate crisis through a series of strategic interventions in the 2016 presidential election.
Conceived, researched and wrote the widely-discussed and praised 110-page “Victory Plan”, The Victory Plan details how a fully mobilized United States government could drive our economy to net zero greenhouse gas emissions within a decade, restore a safe climate, end the sixth mass extinction, reverse ecological overshoot — and revitalize America. This is far beyond anything proposed in today’s polite political debates about climate action. We believe that unless policymakers, advocates, and citizens envision what "victory" might actually look like when facing the complexity of our looming emergency, it's impossible to determine a horizon for our ambitions that is in line with the increasingly stark realities of climate science. ...

Fellow, Young Climate Leaders Network
Aug 2016 – Present 4 years 1 month
The Young Climate Leaders Network (YCLN), convened by Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, invests in a new generation of leaders who bring a deep commitment to climate justice and to shared leadership models. We assemble 28 diverse leaders from the private and public sector each year and provide them with leadership training, sessions on strategy, and practices to build powerful leadership networks rooted in shared values and strong personal and professional bonds. Younger leaders are adept at harnessing the power of new technologies, collaborating across ethnic and national boundaries, and working in teams. We won’t make it safely into the future without far more risk takers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who work for results together. This project identifies and nurtures these diverse leaders and supports a powerful network of innovators who will remain connected over the coming years and decades.

Reporter, Current Publishing
Nov 2013 – Oct 2015 2 years
Westbrook, ME
Wrote 6-7 articles per week covering municipal and cultural affairs in nine towns of the Sebago Lakes region for the Lakes Region Weekly newspaper

Author, "Carnival of Dissent"
Mar 2012 – Sep 2013 1 year 7 months
Bar Harbor, Maine
A 200-page narrative of humorous and thought-provoking reporting on the Occupy Wall Street moment, across the country and in Southern Europe.

Reporter, Bar Harbor Times
Sep 2010 – Nov 2011 1 year 3 months
Bar Harbor, Maine
Covered municipal affairs for weekly newspaper, writing 5 stories per week
Published multiple investigations of a major municipal zoning scandal that led to a successful lawsuit against the town government

Intern Business Reporter
The Hartford Courant
Jun 2010 – Sep 2010 4 months
Covered business stories in the Hartford metropolitan area.

Editor In Chief
Wesleyan Argus, the bi-weekly student newspaper
Jan 2009 – Jun 2009 6 months
Middletown, CT

Wesleyan University

Hall High School2002-2006


Ezra R Silk is.currently living in Portland, Maine, where he " .. practices mindfullness and loving kindness .. " ( He is a reporter for Portland Press Herald. , Previously he lived in West Hartford, Connecticut and was a staff reporter on the Hartford Courant (

The Feb. 2014 version of the Mobilization Plan says " .. Ezra Silk lives .. in Portland, Maine. In 2010, he graduated from Wesleyan University, where he majored in history and was the editor of The Wesleyan Argus. Ezra has reported for The Hartford CourantThe Bar Harbor Times and The Lakes Region Weekly. His forthcoming book, Carnival of Dissent: The Voices of Protest, from Zuccotti to Athens, relates the story of his travels through the United States, Spain and Greece, at the height of the Occupy movement. He can be reached at .. .. " ( Anya Hunt

TCM's one-time (see Footnote 1 of this subsection) "Head of Media" Anya Hunt (nee Grenier - see Footnote 2 of this subsection) graduated from Yale's Arts College in 2015, earning a BA in English Language and Literature. She has been a Managing Editor and Staff Reporter for Yale Daily News.

After graduating from Yale Anya worked as a project manager for Alaska Longlines Fisherman's Association in Sitka, Alaska, coordinating its brand "Alaskans Own" ( In 2016 she joined TCM as Head of Communications then in 2018 joined the Open Philanthropy charity, progressing from Associate to Recruitment Manager (see Footnote 3 of this subsection).

In Sept. 2016 she posted an article "Grenier: Leaving the Climate Bubble" ..  .. " ( She described how her " .. latent anxiety about climate change .. felt irrelevant.. " while at Yale but changed on leaving. " .. this co-created illusion fell apart. After I graduated in 2015, I read book after book, article after article, all citing the world’s best climate scientists .. I spent the year .. trying to understand climate science .. I spend my days now, trying to spread the truth that climate change stands to collapse human civilization within our lifetimes .. This truth .. gives our voices unique moral authority .. " ( but bold added).

In August 2016 " .. Anya Grenier published this inspiring testimony of her awakening to climate truth .. to mark the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation .. " in which she declares " .. My faith explicitly prohibits fear .. As such, people of faith ought to be the first to confront this new reality and to throw themselves into building the kind of climate movement that we need .. ".

It is suggested that, rather than accepting on face value what others tell her about climate change, Anya should throw herself into learning real truth about the causes of climate change. Simply accepting on face value what others say (blind faith?) about anything can be very dangerous, exemplified by what occurred in Germany pre-WWII (a topic of great interest to XR and TCM - see subsection 3.2.4,4 Footnote 1). A far superior and safer approach is to apply critical thinking to the opinions of others and forming one's own on the basis of knowledge, not ignorance.

Anya may find this beyond her ken as far as climate change is concerned, apparently having no education, training or experience in relevant hard sciences. Her Yale BA in English is no doubt very useful for composing CACC propaganda for TCM and other organisations but is irrelevant in trying to understand the processes and drivers of the different global climates.

She pontificated that " .. for a good chance of avoiding irreversible levels of warming, we must reach net zero emissions within the next decade .. " apparently without having a clue about relevant hard science. She then moves on to talk about the wonders of TCM and the need for WWII levels of response to the fantacised CACC apocalypse.

Approaching the end of her Yale Daily News rant Anya declared " .. if we do not acknowledge the truth of the climate emergency .. we cannot even support one another .. let alone act. Gestures as small as starting conversations and creating pockets of sanity and open discussion are important because they break us out .. of anxiety and create the seeds for joyful, beautiful and collective resistance. And if you’re interested in starting such a conversation, my email is below .. ". An earlier attempt (see Appendix A5.4) to create such a "pocket of sanity" within TCM was a miserable failure. In the spirit of supreme optimism and hoping that she is more open-minded than her fellows at TCM, Anya's invitation has been accepted on 26th Aug. 2020 (see Appendix A5.4). Hopefully she will apply critical thinking to what is written here and respond with her thoughts.

Of course critical thinkers shouldn't believe everything that they read or are told by others, especially when it comes to significant issues such as CACC and similar religions. Instead we should do our best to separate fact from fiction (cleverly merged by all good publicists/propagandists) then form our own opinions from a position of knowledge, not ignorance.
A good example is this 2016 piece of advertising about Anya " .. Alaskans Own CSF Project Coordinator, Alaska Logline Fishermen’s Association Anya Grenier has years of experience working on organic farm with CSAs and other direct marketing arrangements. She is now working for the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association and managing Alaskans Own, a Community Supported Fishery Program based out of Sitka, Alaska and serving a number of communities in and outside of the state .. " (my bold - are no prizes for spotting the piece of promotional propaganda that warrants a search for substantiating evidence.


1) According to her current LinkedIN profile Anya left TCM in May 2018 to join the Open Phylanthropy Project, San Francisco, California and is now its Recruiting Manager.  (see also

2) The Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francisco weekly bulletin of 26 May 2019 announced the " .. Sacrament of Crowning in Holy Matrimony. God willing, today at 3 pm we will witness the marriage of Anya Grenier & Will Hunt. This is a great joy! The story of the wedding in Cana of Galilee is read at the Christian wedding ceremony in order to show that marriage is the miracle of the transformation of water into wine, that is, of daily routine into an unceasing and everyday feast, a perpetual celebration of the love of one person for the other. Please keep them in your prayers! .. " (

3) The "Open Philanthropy" organisation has two virtually identical entries for Anya, differing only in her surname. The most recent shows her as its Recruitment Manager and says,  " .. Anya Hunt joined the Grants Management team in June 2018 and became an Operations Associate in January 2019. Prior to joining Open Philanthropy, she worked as head of communications for The Climate Mobilization. Before that, she managed communications at the Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association. She has a B.A. in English from Yale University .. " ( and Rebecca Harris

TCM's "Organizing Director" Rebecca Harris (33?) earned a BS from Medill School of Journalism, North Western University, Illinois in 2008 ( " .. she has worked as a journalist covering equity in Chicago Public Schools and organized for housing rights and racial justice. Most recently, Rebecca worked as Development and Communications Manager at Latino Union of Chicago, an immigrants’ and workers’ rights organization. She is a 2017 graduate of the Reframe Mentorship in strategic communications and a 2019 participant in the Anne Braden Organizer Training Program .. "(see here and  here).

Anya Hunt has been asked to let Rebecca know of the invitation to engage in conversations about what is said here and about the CACC hypothesis (see Appendix A5.4). Philip Sutton and David Spratt 

Like that famous climate scientist Al Gore (but hear the opinion of an expert at Philip Sutton (70?) appears to be very concerned about those poor polar bears allegedly drowning because their ice is melting. The cover of his 2008 book "Climate Code Red" ( bears the picture of one gazing forlornly to sea from an isolated ice float. He also considered it relevant to quote from Al Gore's 2007 speech when he accepted that Nobel prize (for PEACE!!! not SCIENCE!!!) that he shared with the IPCC  " .. We must quickly mobilize our civilization with the urgency and resolve that has previously been seen only when nations mobilized for war .. "
( - see also Footnote 2 of subsection 3.1.30).

Philip has also declared that " .. we now know that with a global average warming of 0.8C and 400 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the air, we are already committed to highly dangerous climate change unless the global temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are reduced to safe level with great urgency .. " ( - see also Footnote 3 of this subsection).
It is worthwhile taking a look at any of Philip Sutton's profiles/resumes/cvs to try to unearth his area of expertise. Only one appears to be readily available on the Internet, a bio at which says nothing about his education or training.

In order to KNOW things like this (rather than simply accepting what others have told him) Philip would surely require education, training and experience in relevant hard scientific disciplines essential for any hope of understanding the processes and drivers of the different global climates. 

All that bio does is indicate:
- the extent of his involvement in sustainability and climate change /environmental activism and
- his " .. leading role in the international campaign that has resulted in over 1000 governments (councils and national and sub-national governments in 28 countries) declaring a climate emergency .. ".

In 2010 economist Hans Hoegh‐Guldberg referred to Philip and his coauthor as follows " .. Australian businessman and climate‐policy analyst David Spratt and ecological economist Philip Sutton in 2008 published a book which has gained a wide international readership for its “red alert” message on climate change .. " (

Promotional material for the book "Climate Code Red: .. " describes David Spratt as " ..  a Melbourne businessman, climate-policy analyst, and co-founder of Carbon Equity, which advocates personal carbon allowances as the most fair and equitable means of rapidly reducing carbon emissions. He has extensive advocacy experience in the peace movement, and in developing community-campaign communication and marketing strategies . " (

Since at least 2011 David Spratt has been frequently reported as being " .. a Melbourne businessman, climate policy analyst, and co-founder of Carbon Equity .. " (e.g see and In 2020 it was reported that " .. He has previously worked managing businesses specialising in research and journalism, book production and graphic design .. " (

The same "Climate Code Red " promotional material says " .. Philip Sutton is the convener of the Greenleap Strategic Institute, a non-profit environmental-strategy think tank and advisory organisation promoting the very rapid achievement of global and local ecological sustainability. He is also the founder and director of strategy for Green Innovations, and an occasional university lecturer on global warming science and strategies for sustainability.
Philip has worked on a number of advisory and policy committees for Australian state and federal governments, was the architect of the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, and is a former president of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (2001-2003) ... ".

In 1991 business entrepreneur Philip set up Green Innovations Inc. which may not have been the hoped-for commercial success. 1997 promotional material for his company posed the question " .. Why should business get involved in the greening business? .. ". He then proceeded to outline his perceived "green" business opportunity. " .. the inevitable changes .. will change virtually every product now on the market .. creating .. commercial opportunities so powerful that, as the next decade unfolds, no company will be immune from the changes .. This revolution can be experienced .. as a time of exciting commercial opportunity .. The greatest commercial gain will accrue to those that can lead the corporate change the furthest in the direction of necessary greening .. " (

He apparently dreamed that " .. Ecological sustainability is going to be a key strategic driver for business during the next two decades. .. Within five years we will witness the start of the third and longest of the great surges in environmental awareness and action .. The previous .. in the late 1960s-early 1970 and .. late 1980s-early 1990s, focussed on individuals and governments. The next will focus on .. commercial firms.  ".

Philip surely must be very disappointed that the fantasy ( on which he based his business venture has failed to materialise. If it ever was going to happen then the 2007 economic crash and the 2020 CoVid19 pandemic have kept environmentalism where it has been since the early 70's - in the shadows way behind global economic development. Even that godmother of environmentalism, Rachel Carson, wasn't able to get economic development out of top spot. 

It appears that Green Innovations Inc. failed to live up to Philips business expectations.  In 2006 he started another business venture, Greenleap Strategic Institute Inc. and is its Strategy Director. According to GSI's web page " .. The most significant project of the Institute so far has been its involvement in co-authoring the book Climate Code Red .. " ( That project was in 2008 so he doesn't appear to have done much with GSI in the 12 years since then!

In 2011 he started Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc. a company considered to be " .. critical in creating the detailed strategic documents used for councils to develop their own Climate Emergency response and supporting councils in developing their Climate Emergency plans .. " (
Apparently GSI is now a RSTI subsidiary.

That business venture does appear to have had some success after teaming up with the "Council Action in the Climate Emergency" organisation, formed in 2017 by Melbourne ecologists and CACC activists Adrian Whitehead ( and Bryony Edwards ( " .. CACE works in close partnership with .. Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc. .. " (, with numerous Australian councils (a more gullible option than state and federal governments * using Philip (and his associate David Spratt) to produce their CACC strategy plans.  - see "Council Action in the Climate Emergency"'s page

* Philip alludes to this (and WWII) in his Nov. 2018 CACC propaganda presentation during the "Darebin Climate Emergency Conference" (see from 18 Mins 20 secs into the video at 
Philip's  buddy David Spratt also gave a presentation, entitled "Beyond urgent – the science of climate warming as existential risk". The introduction promised science, science and more science but ended up as a dearth of science and a plethora of CACC scaremongering. He started by concentrating on the atmospheric CO2 trends during the industrial period of the past 150 years and the estimated global mean temperature trend over the same period. Of course he had to imply that our use of fossil fuels was responsible for that temperature rise " .. 1.3 C above when we started using coal at the start of the industrial revolution .. " (2min 30 sec into his presentation). David made no mention of the Little Ice Age that preceded the industrial revolution, with warming starting about 1500 or earlier, long before fossil fuel use intensified. Neither did he mention the preceding Medieval Warm Period, discussed here.

David then proceeded to present something similar to what Mark Lynas said in his award-winning CACC propaganda booklet "Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet" (see

In all of his 20 minute bluster about an existential threat unless we drastically cut our global carbon dioxide emissions, David made no mention of the fact that China and India are ramping up their construction of fossil-fuel powered electricity generating complexes. Of course David too had to make reference to WWII (at 23min 20 sec into his presentation). 

His final slide summed up his presentation nicely, with the simple words " .. WHAT LIES BENEATH .. ".

In 2013 Philip was one of six election candidates with the newly formed "‘Save the Planet’ party but standing as independents
He attracted less than 1% of the vote, failing miserably to get the support of the Batman electorate for fighting the fantacised climate apocalyps, a sentiment
 reflected countrywide. He tried and fsiled again in 2016, this time doing a little better, attracting slightly under 2%.

On the face of it here are a businessman and an economist pontificating and advising on a highly complex scientific issue that even experienced scientists struggle with. That raises questions about the level of expertise about the processes and drivers of the different global climates that Philip and David have. 

Philip invited comments and feedback on his "Darebin Climate Emergency Plan" (via E-mail) so the lack of any information in his bio about his education/training has been pointed out to him. He was asked if he (and his co-author David) would be kind enough to provide details of his education, training and experience in science relating to the CACC issue.
In his response Philip declared that he has " ..  never at any stage had any involvement in or affiliation with Extinction Rebellion .. ". Consequently section 1.0 Introduction to this article points out that it also discusses organisations related to XR and those who have had a significant influence on them, through objectives, strategies and membership. The Climate Mobilization organisation, with their virtually identical objectives and strategies and its founding Executive Director Margaret Salamon (XR's Fundraising Director) is one such organisation

Margaret Salamon (subsection 3.1.30) acknowledges that " .. The Climate Mobilization has been very influenced by David Spratt and Philip Sutton, our allies in Australia .. " ( It appears that David and Philip both have a significant influence on TCM's understanding of CACC science, Philip having taught founding director Ezra all that he knows about the science and David being a TCM advisor. On the other hand there appears to be no evidence whatsoever that either Philip or David have relevant education, training or experience in the hard sciences (see section 2.0 Footnote 2).

Both Philip and David were invited to provide some evidence of their scientific knowledge (see Appendix 5.5). Both responded but declined to clear up any uncertainty about their areas of expertise. Hopefully they will be able to make time to do so, as well as to review and if necessary challenge what is said here.

The California think tank EcoEquity (run by political ecologist Tom Athanasiou)  claims that " .. David Spratt .. knows the science .." ( but there is no evidence of that. The video which accompanies that article shows David Spratt expounding on CACC to the " .. Australian Extinction Rebellion crew in May 2019 .. ".  David demonstrates a fair ability to propagate the CACC propaganda but no particular knowledge of relevant science.

The impression given in his CACC rants is that rather than knowing climate science David appears to have simply learned how to parrot a lot of what CACC-supporting scientists like James Hanson, Michael Mann, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber,
etc. have said, particularly concerning impacts, not causes, of global warming.


1) Recall that one of the prominent slogans used by Extinction Rebellion, The Climate Mobilization and related organisations is the need " .. to pressure governments to enter WWII-level mobilisation mode in response to climate breakdown .. " ( and - see also subsection 3.1.30, Footnote 2).

This notion about needing to "fight" climate change using WWII levels of mobilisation is not a recent one. As mentioned previously, Al Gore used it in 2007. David Spratt and Philip Sutton followed suit in 2008, a review of a Sydney "Climate Change/Social Change conference sponsored by Green Left Weekly (a Socialist Alliance publication) in April 2008 commenting " .. A highlight .. was the launching of a report titled 'Climate Code Red: The Case for a Sustainability Emergency' authored by David Spratt (CarbonEquity) and Philip Sutton (Greenleap Strategic Institute) and sponsored by Friends of the Earth. Spratt and Sutton .. propose a framework for climate change campaigning based on the argument that the time to address climate change is urgent and requires emergency measures on the order of those adopted by the Allied powers against the Axis powers during World War II .. " (


It is worthwhile repeating what the XR founding members say on their RisingUp blog " .. The existing political and economic system is set to destroy civilisation and much if not all life on earth if allowed to continue .. the whole system .. is out of control to the extent that it necessitates nonviolent civil disobedience as a means to prevent disaster and create the sane and equitable society we all desire and require for ourselves and future generations .. " (see 3.0).

They go on to say " .. it is our duty to uphold the mission of the Compassionate Revolution company to enable people power, in the face of the corruption of our democracy by vested interests. We understand that people may be willing to undertake acts of defiance (some of which could be illegal) in the pursuit of social and environmental justice .. " (see section 3.0, Para 3).

It also says " .. WE ACTIVELY MITIGATE FOR POWER Breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation .. We live in a toxic system .. We collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. ." (see section 3.0, para. 5).

Underpinning all of that are the words of Roger Hallam, the revolutionary who inspired his XR co-founder Gail Bradbrook following her brain rewiring by psychedelic drugs in Costa Rica (see sub-section 3.3). " .. Through mass civil resistance, we’re going to create a new global regime .. ".

Summarising, the XR founding members aim to use mass civil resistance in order to grab and redistribute power, tearing down existing political and economic systems and replacing them with - global anarchy.

The Rising Up blog says of its offspring “ .. Extinction Rebellion is an international apolitical network .. ”. International it may well be but It is hard to fathom how it can claim XR to have " .. no interest or involvement in political affairs .. " ( when the aim is to replace one political system with another of its own making.

XR's inspirational co-founder, Political Scientist Roger Hallam, said in a May 2019 interview that " .. our primary goal is to create a political space through which people of various countries can come together .. we're coming together through .. mass political action that breaks the law. It's the most effective way .. to actually create a crisis in society .. There's no way that's going to be brought about by incremental, conventional political action .. we need to focus on is the practicality of rapid political change .. the most effective way to change society – actually to do something about these people and to do something about the power of the rich and powerful to destroy our children – is to engage in mass-participation civil disobedience. This is a fundamental point about Extinction Rebellion .. to engage in the most effective mechanism to bring about change, which is to break the law on a mass scale in order to create a political crisis .. in society .. and in the government and the political class .. " (

Let's take a closer look at what they consider to be the flaws in the UK's political and economic system, comparing these with what they propose as replacements " order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse .. " (see section 2.0).

The Rising Up! organisation supports those who may be willing to undertake acts of defiance (legal or otherwise) in the pursuit of what it believes are environmental and social justice.

According to Stroud Community TV, XR founding member Gail Bradbrook " .. is an economic justice campaigner and compassionate revolutionary .. " (

XR founding member George Bada is one of the members of the Board of Occupy Faith UK, who " .. raise awareness of issues of social, economic and environmental justice as they affect communities across the UK .. " (

So, they claim to be fighting social, economic and environmental injustice on a global scale (, all of which are exacerbated by anarchy.

What the supporters of Extinction Rebellion (school-children, their parents and teachers, etc) who have been demonstrating across the world seem to prefer is the chaos of anarchy rather than the structure provided by democracy - hhhhmmmm!!!! Perhaps they really do not have a clue what Extinction Rebellion is all about.

No doubt there is much room for improvement of social, economic and political systems across the world, but as Tom Bromwich said recently “ .. These reforms require the boring administrative aspects and cannot simply come about through banging a couple of drums in Westminster, or carrying a placard saying ‘capitalism is costing the Earth’ whilst atonally singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ .. “ (


4.1 Social Justice!


4.2 Economic Justice!


4.3 Environmental Justice!

Prime examples of Rising Up!'s idea of environmental justice are its support of:
-  that pledge by Michael Dinesh (see 3.1.6),




Before getting involved with or supporting Extinction Rebellion there are vital questions that we should all ask of the organisation and its members. The following is a sample of those that have been anticipated by XR's founders, with the unsatisfactory answers provided (see

- Q "Are you really grass roots people?".
- A " .. We are ordinary people who .. want to do whatever we can peacefully to stop the destruction of Life on Earth and .. push for the better, fairer and more beautiful world .. ".
Further question yet to be answered "How does destroying established economic and political systems such as we have in the UK, that have progressively improved our well-being and replacing them with anarchy lead to a better, fairer and more beautiful world"?

- Q “Who is behind Extinction Rebellion?"
- A “Extinction Rebellion .. started in response to the IPCC report that we only have 12 years to stop catastrophic climate change and our understanding that we have entered the 6th mass extinction event .. ”.

Further questions yet to be answered “Where is the convincing evidence that:
- we are heading for a climate catastrophe because of our past, present and burgeoning use of fossil fuels?
-  replacing our political and economic systems with anarchy will reduce any species extinctions that may be occurring?”.
NB: The real answer to the original question is given in response to the following questions.

- Q "Where did the idea come from?"
- A " .. Roger Hallam and Dr Gail Bradbrook …..did some thinking and talking…..and following discussions with others a movement was born".

- Q "Are you professional lifestyle activists?"
- A  " .. Many of us have made significant personal sacrifices in order to follow our convictions and help others. Professional implies someone is paying us to do this. No one is paid as “staff” 3% of us receive what we call Volunteer Living Expenses. We care deeply about the situation we find ourselves in and many of us have oriented our lives in service to making things better. If by professional you mean organised and committed then yes in our attitude we try to be .. ".

Further questions yet to be answered ""Who decides how much each of these should receive, for what and how often?". "Who audits this to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity?".

- Q “Are you a charity?
- A “No, charities are limited by law in both what they can campaign for, and the strategies permitted them; such as civil disobedience .. “.
Further question yet to be answered "Is XR unwilling to call itself a charity because, whether registered with the Charities Commission or not, it would have to comply with the Charities Act and be subject to regulation by the Charities Commission. That includes having trustees and maintaining proper accounts?"
NB: Trustees cannot be paid, other than claiming expenses for expenditures incurred on behalf of the charity.                    

Looking more closely at XR's governance, let's first focus on a  fundamental area, XR's income (its lifeblood) and expenditure, then delve into other areas of its operations.


1) In April 2019 the XR-supporting Guardian newspaper reported that " .. the number of people who had signed up to support future demonstrations had risen from 10,000 before the protest to 40,000 by Wednesday morning .. " ( If when XR talks about volunteers it means those volunteering to demonstrate, then there could be 1200 or more recipients of those "Volunteer Living Expenses"! - see sub-section 5.1.2 for further details.

To be updated

5.1 XR's Financial Accounting

While looking at this, keep in mind the words in 2016 of XR's "GodMother" Gail Bradbrook “ .. Hands up, I run a charity and it's mostly about securing your own salary .. ". Also, remember these comments on XR's "Rebellion Earth" web-site " .. we give money to vital members of the team who require assistance to pay living expenses like rent and bills .. 3% of us receive what we call Volunteer Living Expenses .. " (

XR appears to be very shy about precisely from where its funds come and to where they get disbursed. Parent RisingUP! has made available a somewhat cumbersome and less than transparent spreadsheet of its accounts for 2018/19 (

No explanatory notes are provided with those accounts and no information appears to be provided about who are RU/XR's "trustees"/principal managers.

5.1.1 XR's Income

Crowd-funding is one of XR's sources of income, along with donations from foundations, individuals and corporates (see sub-section 3.1.16).
Rising UP! and Extinction Rebellion have enjoyed some success with their crowdfunding appeals for charitable donations. " .. Our first crowd funder raised over £115k .. " (

Numerous appeals have also been made through the gofundme facility, often asking for funds to help pay legal costs for XR supporters who have fallen foul of the law in their various countries, e.g. see appeals by:
- XR Bedfordshire £79 (
- Bristol XR supporters £425 (,
-  Southampton XR £680 (,
- Toronto XR appeal $880 (
- XR supporter in Texas $2066 (,
- etc. etc. etc.

Then there are a couple of web-site appeals:
 " .. Support Extinction Rebellion Monthly!
 .. £25, £100, £250 .. Help us Grow .. " (the bank balances of RU/XR and its primary members. !??!),
.. Main .. Our mere existence relies on .. " (fools with more money than sense?!!?). 

.. Legal Costs .. Many brave rebels are being charged and put on trial. They need .. " (locking up for a long time!??!),

Unfortunately, in many walks of life gullible people are prepared to hand over their hard-earned money without doing any due diligence research into who and what is behind an appeal for charitable donations. Most of those appealing and donating appear to have accepted without question the CACC fantasy that our burgeoning use of fossil fuels is leading to a global climate catastrophe (see the 2010 article "Politicization of Climate Change and CO2" at http://).

The RisingUP! spreadsheet of accounts for 2018/19 shows that the Childrens' Investment Fund Foundation has been a significant donor, possibly due to the past involvement in CIFF of Fahana Yamin.

To be updated

5.1.2 Expenditure

Let's first take a close look at the special 3% of XR members who benefit from that perk of Volunteer Living Expenses (VLE) from the Bank of RisingUP! and try to figure out why they are so blessed (see Footnote 1 to this sub-section).

RU's spreadsheet of accounts for 2018/19 tells us that of the £1M + that came into the Bank of RisingUP?, £65k were paid out as "Living Expenses" to the following " .. vital members of the team who require assistance to pay living expenses like rent and bills .. " (not permitted if XR was a registered charity!!):

£8500 in Nov 2018-May 2019 to Ronan McNern (??)
£7000 from Oct 2018-Apr 2019 to Liam Geary Baulch (3.1.36)
£6900 in Dec 2018-May 2019 to Roger Hallam (3.1.2)
£6150 to Raphael/Rapharl Coleman (??)
- £5700 in Jan-May 2019 to Jamie Lowe (??)
£3199 in Dec 2018-May 2019 to Roman Paluch/Paulch Mauhnick (??)
- £5100 in Jan-May 2019 to Howard Rees
- £4710  in Nov/Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May to Gail Bradbrook (3.1.1)
- £4600 in Dec 2018-May 2019 to George Barda (3.1.3)
£4240 in Nov 2018 - May 2019 to Tasmin Osmond (??)
- £4000 in Jan/Feb/March/April 2019 to CJ and Claire Farrell (??)
- £3600 in Feb-May 2019 to Jasmine Salter (??)
- £3440 in Nov/Dec 2018/Jan/Mar 2019 to Annie Randall (see 3.1.2!!)
£3311 in Apr/May/Jun 2019 to Laura Reeves (??)
- £3060 in March/April/May 2019 to Adam Mitchell (??),
- £3048 in April/May/June 2019 to Chris Smith (3.1.138)
£2800 in Jan-May 2019 to Sarah (Greenfield) Clark (??)
- £2670 in Dec 2018/Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May 2019 to Francesca Harris (??)
- £2665 in Mar/April 2019 to Eva Arnold (??)
£2520 in Feb-May 2019 to Phil Edmundson (??)
£2400 in Apr/May to Julian/Julie Thompson (??)
- £2234 in Mar/May 2019 to James Moulding (??)
- £2100 in Apr/May 2019 to Irene Sinu (??)
£1940 in Mar/Apr 2019 to Michael Lynch White (??)
- £1900 in Dec2018-Mar2019 to Jessica Townsend (??)
- £1860 in Apr - Jun 2019 to Jason Stewart (??)
- £1600 in Apr 2019 to Miles Glyn (??)
- £1600 in Nov 2018-May 2019 to Peter Barry (??)
- £1500 in Dec2018-May2019 to Hannah Cousins (??)
£1400 in Apr/May 2019 to Stephanie Kent (??)
- £1300 in Mar/Apr 2019 to Sam Appleton (??)
- £1200 in April/May 2019 to Clarissa Carlyon (??) 
£1200 in Dec 2018 to Tiana Jacoult (??)
£1200 in Mar-May 2019 to Zephyr Blofeld (??)
- £1000 in April 2019 to Jessica Brinton (??)
- £1000 in Nov/Dec 2018 to Sibi Moore (3.1.31)
£  950 in Dec 2019-Mar 2019 to Phoenix Barry (??)
- £  900 in Mar 2019 to Jamie Kelssey Fry (??)
- £  900 in Mar 2019 to Guy Bowden (??)
£  900 in May 2019 to Richard Dent (??)
- £  850 in April/May to Alexi Phillips (??)
£  808 in May 2019 to Tom Clarke (??)
- £  800 in April 2019 to Alanna Byrne (31.18),
- £  800 in May 2019 to Jonathan Milton (??)
£  800 in May 2019 to Jonathan Milton (??)
£  800 in May 2019 to Kinda Doyle (??)
£  800 in Mar 2019 to NM Gahercolehan (??)
- £  720 in April/May to Douglas Rogers (??)
- £  700 in Apr/May 2019 to Greg Frey (??)
- £  600 in April/May 2919 to Alana Hyde Bloom (??)
£  600 in June 2019 to Josephine Holt (??)
£. 600 in May to Kev Boon (??)
£  600 in Apr 2019 to Lindford Lowe (??)
- £  600 in Mar/Apr 2019 to Robin Ellis Cockcroft/Cockett (??)
£  600 in Mar/May 2019 to William Franks (??)
- £  500 in April/May to Ella Crowley (??)
- £  500 in May 2019 to Fray Milton (??)
- £  500 in June 2019 to Cathryn Jiggens (??)
£  500 in May 2019 to Kay Michael (??)
£  500 in May 2019 to Nick Osborne (??)
£  500 in Dec 2018 to Simon Bramwell (3.1.4)
£. 450 in Mar 2019 to Paul Lichenstein (??)
- £  400 in Apr 2019 to Hannah van den Brul (??)
- £  400 in April 2019 to David Stitch (??)
- £  400 in May 2019 to Jaie Cooper (??)
£  400 in Apr 2019 to Tom Morton (??)
- £  350 in Nov 2018 to Elizabeth Orchard (??)
- £  300 in May 2019 to Jack Goodwin (??)
- £  300 in May 2019 to Christopher Maunder (??)
£. 300 in June 2019 to Joseph O'Malley (??)
£  290 in Dec 2018 to Thomas Katan (??)
- £  285 in May 2019 to Felix Reeves Whymark (??)
£  200 in Dec 2018 to Josh Bullock (??)
- £  200 in April 2019 to Franks William (??)
- £  200 in Mar 2019 to Hollie Andrews (??)
- £  200 in May 2019 to Charlotte Fraser (??)
- £  200 in May 2019 to Alice Brown (??)
£  160 in May 2019 to Joseph Goodman (??)
£  150 in Apr 2019 to Peta Hoskins (??)
- £    77 in Feb. 2019 to Amy Caitlin Pritchard (??)


1) XR's "Rebellion Earth" blog advises that " .. We are experimenting with a system where we give money to vital members of the team who require assistance to pay living expenses like rent and bills .. No one is paid as “staff” 3% of us receive what we call Volunteer Living Expenses .. " ( How is this different from employing people? Certainly some lucky members of XR are obtaining at least part of their income from its parent organisation, the Bank of RisingUP!
It will be interesting to see if the Inland Revenue agrees with XR that no-one is being paid as staff!

2) Stuart Basden also had a "wellbeing/office" payment of £840 in Nov 2018 (account item 822)



It is claimed that there are about 150 branches of the XR/RUP/CRLtd organisation in the UK, no doubt all promoting the CACC propaganda used by XR founding members to further their various interests. As an example, XRChesham members Vicki Mistry (3.1.44) and Dr Lyn Jenkins (3.1.45) issued an invitation to an 11th June 2019 talk at the Chiltern Chamber of Commerce about “Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)”. XR speakers were Dr. Emily Spry (3.1.42) and Professor Kate Jeffrey (3.1.43).

Their invitation promised that the talk would present " .. the truth about climate change, extinction rates and the predicted impacts .. the facts around climate change, based on scientific data .. ". It went on to promoted the UN's speculative scare-mongering claim that " .. we have 11 years before climate catastrophe (3) (which includes food shortages here in the UK) and we have until 2020 to change course, so we need to act now .. " (

That UN link (3) which these XR representatives provided was not to any sound science about the processes and drivers of the different global climates, but to an UN propaganda bulletin. This includes among its questionable claims that " .. after more than a century and a half of industrialization, deforestation, and large scale agriculture, quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have risen to record levels not seen in three million years .. The most abundant GHG, accounting for about two-thirds of GHGs, carbon dioxide (CO2), is largely the product of burning fossil fuels .. " (

The claim about record levels of atmospheric CO2 is based primarily on measurements of air allegedly "trapped" unchanged in deposits of ice or sediment for millennia (but see

The claim that CO2 is the most abundant greenhouse gas is misleading, since it only accounts for 0.04% of the dry atmosphere. Water vapour is the most significant greenhouse gas by far and has a variable presence in the atmosphere, ranging from zero to several %.. Other claims in that scaremongering bulletin are equally misleading, just as Dr. Stephen Schneider ordered (see Appendix A6.1)
It appears that Emily Spry and Kate Jeffrey are happy to preseny XR's “Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)” propaganda wherever they can find a gullible audience, being scheduled for presentation to XR Nottingham (see sub-section 6.3) in late September 2019.

6.1 XR Chesham

The web-site of XR's Chesham branch is at
Current membership appears to be limited to Dr Lyn Jenkins (see sub-section 3.1.45) and Vicki Mistry (sub-section 3.1.44)

Despite his lack of expertise in the physical sciences required for any kind of understanding of the processes and drivers of the different global climates, Dr. Jenkins is happy to pontificate on the CACC issue. In response to an irate Chesham resident's complaint about XR disruption he offered typical XR nonsense, a fictional analogy - an asteroid predicted to hit the Earth in 50 years time, wiping out 90% of life, with only 10 years to do anything about it. " .. I suspect the world would take necessary steps to avert  disaster. We are in a similar situation with the climate crisis .. "( due to our use of fossil fuels and disregard for the environment.

Closing his response, he said " .. We are not a political party and do not want to take over the decision-making process .. ". Maybe he is unaware of the prime objective set by XR's leading lights, to replace the well-developed (albeit imperfect) political and economic systems (through which he is able to enjoy his retirement) with anarchy. Dr. Jenkins  should have a read of this article.

When questioned about the structure of XR Chesham branch's (see Appendix A5.2 for E-mail exchanges) anonymous representatives simply advised that it was self-organising, structured along the lines of the parent organisation. When it was pointed out that XRUK has a relatively clear hierarchical structure (with significant members (like Gail Bradbrook, Geirge Barda, etc. being paid for their services - see 5.1.2) the CheshamXR response has been - Zero, Zilch, Nothing, Nada. The anonymous contacts have now been asked if they would remove the shroud of secrecy under which they appear to be hiding and reveal the branch structure and individuals that it must have, otherwise it could not function - but don't hold your breath.

The XR Chesham web-site comments " .. It's somewhat hypocritical of Chesham XR to support criticism of the Policy Exchange organisation (see Section 1,0, Footnote 2) for refusing to disclose details of its source of funds when XR branches are so opaque about their members and structure.


6.2 XR St Albans

Founded in Feb/Mar 2019 by medical doctor Emily Spry (see sub-section 3.1.42), the St Albans branch of XR (AKA SAXR) has a web-site at which says little about its structure.

SAXR appears to have a membership of about 10 individuals, including contact Alison Gale, her husband, and possibly Kate Jeffery, Suzie Hope, Tania Leon, Hermione Leon (13), and Craig Scudder

It would be prudent for anyone considering joining SAXR to first ask what are the precise roles undertaken by Emily, Alison and her husband? Does Kate Jeffery have a defined SAXR role? Are Tania Leon, Hermione Leon and Craig Scudder classed as members or just supporters? 

Alison was a member of SAXR's Anchor Group and its external co-ordinator before resigning from that role recently, but  she continues to deal with the SAXR inbox until the co-ordinator role has been filled. What is the job specification? Who can apply? Who chooses the successful applicant? How does a rejected applicant appeal the choice?

All of these questions relate not only to the structure and governance of the St Albans branch of XR but to the entire organisation. When asked about this Alison advised that XR’s local, regional and national (XRUK) groups “ .. are structured along the lines of a self-organizing system, as described in general by Frederic Laloux. The St Albans group includes several functional groupings (eg Actions, Outreach, Wellbeing) and Affinity Groups (comprising around 10 people who collectively have the skills to enable the group to operate somewhat autonomously during disruptive actions), with an Anchor Group that has a co-ordinating/organizing function.  'Governance' is a concept that is inconsistent with a self-organizing system.  Each grouping has one or two facilitators or co-ordinators, but these are (or can be) rotating roles and are not 'group leaders' in the conventional sense .. ”.

It is difficult to see how any ORGANISATION can function without there being some form of structure and governance - in the sense of " .. a process whereby elements in society wield power, authority and influence and enact policies and decisions concerning public life .. "(

That definition appears to fit the XR elements in our society, who are organising people-power to try to replace our existing economic and political structures with " .. People's assemblies .. to discuss issues or make decisions collectively .. " (

The theory that a society as complex as ours can be run effectively by citizens' assemblies may be fine but anyone with much experience of our real world knows that this does not work in practice. People differ on what they consider to be important issues, how they should be resolved and how to prevent their recurrence. On top of that, there are always some in society who are driven by their own vested, not common, interest, often along the lines of " .. it's mostly about securing your own salary .. " (see sub-section 3.1.1).

Despite claiming that no one person or group can dominate the process, XRUK strategists then go on to provide a manual about how to run a peoples' assembly.

That XR is " .. structured along the lines of a self-ORGANIZING SYSTEM .. " itself implies some form of governance. The fact that it was Alison who responded to my queries suggests that people in the St. Albans branch of the XR organisation have defined roles. The fact that she directed me to the RebellionEarth web pages demonstrates that a heirarchical structure exists. The fact that the founders of XR have imposed a "non-violence" rule indicates that governance exists. The fact that SAXR has a structure of sections such as Actions, Outreach, Wellbeing, etc. shows that defined responsibilities have been assigned within the group.

Other than Founding Member Emily Spry and Alison it would be appreciated if SAXR was transparent about who are the other members of the group and who defined their roles/constraints on their activities (other than non-violent disruption) imposed by XRUK's founding members Gail, Roger, George, Simon, etc?

Surely these all relate to governance, without which no organisation can function effectively.


6.3 XR Nottingam

In August 2019 XR Nottingham was involved in obstructive demonstrations against Barclays Bank, claiming that " .. the bank’s ecocidal ‘Business as Usual’ bankrolling of the huge fossil fuel corporations means they are knowingly and recklessly driving the climate emergency and environmental devastation that we face .. this situation threatens the future stability and survival of human civilisation and much of life on Earth through negative impacts on food and water production and the breakdown of social and ecological systems.. " (

During those demonstrations Extinction Rebellion Nottingham member John Curran, a Former Metropolitan Police Detective Sergeant said " .. Business as Usual means financing dirty coal, the worst greenhouse polluter there is. For our children’s future, say no to Barclays and no to coal .. ". Fellow member Dr Tom Barber said " .. We are disrupting business as usual today at Barclays to focus a spotlight on how the continued bankrolling of fossil fuel expansion is driving us all over a cliff, risking the future of all life on earth .. ".

These XR members appear to have little doubt about the validity of the CACC fantasy and it would be beneficial if they would share the sources of convincing science that they are privy to - or are they simply following the line propounded by Stephen Schneider (see Appendix A6.1).


7.1 XRbusiness

On 22nd April 2019 a letter appeared in the Times newspaper (see Footnote 1 to this sub-section) expressing the support of 20 business enterprise leaders for XR and its disruptive tactics. 
That letter included " .. We welcome the news that Extinction Rebellion is evolving a new platform, XR Business, to engage business leaders, investors and advisers .. " (see Footnote 1 of this sub-section).

Quite clearly, the letter announced the formation by Extinction Rebellion of XRbusiness, with the penultimate signatory being no less that XR co-founder Gail Bradbrook (see sub-section 3,1,1), 

On 27th May Gail Bradbrook did a U-turn, issuing a letter to the Extinction Rebellion community disowning XRbusiness. It was headed I have been supporting a group of people associated with the business sector to think about what Extinction Rebellion means to them .. The entity, formerly known as ‘XR Business’, will now be more clearly communicated and branded: it is not part of Extinction Rebellion .. therefore no longer be called ‘XR Business’ .. I sincerely apologise for the confusion and anxiety this has caused .. “    .. " (see

It appears that XR founding member Gail was very confused when she signed the announcement that " .. Extinction Rebellion is evolving a new platform, XR Business .. ". Maybe she had recently returned from another Iboga trip in Costa Rica (see sub-section 3.1.1).

Whatever she might have wanted people to believe from her May declaration, full-time XR volunteer Andrew Medhurst (see sub-section 3.1.16) understood something quite the opposite. This professional with a successful 30-year career in Financial Services appeared to clearly understand in March that XRbusiness was more than just an informal group of people associated with the business sector. 

As its spokesman he described XRbusiness as being an integral part of XR, still describing on LinkedIN his recent work experience as being " - XR Business .. Mar 2019 .. present .. a full-time volunteer for XR .. and spokesperson for XR Business (launching w/c 22 April)

Those signatories (Gail included) had the cheek to begin their Times Letter " .. The multi million-pound costs that the Extinction Rebellion protests have imposed on business are regrettable, as is the inconvenience to Londoners .. ". On top of that they showed no concern for the multi-million pounds that the Met. Police had to spend in enforcing the law.

It is interesting to take a look at those business leaders who appear to have such disregard for wasting others' money, starting with Jeremy Leggett (proud to be a supporter of XR) and John Elkington  (who pulled the letter together) - see also Footnote 2 to this sub-section). Could there be any vested interest behind their support for XR? Does promoting all things relating to  "sustainability" feature in their income streams? (see Footnote 3 of this sub-section)


1) Times Letter of 22nd April 2019

The letter to the Times by business leaders that follows was pulled together by the inestimable John Elkington at short notice .. 
Sir, Contrary to belief, there is business support for the Extinction Rebellion (XR) agenda. The multi million-pound costs that the Extinction Rebellion protests have imposed on business are regrettable, as is the inconvenience to Londoners. But future costs imposed on our economies by the climate emergency will be many orders of magnitude greater.
Hard pressure drives change, but even the most committed businesses will need time to respond. We welcome the news that Extinction Rebellion is evolving a new platform, XR Business, to engage business leaders, investors and advisers. To drive things forward, the idea is to convene a meeting of XR activists and experts with business leaders and influencers.
Most businesses were not designed in the context of the developing climate emergency. Hence  we must urgently redesign entire industries and businesses, using science-based targets. 
To kick start the process, businesses should make a declaration that we face a climate emergency and organise a session at a full board meeting to consider the case for urgent action. We will encourage the senior management teams of which we are part to do likewise.
Seb Beloe, partner at WHEB

Thomas Bourne, CEO and co-founder, Greenheart Business Ltd

Amy Clarke, co-founder, Tribe Impact Capital LLC

Chris Davis, CSO, The Body Shop International Ltd

John Elkington co-founder and Louise Kjellerup Roper, CEO, Volans Ventures Ltd

Brad Frankel, CEO and co-founder, Flooglebinder Ltd

Jake Hayman, CEO, Ten Years’ Time

Jeremy Leggett, founder and director, Solarcentury Ltd

Charmian Love and Amanda Feldman, co-founders, Heliotropy Ltd

Andy Middleton, founder and chief exploration officer, TYF Group

Safia Minney, founder and Former CEO, People Tree Fair Trade group.

James Perry, partner, Snowball LLP

Paul Polman, former CEO, Unilever plc

Samer Salty, co-founder and managing partner, Zouk Capital LLP

Sir Tim Smit, founder of The Eden Project, executive chairman of Eden Regeneration Ltd

Hermione Taylor, CEO and founder, The Do Nation Enterprise Ltd

Diana Verde Nieto, CEO and co-founder, Positive Luxury Ltd

Dale Vince OBE, founder, The Ecotricity Group

Bevis Watts, managing director, Triodos Bank UK

Tim Westwell, co-founder and former CEO, Pukka

Gail Bradbrook (co-founder)  Extinction Rebellion

Fiona Ellis (XR Business)

2) "Using Extinction Rebellion for free marketing" on 23rd April 2019"

This very interesting Contrarian Marketplace article about the Letter to the Times (above) begins " .. How one should take a letter written to the Times with a pinch of salt. When estimates of lost business caused by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) were purported to be in the millions of pounds, the following executives put their names to the following letter saying it was for the greater good. Given that most co-signatories aren’t retail stores that are being inconvenienced in the thick of the protest, the letter appears far more about free publicity than environmental heroics.

We attach their own published business models in brackets below. We also attach the distance of each HQ from the protest epicenter. It’s easy to say how woke you are about impacting local businesses when you’re nowhere near it .. " (

3) A sample of signatories to the Times Letter of 22nd April 2019:

- Jeremy Leggett is founder and director of Solarcentury Ltd
. " ..  - no "renewable energy" vested interest there ??!!

- John Elkington (a Business Consultant advising about sustainability) is founder and Executive of Volans Ventures Limited, sits on the Board for Conservation X Labs and much much more (
" .. I love Extinction Rebellion .. was very impressed – by XR co-founder Gail Bradbrook when she came into Volans a few weeks ago. Our missions are closely aligned – and we are looking into how we might help them build bridges, rather than blocking them, to the business world .. " ( - no vested interest there ??!!

Seb Beloe is a partner at SWEB " .. a positive impact investor focused on the opportunities created by the transition to a low carbon and sustainable global economy .. " ( - no vested interest there ??!!

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, when asked about his reaction to XR's disruptive and illegal actions, " .. gave the Stroud-founded group a definitive thumbs up .. ". He said " .. They've done a good job in bringing the urgency of this issue and the urgency around it forward to more people .. According to the United Nations we've got 10 years to save the planet and we have to treat things like an emergency .. We have to challenge the 'business as usual' mentality and that does require some disruption and the changing of the status quo .. " ( - no "renewable energy" vested interest there then!!.

Fiona Ellis's top professional skills are " .. Change management, facilitation, design and development , interest in climate change and sustainability .. " ( - Fiona was involved with Gail Bradbrook in that allegedly non-existing XR Business (see sub-section 7.1) - 'nuff said!!

As the FactNotFiction Media April 2019 article "Using Extinction Rebellion for Free Publicity" concluded " .. So there you have it. Every co-signatory has a vested interest with a business model attached to climate change. Many advertise the brands of other collaborators on their respective websites. There is nothing woke about signing a letter which seeks self promotion. Is this about saving the planet or cynically riding off the back of a movement to get press based marketing? .. " (


The references in Section 1.0 to pestilence and locusts - intended purely as sarcasm - were made long before the world was hit by the Covid19 pandemic in 2020. David Rose's 4th April 2020 Spectator exposee "Revealed, Extinction Rebellion's plan to exploit the Covid crisis" begins with

" .. As we contemplate the havoc being wrought by coronavirus, most of us see mainly sickness, death and economic ruin. Dr Rupert Read, spokesman for the climate protest group Extinction Rebellion .. has rather a different view. In this pandemic, he writes, ‘there is a huge opportunity for XR… It is essential that we do not let this crisis go to waste.’
Read’s thoughts are set out in a paper entitled ‘Some strategic scenario-scoping of the coronavirus-XR nexus.’ The paper is not meant to be widely read. ‘NB, this is a confidential document for internal XR use, NOT for publication!’ he writes at the head .. " (
More on XR spokesman Dr. Rupert Read can be found in sub-section 3.1.52 but he is not the only member of the Extinction Rebellion leadership to surprise or even to disgust decent citizens.

Sociologist and sustainability guru Jem Bendell (+see sub-section 3.1.50) is another of those XR scaremongers who appears to have an inadequate understanding of the necessary sciences to pontificate on CACC (or Covid19?).

Extinction Rebellion's rabble rousing leaders have used the CACC scaremongering as an aid to achieving their anarchistic objective. Now they appear to have jumped onto what they may see as a new bandwagon, the Covid19 pandemic.

XR's opportunistic web-page "Alone Together - Regenerative resources in a time of Coronavirus" claims " .. This is a world-changing moment. As coronavirus takes hold of our day to day lives, the way we organise and support each other will change .. This calls for an evolution .. of our rebellion. ... as part of the response to coronavirus, Extinction Rebellion UK is offering AloneTogether, a Regenerative Rebellion .. We are living through an emergency response that shows us things can be done differently .. to make the necessary and urgent changes to respond to the intersecting global crises – financial, health, climate and ecological – creating a world where life can thrive.
We can be part of this emergency response, holding to our goals, demands and strategy... " (

All very emotive and no doubt appealing to the gullible - but a reminder of the earlier warning.  It is prudent to be sceptical of ANYTHING that comes out of the XR stable (especially if it relates to the CACC issue). XR's page footer on "Copyright Info" again includes the declaration that " .. We do not endorse or create any merchandise and we will pursue and prosecute anyone who does .. " ( On the other hand its anarchy handbook "This is not a Drill" is still being merchandised - £6+ for anyone who wants to waste their money - (e.g. see

That word "hypocrisy" again springs to mind.

A revealing 28th March 2020 Bloomberg article "Climate Apaptation Professor Sees Climate Mayhem Lurking Behind Covid19 Outbreak" advised QUOTE: .. “In modern industrial societies, the fallout from Covid-19 feels like a dress rehearsal for the kind of collapse that climate change threatens,” Bendell said in an interview. “This crisis reveals how fragile our current way of life has become .. Keeping the most polluting industries afloat will increase the likelihood of future pandemics ..” .. UNQUOTE (


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